Scouting Video: Mitch McGary at Pitt Jam Fest

Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary scored the ball inside and out as he led the SYF Players to the Pitt Jam Fest 17U silver championship. This 7-minute long scouting video features almost every play that McGary was involved in during SYF’s first four games at the tournament:

Click here for more of our coverage from the Pittsburgh Jam Fest and make sure to check back later this morning for a similar video of U-M commitment Glenn Robinson III.

  • mitch

    The kid looks pretty good. He can handle the ball a little for a big fella. I could see him fitting in the Beilein system. How tall is he?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      6-foot-11, he’s a big boy.

  • Dirtgrain

    He moves well, handles well, and has some nice moves–but man he misses a lot. Finishing ability looks weak, and he didn’t do for the dunk much when he should have. Obviously, you don’t want a big to bring the ball up the court, but he could when there is a full-court press. On that last dunk, he seemed to get up pretty high, but, overall, I was wondering about his leaping ability. He bricked some nasty free throws earlier in the video clip, but in the last game, I think he hit four or five in a row.

    Did he really shoot a lot of jump shots? I didn’t notice this as I watched.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Looking at the film that’s true, I know a missed a couple. But mostly his problems stem from wanting to handle the ball on the perimeter more than take it in the paint. Still love the collection of tools that he has at that size.

  • Mattski

    Looks like he needs to work on. . . well, just about everything. But he’s big. Unfortunately, the play of the reel may be him getting not just the ball but his whole body rejected like viral pneumonia by a very strong antibody in the early going there. I kid, I kid!

    I bring the absolutely useless resentful POV of a one-year former prep school b-team 5′ 9″ inch off guard to the table when I assess big men. Every team needs one, but they usually don’t tend to make the game prettier.

  • Gowolv

    Nice prospect, don’t see the top 10 prospect, Kevin Love jr comparison some analysts have been making after this weekend.

  • wolerine fan

    Long time reader on here and mgoblog. Not a bad proepect at all for a big man. Wish his finishing ability was a little better. That will come though with added strenght though. Just a quick question though on where we currently stand with him?

  • Ben

    Hey Dylan, Do we really have a chance with him??? I know we have been recruiting him for a while. With Darius almost garuanteed to leave after next year and a scholly opening up.

  • JD

    He’s an interesting one.

    I like the D, the size and the activity he brings. He surely has some athleticism as well but he also just looks like a spaz out there at times. No smoothness to his game but I still think it would be great if we could land him and work some of those rough edges out but keep the attitude.

  • Justin

    Looks legitimate to me