Scouting Video: Glenn Robinson III in All-American Championship

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III had 16 points and four rebounds in the ESPNHS All-American Championship game on Sunday afternoon.  Robinson was 6-of-7 from the field with five dunks on the night. Watch video of Robinson in action below:

  • rbilla

    was he 0-90 on free throw attempts?  All kidding aside he looked really long and explosive.  Could we also steal the pg from Iowa for insurance!

    • BlueRev

      think he was 4-10. At least misses were roll offs. I’m seeing a guy that still hits near 70% as freshman (hope so cuz guessing he’ll get to line a lot).

  • Rdogoblue

    No doubt he can jam it! I hope he puts in some work at the charity stripe over the summer.

    • Indiana_Matt

      He shot nearly 74% on 211 attempts this year. We need not worry about his misses in this all-star game.

  • section13row15

    Iowa looks like they will be adding some nice pieces next year. Can’t wait to see what Robinson’s athleticism brings to our team both offensively and defensively next season.

  • sane1

    Glenn needs to put up a ton of mid to long range shots this summer to complement the rest of his game – which is solid to spectacular. 

  • Indiana_Matt
  • Guest

    One guy that I’m worried about being a one and done is not McGary.  It’s Glenn Robinson.  He clearly has the athleticism to succeed in the next level and has good shooting form where you can reasonably expect him to be a solid shooter.  He is a top 20-25 talent who will be an instant impact player. 

  • Dave

    Looks like an eventual lottery pick – probably the most talented Michigan player since CWebb.

    THJ has similar potential if he can get a little better handle and aggressiveness going to the basket.

  • John

    He reminds me of a better version of THJ (comparing GRIII now and THJ when he was coming out of HS)