Recruiting Roundup: Robinson and McGary All-Star Recaps, Monte Morris & Amedeo Della Valle

Dylan Burkhardt

We posted video of Robinson and McGary at the All-American Championship earlier this week. Robinson was named the MVP of the first game and Michigan fans weren’t the only ones impressed by the duos performance. Here’s a few national takes as well:

Much more on Robinson, McGary and more after the jump.

Here’s’s Evan Daniels on Robinson

“I’m a big fan of (Robinson’s) game in general,” national recruiting analyst Evan Daniels told in January. “He’s got a big, strong athletic body, he rebounds, he shoots well off the catch, and I think he’ll also be a really good defender. He’s a guy who I think has the potential to play in the NBA one day.

Baumgardner profiles Robinson here, as he reflects on his McDonald’s snub and also Michigan taking a chance on him:

“Those guys believed in me before anyone else really did, and that means a lot,” Robinson said. “I really knew I wanted to go there (right away), they have a great coaching staff and their job is to see how players might progress in their upcoming years, not necessarily what they are right now.

McGary was unconcerned with his recruiting ranking slipping:

“I don’t pay attention to rankings; they’re just numbers to me,” McGary said Saturday. “I just like playing and having fun and being around the team. Next year, it’ll be great. … I’m going to be part of great program with one of my great friends (Robinson) and we’ll try to do big things.”

McGary and Robinson’s All-Star festivities are far from over. Next up for Robinson is a trip to California for the Ball is Life All-American Game on Friday (dunk contest) and Saturday (game) at Hope International University.

McGary will head to Portland for the Nike Hoop Summit. Team USA practices take place on Thursday and Friday of this week while the game will be played Saturday evening at the Rose Garden.

Monte Morris Highlights

After leading Flint Beecher to the MHSAA State Championship, Monte Morris is poised for a big summer on the AAU circuit. Reports are that Morris will suit up with the Michigan Mustangs and team up with Derrick Walton in the backcourt. Along with a busy AAU season, Morris is eying future visits to Iowa State, Butler and USC. Here’s footage of Morris’ junior season on the hardwood (courtesy of @PrepHoopsTV)

Michigan has renewed interest in Morris but over the coming weeks and months we will find out how sincere that interest is.

More on Amedeo Della Valle

First we have our final video clip of Amedeo Della Valle in the National High School Invitational:

We previously posted video from the quarterfinals and semifinals but haven’t had much time to reflect on how Della Valle would fit at Michigan.

From a roster standpoint, there’s no argument that Michigan needs additional backcourt depth – with or without Trey Burke. Della Valle isn’t a point guard but he’s a shooter with size and skill that could – at the very least – add insurance to the Wolverine backcourt. Michigan loses about 38 minutes per game at the two position with the graduation of Zack Novak and Stu Douglass and only brings in one player with the natural ability to play that spot, Nik Stauskas.

Tim Hardaway Jr. has rarely, if ever, played the two position since he arrived in Ann Arbor. He will need to continue to improve his ball handling if he’s going to do it for more than a few minutes per game. Matt Vogrich has played short stints at the two and the Wolverine staff will look to him to improve as a senior. Adding another option at the off guard like Della Valle would add a little insurance that the Michigan backcourt would have the depth to keep up with a talented front court.

Della Valle probably won’t make an instant impact but he would be a welcome addition for a Michigan staff that suddenly has additional scholarships to work with.

  • Quaint06

    A team needs role players, guys who they figure will stay even without being starters. So Della Valle probably merits a scholly because of that. However, if we were able to land a true point for next year who’s better than Albrecht (it would have to be someone the coaching staff knows about who hasn’t been discussed on this blog) it might not be a bad idea to give a schol. to just him. I think it’s key to have depth and role-playing personnel but not to commit too many schollies that way. We’re transitioning from a roster with several players who’d be role players on other teams to a roster with several guys who’d be legit starters anywhere. I’d try to fill a bit of a PG gap while keeping schollies for the next 2 years’ classes.

  • ZRL

    It’s interesting that in the robinson article he says Beilein told him they are going to play him at the 2 and 3, instead of the 3 and 4 I thought he’d play. Of course, this was probably before Evan transferred, so that may change now.

  • Mattski

    Interesting–Robinson says the staff is telling him they want him at the two sometimes, and he’s working on HIS handle: 

    • Mattski

      I see I am referencing the Baumgardner article Dylan alludes to above. . . 

  • Jalen Rose

    The wings have to be Robinson and Hardaway, Jr from a talent standpoint.  Teams would be ill-advised to try to press Burke anyway so I think any ballhandling shortcomings the two of them would have would be minimized anyway.  

    • JD

      I think Robinson has pretty solid handles.  More solid than Hardaway’s anyways.  And like you said, a ball handler like Burke makes it easier on everyone.  Hopefully Robinson can play the 2, and back up the 4 a little when we go small.  He looks more impressive than Hardaway did coming into school, so hopefully he can be an instant impact guy.  I am worrried that playing too much of Stauskas or Vogrich will hurt us on defence, and there aren’t many ball handlers that would be much of an upgrade… Stauskas or Eso are guys I don’t want to rely on too much to carry the ball up as the point guard.  Heres hoping Trey stays another year and plays 40 minutes a game.

  • Sven187

    I’ll take Della Vale, Morris, and Woodson please!

  • DMitchell

    Whether Della Valle comes in or not, Coach needs to shake some of these MAC commits loose like Ray Lee or Travon Baker that have not signed LOI’s and have at least one quality back-up.  I wonder if seeing if there are any stretch 4’s available to cover Smotz’s exit would be a good idea also.

    • Rodrussell37

       I like that idea I watched ray lee play a few times and he could really help out.  He has a certain feel for the game that you you like to see in a guard. He can score plays solidly on defensive end rebounds well for a guard even if he is not scoring He could help out.

  • Danguilm

    for all of the ‘great defense’ comments, he sure did fall down alot because of bad footwork and inability to move laterally vs. quick ball-handlers. I would only take him if they really believed he could be a lethal shooter as well. Otherwise, save the schollie.

    • Sven187

      He’s still a way better athlete than Vogrich was coming out of high school and much more well rounded on offense. Defense can be taught.

  • Flwolve

    What’s Dylan’s e-mail address?

  • Wayman Britt

    I really like Monte Morris.  Who cares if he and Walton are both PG’s.  They both can coexist playing at the same time.  Get the most talented players on the court.

  • Mattski

    FWIW the sages at sportsline have us as their preseason #5, with no mention of Burke leaving: 

  • gpsimms

    Sam Webb said this morning he’s hearing rumblings it is more likely Burke is gone…sad faces.

    • Mattski

      Something to that effect was quickly yanked at mgoblog last night. 

    • FGCU Maize Rage

      Somebody posted the complete opposite yesterday. Either Sam Webb is really close to the basketball program or he is trying to increase his following in Ann Arbor…

      But my gut tells me he leaves, just because it’s become a theme the last few years.

      • longhorn_wolverine

        Sam Webb is as connected to the Michigan Football and Basketball teams as anyone in the business.  I think his sources in many cases are the actual coaches themselves.  Still, until Trey declares, there is still hope :)

    • Flwolve

       He’s gone   :(   :(   :(

  • Sjerome

    I watched della valle in the championship game, he was definitely the worst player on the court whenever he was in.  I dont think he will be a big loss or gain one way or another. I would rather bring back dani wohl.