Scouting Video: Amedeo Della Valle vs. St. Benedict’s

Dylan Burkhardt

Amedeo Della Valle had four points, three assists and three rebounds in Findlay’s 68-55 win in the NHSI Semifinals on Friday afternoon. Findlay will play Montverde in the NSHI Championship today at 2 p.m. eastern and the game will be televised on ESPN. Here’s footage of Della Valle in semifinal action:


  • sane1

    More impressive clips than the first game. Some nice D, several fine passes, the dunk and put back. Nice all around game, very unselfish. Missed the threes, which is supposed to be his strength. I think that he’d be a great fit here.

  • Giddings

    Sign him up. Love the D.

  • DingoBlue

    I’ll take one of him and one of Albrecht. Thank you very much.

    • TurfmanBlue

       I would take both if Burke leaves.  If he stays then one of them would be fine, with ADV being the 1st choice.

    • B Allsop

       Not to knock a kid but is Albrecht really worth a scholly??? I can’t even find him on the recruiting sites and from what I have heard he doesn’t have any offers…..He won’t be able to come in and play right away so why does so many people want him? I think it’s Amedeo for 2012 and save the rest for 2013.

      • TurfmanBlue

         U do realize if we don’t get another guard, we will have 3 guards on scholly (with one of them being a senior Vogrich) and that’s with Burke coming back.

        If he leaves then its 2 scholly guards and no point guards.   Ummmmmm, we NEED another guard even if Burke stays.  ideally a combo like ADV.

        If we miss on him, then we need a pure PG and hope Vogrich and Stauskas can get it done at the 2.

        • BlueRev

          I’m counting on THJ playing some 2 on floor same time as GR3 at 3. I don’t see the need to get an unproven project, but I what I’ve seen of ADV shows he could get some pt but not sure how capable where really needed at the 1.

          Is there any graduates that can transfer and play our point immediately (backing up Burke) like UW keeps getting in football?

          • DoubES

            THJ is not a 2 in Beilein’s offense.  He is a wing (3 or 4).

    • Jaysmith1114

      No disrespect but Albrecht would be a bad move, we would be better off with a walkon.  If he is offered it will be Colton Christian/Blake McLimas situation all over again.

  • Mattski

    Would be a great get. 

  • B Allsop

    You can see his Basketball IQ is very high and he is a good competitor. I think he would be a good fit.

  • ColinNer

    I was a bit skeptical with the stat line (4/3/3) but aside from missing two open 3s his highlights were impressive. He is a big recruit for Michigan in terms of depth next year and potential a key piece to the puzzle down the road.

  • Fresh

    again after watching him in the finals today he would definitely be a great pickup………no offense through him at all………..did show a little more handle today than the last game i saw, but they were all about getting it to the big guys and playing in the paint for the most part

    good defense, very smart with and without the ball, showed real good vision/court awareness/passing ability today that impressed me as well

    • FLiPCiTyBLuE

      Agreed. I believe ADV’s boy’s missed him 5-6 times and just turned it over or got smacked down on the drive. The kid is a money 55-60 percent 3 point shooter?!?  Down like 10, what were those guys thinking???…..gotta do it myself on T.V….not ADV tho, kid is selfless. He mighta helped them win that title tho, might coulda.

  • JBlair52

    Reminds me of a combination of Novak and Stu…I like his game.  Little hustle.  Little skill.  Little balla.  Seems like a good combo guard to have on the team.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    I can see Amedeo hitting a ton of 3’s in JB’s system and i’m dying to see him on the break and outlet. ADV would be a perfect fit in A2.  

  • Danguilm

    Bad sign he couldn’t get any real burn in the fourth quarter or OT?

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    After watching all of the scouting video as well as the actual game against Monteverde, I think Amadeo would be a great last-second pickup for Beilein. As everybody else has said, he seems to be a very intelligent player who plays great defense and can run the break. If he can hit some 3’s then great, if not then we still have him to play defense.

    To have a guard that is committed to playing defense is a luxury these days. Besides, if he’s on the floor with Burke, Stauskas, GRIII, or THJ he won’t have to score a ton of points…

  • Bosstothemax88

    I honestly do not think Della Valle is very impressive, I understand that they might need him or albrecht if trey leaves but if it was me, I would not waste a scholarship on this kid, but again I can see Beileins reasoning for offering.  I just hope we dont need either but if I had to choose, I would pick Albrecht because he already has a bond with GR3 and Mitch Mcgary from AAU, and that would be beneficial for team chemistry..

  • Danguilm

    for all of the ‘great defense’ comments, he sure did fall down alot because of bad footwork and inability to move laterally vs. quick ball-handlers.  I would only take him if they really believed he could be a lethal shooter as well.  Otherwise, save the schollie.