Video: Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary Summer Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s been a huge July for Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III and his AAU teammate Mitch McGary. Robinson continues to cement himself as a top 50 player, while McGary, who recently visited Michigan, pushes his way higher in the top five. Here is some footage of the SYF Players AAU squad featuring Robinson and McGary with video credit to

We have additional footage of Robinson from the Under Armour Best of the Best event courtesy of Gym Rats Insider, after the jump.

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  • KRN

    Nice video. That pan shot of all the coaches sitting in the stands was pretty cool. LaVall representing the Maize and Blue!

    • Ben

      Michigan had 3 coaches watching. Beilein and BA were at the top, I don’t know why they weren’t sitting together…I love that we had 3 coaches including the head coach and duke only had 1 assistant there.

      • KRN

        Ah nice catch. Putting the full court press on McGary no doubt.

      • Anon

        When/where do you see Beilein and BA? I didn’t catch either of them in that vid.

      • Stevenjc3

        Ok, i have watched this video like 7 times and still dont see Beilein and BA.  I see Coach Jordan on the bottom….but where are the other two?  Your sure its them?

        • KRN

          I’ll have to rewatch it later (my phone won’t let me watch it). It could have been two coaches that resembled Beilein and BA. The camera didn’t really focus on them. Don’t blame me, Ben started it! :P

          • SamGoBlue

            Beilein and BA are not in this video. The one coach next to Bo Ryan appears to be a Wisconsin assistant and the coach next to him is wearing a UIC shirt, the Illinois-Chicago Flames. All the Michigan coaches would be sitting together I assume if they were watching the same game.

        • Flwolve

          The two coaches next to Bo Ryan in the top of the bleachers look like JB and BA but I’m not sure if it is.  If I had to guess, I’d say that they were Wisky assistants.

      • BlimpyBlue

        That was a Wisconsin assistant next to Bo Ryan.  Beilein would be wearing maize and blue Michigan gear, not Wisconsin colors.

      • Anon

        *Ben leaves the room*

    • GregGoBlue

      Bob Huggins himself sitting there next to LaVall.

  • JBlair52

    Size is difficult to find, and he rebounds and alters shots – but McGary misses a lot of inside shots.  Doesn’t seem to have a very good “touch” to me.

  • Umforeverever

    does not look like the 5 star everyone is raving about but he does have size, runs the court, plays defense and shoot the ball good . He still would be a good get regardless and the way our coaches develope big men – he will be in good hands .

    Now Big Dog J.R was a very good get. Him and Nick Stauskas will certainly be very good. No doubt UM is on the uprise.

  • Mattski

    This isn’t the video that’s gonna sell McGary to the masses, that’s for sure.  Lot of swagger but not connecting much, even a little lazy looking. Can get out on the break surprisingly well, though, which is cool. 

    Looks like Bill Self over there on the right. 

    • SamGoBlue

      Yeah, people have to realize this is only one AAU game. There is a reason McGary has absolutely shot up recruiting rankings in the last year or so. He clearly has a nice mid-range jumper, always a great asset for big men, but I’m sure he wasn’t at his best here. And yes, Bill Self off to the right there. A lot of coaches watching this game – I saw Bo Ryan, Bill Self, Lavall Jordan, Bob Huggins, assistants from Duke, UIC, Wisconsin, Valparaiso, and many others that I can’t remember.

      Also, there is some buzz going around right now that we may have a real shot at landing McGary. As everyone knows, he recently visited Michigan (not a whole lot out there on the visit), but there are some rumors picking up that we are right there for him. That would be one hell of a class if we picked up him, GRIII, and Stauskas.

  • A2JD

    Just like in the other videos I’ve seen, McGary looks skilled but a bit out of control.  

    If he didn’t refine his game, I could see him getting called for a lot of charges.  I also don’t like the way he tries to bring the ball up on the fastbreak.  He may be able to dribble and make a move or two but he’s slowing things up for the most part.

     Still, he’s huge and there’s a lot of talent to work with there.  I’m sure a great coaching staff like the one we have at Michigan would be to his benefit and having a talent like that would certainly be to Michigan’s benefit.

    BTW- Any update on Austin Hatch’s condition?  I haven’t seen any news.  I hope he’s still improving.

  • Guest

    Don’t discount the Novak effect on McGary.  Two kids from Chesterton (12,000 pop), with Novak being essentially the stud on the basketball team while McGary is coming up.  If he stays in the Midwest I think Purdue and Michigan have an even shot.

    • YoYoMa

      The guys above questioning 5 star status, really?  He’s 6’10’ and huge.  He handles the ball (including a spin), passes, shoots reasonably well from the field (but at least not in this vid from the line) and is 6’10’ and huge (oh, I said that didn’t I).  Guy is a stud, period.  Get him here with Novak and GRIII. 

  • Clydecoats

    yeah your probably right about mitch needing a lot of work,  i guess we’ll have to suffer while he learns.  I don’t guess any other teams would want to tie up a scholarship,  YEAH RIGHT GET REAL.!!!!!!!