Scouting Video: Amedeo Della Valle vs. Coolidge

Dylan Burkhardt

Findlay Prep opened the National High School Invitational with an easy 79-44 win over Coolidge. Michigan recruiting target Amedeo Della Valle had seven points in the win on 1-of-3 (1-2 3pt) shooting with two rebounds, a block and a steal. Watch scouting video of Della Valle in action in the embedded media player below:

Findlay will play St. Benedict’s in the NHSI Semifinals this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. (eastern) on ESPN2.

  • Mattski

    I’m sold. What are our odds of actually landing this guy?

    • Mzorstar
      • Mzorstar

         One more things.  Not to be cynical, but watching Brundidge leave and McGary drop from #2 to #20 player in country puts a little dent in JB’s track record.  Those guys both fell big time from their junior to senior years.  Fell even more on campus.  Hopefully McGary doesn’t.  Maybe JB is better at picking sleepers than top flight talent.

        • Rumors of McGary’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  He hasn’t gone from #2 to #200.  Furthermore, most people agree that he was never really as high as #2 and they might have expected a SLIGHT drop like we saw.

          Remember, Beilein was in on McGary long before he was a top 200 guy even.  Same thing with Burke, Hardaway, Robinson, Donnal, Smotz etc.  Beilein is a great talent evaluator and while Brundidge may not have panned out you can’t expect 100% success rate from recruits.  

          No dent to JB’s track record.

          • JBlair52

            He was also on Justin Watts before NC, Iman Shumpert before GaTech, and he was all over Klay Thompson before he blew up.

  • Mattski

    . . . might make a worthy successor to Stu at the two, with disruptive D like that. no? 

    • Flwolve

      I wouldn’t say that defense is a strength of this kid.  He looked like he would struggle mightily staying in front of high D1 players. 

      At this point, I’d say he was more of a complementary player kind of like a Vogrich.  I don’t think he’d ever be an impact guy so if we land him then great because we have the open schollies.  If we miss, I don’t think it’s a big loss.  He’s certainly not the answer at point if Burke leaves.

      • Mattski

        True that we don’t know how he stacks against D1 players, but if you don’t think he’s playing scrappy D in the video we’re watching two different kids.

  • matt d

    We seem to have a decent shot, visiting Arizona on April 13, then he will come to AA on a date TBD. Also has interest in Texas A & M(already visited), OSU & Gonzaga, but doesn’t have any plans of visiting according to the article.
    Reading between the lines, it’s likely a 3 horse race between AZ, M, & Texas A & M, likely in that order. If AZ doesn’t lose Turner, he’s likely to choose M.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Looked great out there moving his feet and staying sharp. Knocked down a open three, readily kept the ball moving and seem’s to be every inch of 6’5 with a little added weight(as compared to last summers you tube tape). If we’re lucky ADV will visit for his offer and accept. Zona’s class is so deep with high end talent i don’t see him choosing them.

    ADV-ADV-ADV !!!

  • rlcBlue

    It was pretty ragged by the end of the game, but… Findlay sat down their backup point guard (Artis, bound for Oregon) with two minutes left and let Della Valle bring the ball up against Coolidge’s press. Let’s just say that at the moment he looks less like a backup than an In case of emergency, break glass type point guard.

    He did spend a lot of time defending the opposing point and he wasn’t blown by… too much. He does seem to understand rotations a little bit.

  • Fresh

    just watched the second game today of ADV, and yeah he wouldnt be the greatest option at point guard……definitely a 2 guard.  that being said from what i saw today,  much like what others said,  good athleticism, moved feet well, definietely smart player… far as offense goes you couldnt get much out of the game (3 shots at most from what i remember)……commentators loved him and had a llot of praise for him……no plays really ran through him for 3s but you can definitely see where he would fit well in michigans offense I personally see similarities between him and vogrich…..maybe with a touch more upside….hard to tell from limtied video and 1 game though

  • MGoTweeter

    After watching ADV today, I would feel pretty good about him getting an offer.  He is not a program changer or an instant impact offensive guy, but he is a great role player with a lot of potential.  The biggest thing I noticed about him was just how much better Findlay was on defense when he was in the game.  He plays tremendous help side defense and is pretty solid on the ball as well.  His basketball IQ is very high and he always seemed to make the right pass or understand when/where he needed to cut or screen. 

    I would like to see more from him on offense as I think he showed some good ball skills, but he defers a lot.  Hard to blame him when your on a team with that kind of talent.  Sort of reminds me of a Carlos Delfino or Jason Capel type player.  A wing with good size, that can shoot and make plays if needed but he is going to give you great team play and defend. 

    As others have said, he is not a point guard.  He can handle the ball, but he is a lot closer to Akunne in that regard than he is to Burke.  But if Burke is back, ADV and Stauskas both seem like they could handle the 5-10 minutes  a game of point guard play that would be available.

  • Sven187

    Love the hustle and think he looks pretty good. But he doesn’t look like much of a PG at all.

  • Jaysmith1114

    If Burke leaves we are screwed!

    • Sven187

       He’s not going anywhere unless he wants to be the last pick in the draft…..if he’s lucky. There will be 7 or 8 more guys from the Final 4 teams who declare and knock him back even further than he is now.

      • Mattski

        I’m convinced he’s staying.  

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    ADV is not being recruited to be a point people and even with-out Trey’s decision we’d still be interested…even if Evan didn’t jump ship, even if Carlton wasn’t gone. With 1 spot open we were gonna likely offer ADV…and he was willing to wait and see, now we’ll wait and see. I expect him to be a super solid 2, pushing Stauskas for every minute available and i love Nick. My odd’s of winning Mega Millions are better than Burke’s draft odds-he’ll be back and we’re gonna run rough-shot through the B1G. Word Booty.