Scouting Video: Mitch McGary in All-American Championship

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Mitch McGary had seven points and six rebounds in the ESPNHS All-American Championship game on Sunday afternoon. Watch video of McGary in action below:

  • JD

    He has good handles.  Not unreasonable to expect him to play minutes at the 4.  I see him playing both the 4 and the 5.  His hustle and intensity will be huge for the team and hopefully step in for Novak in all the hustle plays and little things that are the difference btw winning and losing.

  • Mattski

    Continue to feel that it’s a hidden bonus that McGary isn’t All Dominant Every Darn Thing. His hustle and enthusiasm are going to be a key ingredient for Michigan, help bring kids to Crisler. If you watch these two and think about Tim Hardaway, after some hard work on his handle, moving to the two sometimes next season, you don’t even have to be uptight about whether Della Valle comes or not. 

    • DoubES

      I will continue on my quest to see people stop declaring Timmy as a candidate to move to the two.  Stop declaring Timmy as a candidate to move to the two.

      I think THJ is valuable member of our team, but after an offseason where he was supposedly working on his handle, it was still clearly a big weakness for him.  I really don’t see his handle improving enough to be considered a guard.  Hope I’m wrong.

      • Mattski

        Think that I probably picked up that idea from one of the Det papers this morning, so it must be true. Agree that his handle is problematic, but don’t believe he can’t improve it. And Burke is such a terrific ballhandler that–assuming the ball makes it down the court–THJ at the two does mean more options, like Robinson at the three, right? And if Hardaway wants to play in the NBA, that’s where he likely goes. . . 

      • gpsimms

        Thank you!  I support you on your quest!  Even Sam Webb has THJr penciled in at the two.  No way in hell, I say.  Kid cannot dribble, he is a wing through and through.

        If ThJr. and GRIII are on the floor together, it will be because GRIII is at the four.

  • Danguilm

    He has a great court-sense about him that came through with his nice passing, screening and a couple of his steals.  I like his game.  He isn’t the freak athlete that some of the others in the game were, but he has a great all-around game and I can see him like a Kevin Love type (hopefully!)

    • BlueRev

      Hate to see him miss a tip in dunk early on, but some conditioning and he’ll improve that vertical a few inches. He has plenty of athleticism though not a freak as you said, but smarts, hustle and some more development will overcome that. Will be solid 2+ year player for UM! I live in MN and think KLove is a great comparison.

  • Scott1222

    On a diff note I’m hearing Burke is heavily leaning towards the NBA…he asked for the feedback from the committee and got it…when Chad Ford and other big name experts who have great reputations are clearly telling him to go back to school for another year and he’s not even a 1st rounder, wouldn’t u think that’s enough to make a decision that’s best for ur future-back to UM???

    • gobluemd16

      Where did you “hear this,” just wondering? I have a feeling that he wants to bolt as well, simply an opinion though.

      • Scott1222

        Mayb in the Detroit free press….and then some other links were associated to that article…I posted to see if anyone else had “read” anything regarding his departure…

    • anton

      Sam Webb seems to think he is leaning towards staying.  Kid must hate AA because he isn’t listening to any talent evaluators.  

    • A2JD


      “I’m hearing” he’s going to play all 4 years at Michigan…..

      • Scott1222

        Ford for one…a few others in various articles…I’ll b sure to jot the names down next time for you…

        • Scott1222

          Excuse me…Ford was saying to go back for another year…as well as a bunch of other scouts…there were various articles relating to him leaning towards the NBA…mayb they all were all related to a single interview…

          • A2JD

            Could be.  I was looking for who the sources were that said he’s leaning towards leaving.   After two years of what one could call “Mistakes” by Wolverine guards (even though many experts thought Darius would go in the 1st), nothing would shock me.

            I’d almost be more surprised if he stayed, even though that seems like the smart move for him.  

            I’m also not calling Trey dumb.  I just think sometimes the WANT to be in the NBA outweighs logic.  You have 30 people telling you “No” and two people saying “Yes”, you might listen to the “Yes” because that’s what you wanted to hear.

          • Mattski

            I don’t want him to go but. . . let’s say it’s your dream to play in the NBA and your family can use some scratch. Isn’t it possible that you might just decide to move on? That school would just seem like an unnecessary burden and obstacle to getting there? I understand that it could mean more or less up front money, but in the end your ceiling doesn’t change, right? Trey had quite the meteoric rise this year and got his name in a lot of conversations; there’s no promise that remains the case next year. (Michigan now has the makings of its best squad in a long, long time, but that’s no guarantee they come together right away.) 

