Video: Mitch McGary at Under Armour Summer Jam

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is some fresh video footage of 2012 Michigan recruiting target Mitch McGary from the Under Armour Summer Jam thanks to our friends at Michigan Prep Stars. McGary is down to a final six schools of Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina.


  • Daddyoj30

    McGarys Game reminds me of a better version of Josh McRoberts….

    • A2JD

      McRoberts was more of a high-flyer coming out of HS.  McGary has some finesse but also looks like he could be a banger when he wants to and he probably has at least 25 pounds on McRoberts at that age.

  • sane1

    Liked the no look feed from GRIII.

  • JBlair52

    If you had him and Smotrycz in the front court…how would you protect the hoop?  Defensively you have to step out on them, but if you have Burke, Brundidge, THj, Robinson, and Stauskas on the floor ready to attack the hoop – what would you do?

    Would definitely make some matchups difficult and an immediate impact defensively with blocked shots and rebounding.


    I heard he was dominate by Jalen Reynolds but that was when he playing sitches and injury . I want this kid extremely bad . Mitch will challenge from day one .

  • Mattski

    McGary out in front on the break for Michigan. This vision would inspire terror in opposing coaches.