Video: Mitch McGary Shatters Backboard at Elite 24

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 Michigan recruiting target Mitch McGary was invited to play in the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event in Venice Beach this weekend and made headlines but shattering the backboard with a dunk during warmups. Here’s footage of McGary’s dunk:

McGary will begin taking visits next weekend when he takes his first official visit to Ann Arbor for Michigan’s football season opener. He’ll also travel to Kentucky (unofficial, 9/5), North Carolina (official, 9/7) and Duke (official, 9/8) in the comings days and weeks.

  • Dirtgrain

    White Chocolate Thunder?

  • sane1

    Never liked breaking backboards by hanging on the rim. Takes no talent. Pointless.

    • gpsimms

      also: while in warmups? 

    • maxwell’s demon

      Who says he doesn’t agree? You think his goal was, “I’m going to break this backboard by any means necessary to show how talented I am”?

      • sane1

        It was an accident in that he didn’t intend to break it, but no reason to grab and pull down on the rim. For some reason people think breaking a backboard is cool. Just the opposite.

        • JBlair52

          Whoa – the cool police just showed up…

          • sane1

            The only police here would be Dylan. The rest of us are just expressing opinions.

          • JBlair52

            in that case, you’re wrong.  it’s cool to break the backboard.  Reminds me of Tractor Traylor and Shaq.  BEAST!

  • Chippy Love

    Maybe he should go for white ganache. Sounds more important.

  • Looks like he’s moved up to #2 on the ESPNU 2012 rankings. Wow if we get this kid…

    • matt d

      McGary didn’t really move up to the #2 spot, he inherited the #2 spot because Andre Drummond reclassified to the 2011 class and will be going to UConn. Every prospect in the ESPN 100 ranked lower thatn the #2 spot moved up 1.

  • Trdawki

    He got dunked on hard by Derrick Williams.

  • Trdawki

    But I still want this kid . Hope GR3 can work his magic. I don’t think that he is a one and done playr but I think he has a more skilled Grahm Brown potental.

    • Bluebufoon

      Vanilla Gorilla, would be appropriate, but thats been taken

    • sane1

      Since Graham Brown was 6’7-8″ forward who was all guts and very little skill, that comparison is a monumental understatement. McGary is 6’11”, athletic, can run the floor, handle the ball well for a big man, with shooting range to the arc. I loved Graham, but he had no offensive game. His value was his physical play and motor.

    • Ajerome33

      First – he most definitely fits the profile of a one and done player.  Second, saying his name and Graham Brown’s name in the same sentence is just silly.  Brown was a player I liked, but he doesn’t have the talent that McGary has…..sorry.

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

      He is like Graham Brown in that he is white and shoots with his left hand. The comparisons end there.

    • Kevin

      That’s like saying Denard Robinson is a more skilled Nick Sheridan.  Graham Brown is only allowed in the same gym as McGary if Mitch says it’s ok.

  • KRN

    Carlton Brundidge senior playoff highlights

  • FGCU Maize Rage

    If he comes to Michigan wouldn’t he be our biggest recruit since Chris Webber? That’s HUGE! He could legitimately change the basketball culture in Ann Arbor…

    • kennyYe

      maybe since Tractor Traylor, who was ranked #1 in his class. 

    • KRN

      We’ve had big time recruits since Webber that didn’t fully pan out. LaVell Blanchard was the Gatorade National Player of the Year in ’99 and Jerod Ward (remember him?) was the Naismith winner in ’94 and the #1 ranked player in the country.

      The impact of McGary today, though, would dwarf any recruit since Webber given our struggles to attract top of the line talent over the past decade.

    • Guest

      Jerod Ward was the #1 overall recruit when he committed to Michigan in ’95.  He didn’t lived up to the ranking though he became a solid contributor at the end of his career.

      • KRN

        Yep, it’s a shame too. He might have been a completely different player had he not tore up his knees.

  • D. Horton was a top 10 recruit.  He was the 2nd best PG of his class.  By the way, any current photos’ of inside crisler arena.  im dying to see what’s been going on the past couple of weeks since the last batch that popped up on facebook michigan basketball page. 

  • Bbuck5

    i hope he comes to michigan,that for sure would put them back on the map.maybe a big ten champ,.GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

  • Buxton

    One and done y waste a scholarship

    • KRN

      The same reason that Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina “waste scholarships,” to help win championships.

    • Swinawer

      You do realize that one and dones only use a scholarship for one year?

  • Mattski

    Would love it if the guy expressed a bit more humility in the interview–and most of us could probably wreck a backboard by hanging on a rim (you’d have to get me up there first). But if we nab him, the idea that Michigan is back is going to gain considerable additional mileage.