            In some ways I think it’s the fans who are unrealistic, not players. For many fans it seems to be a question of going first round with 50 other guys or being a loser; D Mo (for example) may not pan out in the NBA, but he’s doing what he wants to do, and for money. It’s taking a narrow view to call that failure, disappointing though it may be for us. 

      • Scott1222

        I’ll take 4 yrs w Burke running the show….lol…

      • A2JD


        I could not only mean more or less up front money, it could mean NO MONEY except D-League $$$ or Euros.  While I think he probably has the talent right now to make an NBA squad, that is not a lock.

        It also could hinder his ceiling.  If he sticks around and has the kind of season I think he would have with all those people to dish to, he jumps into the first round.  First round picks get guaranteed money which usually means they will give you more of a shot to have an impact on the team.  They’ve invested in the player’s future.

        However, if you’re a 2nd round pick or an undrafted FA, you may not get the same attention and that may hinder your development and lower your ceiling.

        The NBA is demanding and even in a year that isn’t lockout shortened, there isn’t a ton of time for practice and training.  There’s a reason the lower league is called the Developmental League.

        A player (in this case Trey) will get probably more attention paid and more individual development to him as one of the stars of his college team than a 2nd round pick who’s a 10th to 13th man will get.

        If I were Trey and wanted to help my parents out, I’d come back to school.  If there’s a medical emergency at home, that changes things but I haven’t heard any stories of his parents struggling.

        He’s just not maximizing his earning potential by leaving.  

        If he was being talked as a Top 15 pick, I’d say go for it.

        I think he, even with his size issues, could at least be a Top 20 pick next year, if he keeps improving.

        • Mattski

          Good arguments, and some things I didn’t know; I don’t think you’ve talked me out of my position completely–he could fade, and the team with him next year, and still be 5′ 11 1/2″ tall for all his pains, have spent a lot of time in classes rather than working on his game. But I do see how he could get more attention at M than in the D league. 

          Let’s see what happens; I’ll bet he’s coming back, and we’ll all be happy. 

          • A2JD

            Spending time in classes could be looked at as a positive too.  

            I also think, while he probably isn’t likely to have a David Robinson/Dennis Rodman late growth spurt, he can add more muscle which could help convince GM’s and scouts that he can handle NBA contact when taking it to the rim and might help him defend better.

    • MHoops1

       He doesn’t get the info back until Friday April 6, so stories based on the fact that he’s already received the feedback he requested are false.

  • Sven187

    Just heard you nickname on WTKA Blue Rev.

    • BlueRev

      It was a good tourney for me — aside for UM bowing out too early!

  • A2JD

    While I am VERY excited to have Mitch come to A2, I just remember somebody posting back around last October saying how he was as good a talent as Webber was coming out of HS.  I wonder if reality has set in for that poster.

    Mitch should be a very good player for Michigan but we shouldn’t heap that kind of expectation on him.

    • FLiPCiTyBLuE

      That was me. Your perceived reality or mine? I was excited by JB’s highest ranked recruit to date(although that may flip flop with GR3). What matters is that M.M is still a program changer and will be a huge part of the success of this team next year. Are you fishing?   

  • John

    He’s actually a pretty good distributor for a big man

  • Mac

    He made a couple nice plays and rebounded pretty well, but turned the ball over just about every time he touched it, missed some easy bunnies, and missed badly on a deep 3 (which was bad shot selection.)

    • BlueRev

      You must have watched a different game that I did–“Turned it over just about every time he touched it?” I saw a couple missed bunnies and the 3 miss wasn’t a big deal, but he handled the ball well. He had turnovers yes, but he had more good passes and assists than turnovers (full court drive and layup, lots of outlet passes–one mishandled by guard, drives and dishes). Not amazed by the guy, but excited about him on the team.

  • Bob

    Mitch is a game changer… he plays good defense and will help us on the boards  and you watch Michigan will be on of the best rebounding teams next year… i am very excited about the three kids we have coming in…  Now we just need to keep Burke in the fold…  Go Blue!!!

  • Ace_maker4

    Most impressed by his positioning for rebounds; he seems to have a Rodman like ability to be in the right place for a rebound based on where the shot is taken. As for the rest of his game I am hoping he can develop some sort of threat in the post to help loosen up 3 ball line for the shooters. Maybe a high low post set with Morgan?