Video: Mitch McGary at 2011 Under Armour Jam Fest

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan picked up a pair of 2013 commitments in the last 48 hours in Derrick Walton and Zak Irvin but there are remaining possibilities in the class of 2012. Mitch McGary is one hopeful option that Michigan will continue to pursue in the coming weeks and months. McGary has impressed this summer and continued on his rise from top-100 player to top-5 player. He has a Michigan offer and visited Ann Arbor in June but is being pursued by a who’s who of high major programs including Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Connecticut, Maryland and Kentucky.

Michigan Prep Stars was in attendance at the 2011 Under Armour Jam Fest in Milwaukee, WI this July to watch McGary in action.

  • glad the other guys committed so soon so the coaches can focus squarely on McGary. He’s phenomenal  Would be a significant recruit for JB, a game changer, which may perhaps put um with the likes of elite programs like duke, unc, uk, at least for a few years or longer. great recruits like this can influence future prospects, so i pray he comes. even without him, things are exciting, so its almost hard to find words to describe how big it would be to get him. 

    • ddr3434

      One player is going to put UM at the level of UNC, UK, and Duke?  Really?  Um, no, and I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it anyway

      • MGoTweeter

        why do u post here?   Not knocking u or anything, but you are clearly not a UM fan.  I appreciate other teams fans that come on here and offer good information about their teams or insight into things that concern UM from a different perspective and certainly we have had several good people like that come to this site.  But you bring absolutely nothing to the table.  Every comment you have made, has been made simply to go out of your way to criticize UM.  If that is all you want to do, why not join your friends on whatever team’s site you are a fan of (im guessing MSU)?  Or are you just tired of only reading UM posts on the MSU sites?

        • ddr3434

          I’m not an MSU fan,though I have a lot of respect for that program and most of the programs in the Big Ten, including JB’s.  I’m a displaced ACC basketball fan and alum. Might have gone a bit over the line with the McGary stuff, fair point.  Probably a function of hearing a UM fan talk about it for literally eight hours a day at work.  

          • im talking talent specifically, not championships or ncaa tourney wins or anything else u want to compare. im sorry i didnt make that clear earlier. im not talking one player, either. perhaps u havent heard that two highly rated guys are coming in next year…which is why i said its exciting even w/o McGary…and thanks for having my back MGoTweeter, u understand this opportunity for UM is huge and exciting,

  • matt d

    This kid is an absolute beast. I can only imagine how good we would be with both GRIII and McGary in the fold.

  • Mattski

    Obviously a very special player. This ESPN profile gets at some of the strengths and weaknesses, from what I’ve seen in the videos:

  • RayChidy

    He’s a more athletic Christian Laettner.  6-10, handles, jumper, court sense, rebounder.

    • El T

       He’s not like Christian Laettner.  The first thing that can be pointed out about McGary is his toughness.  He’s almost a bully on the court.  At times he likes to say, “Gimme that” when he grabs a rebound or blocks a shot. 

  • umkevin

    Nice to see that our coaches (Beilein and Jordan) got the primo seats right under the basket. Also noticed Coach K sitting a couple rows behind them.

  • My goodness that kid is amazing.

    If UM can keep the momentum on the court going this season then I think going forward it looks like our talent will be higher than it’s been for a while. If we keep playing good basketball we will continue to at least be in the conversation for kids like this.