    The one and done thing is little more than people’s assumption about Gary at this stage, right? 

    • Guest

      I like watching him play, but every interview makes me cringe.  Ultimately, I don’t think he picks Michigan.  I think he put UM on his list to appease some folks, but I just don’t see it happening.  There are also some issues in his past that make me think he will look for a different type of program.

  • Sandman

    What our lineup would look like for 2012:
    PG: Trey Burke
    SG: Tim Hardaway
    SF: Glenn Robinson III/ Nick Stauskas
    PF: Evan Smotrycz
    C: Mitch McGary.

    Scary good.

    • gpsimms

       i doubt thjr would come down to the 2.  i bet the two will be carlton/stauskus and the three will be thjr and glenn III

      also, i think jordan morgan may take issue with this lineup, and maybe horford.

      • Well neither Morgan nor Horford can play the 4 in this offense so almost by default this would have to be the lineup. Well except I think Carlton would start at the two with Stauskas/Vogrich backing him up. 

      • KRN

        Who would the backup PG be then? Stu’s gone, so one of Stauskas/Brundidge would have to move down to play some 1 when Trey needs a breather.

        Also, if GR3 is good enough to be a significant contributor his freshman year, it makes no sense to sit him behind someone who automatically gets 30+ minutes a game (assuming Hardaway is even going to be back for his junior year).

        Whoever is the best out of those three big men will start.

    • FGCU Maize Rage

      There are so many possible lineups that Beilein can utilize with McGary on the roster. I think you can just list the entire roster and then write “scary good” after it. Look at the first five off the bench:

      G – Brundidge
      G – Stauskas
      G/F – Vogrich
      C – Morgan
      C – Horford

      If Horford and Vogrich improve like we expect them to, you have a great roster top to bottom.

      • Dgray

        I think Brundidge will have something to say about the lack of respect you Michigan slappies are given him.  Brundidge has all the tools to be very successful in Beilein system.  The one thing I know about him is that he is ultra competitive. When you play all season with teams double and triple teaming you, it stands to reason that you will do less scoring and more passing.

        In the video Brundidge proves, at least to me, that he can handle the pressure with his elite dribbling skills.  I think the pick and roll, which is a staple play in Beilein offense is going to be his bread and butter.  If the Big man switches on the play, I’ll put my money on CB.  If the guard goes under the screen, CB has shown in the Video, that he can drill the trifecta.

        In the end, I believe that he and Trey Burke will be a lethal combination once they understand the offense in which they just react to the defense instead of think about the execution of the plays.

        Just remember there is a reason why Izzo was so upset he chose Michigan that he called his father to figure out why. 

        • sane1

          I’ll say this about Brundidge, he’ll be playing on a MUCH better coached team than he did in high school and he won’t be doubled. Both should help. OTOH, he will be challenging much bigger and more athletic post players when he drives to the hoop. Looking forward to the early games to see if he can get enough PT to get a feel for what he can do at the college level.

    • maxwell’s demon

      Hasn’t McGary talked about playing at the 4? Might not be exclusively C. Regardless, some configuration of those people and we have what looks like a top 10 ball club.

      • KRN

        He might (definately offensively at least). The only concern I might have is whether or not he can guard opposing 4 men. It’s true that in the pros he would be the prototypical PF, but with the position turned into more of a hybrid wing position in the college game, he might struggle against more agile players. I haven’t seen him play though, so this might not be a concern at all.

    • KJay

      I’d see something like:
      PG: Burke  — Brundidge
      SG: Vogrich — Stauskas
      SF: Hardaway  — Robinson
      PF: McGary — Smotrycz — McLimans — Christian 
      C: Morgan — Horford — Bielfeldt

      A bigger lineup with Smotrycz, McGary and Morgan across the frontline with Hardaway and Burke in the backcourt would be intriguing and exciting.  Also, I think Stauskas could handle some PG duties along the way much like Stu has during his career, although I think Stauskas is likely a better ballhandler than Stu.

      • redman345

        this will e the line up if tim hardaway stay.
        1.trey burke-carlton brundidge
        2.tim hardaway-vog-staukaus
        3.evan smot-glen robinson
        4.jordan morgan-christian
        5.mitch mcgary-horford
        tim hardaway is  a two thats not a problem.and jordan morgan is a power forward so thats not a problem.if hes worked on his foot work and his jumper skys the limit for jordan morgan.

        to me he was the key for michigan last year…he has three more seasons.he could be dominant on this serious

  • jlkdsjf

    he’s good. better than the shizz you guys can get so you better hope he decides to play for you.