Video: Mitch McGary at 2011 Super Showcase

Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary has clearly established himself as one of the top ten class of 2012 prospects in the country. He’s impressed scouts on the summer circuit with his size, athleticism and high energy style of play. The rising senior attracted college coaches from across the country during July and has drawn offers and interest from a who’s who of high major college programs including Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland and Kentucky. John Beilein and the Michigan Wolverines have also continued to make headway in McGary’s recruitment, having recruited him since he was back at Chesterton High School in Indiana. recently posted this footage of McGary at the 2011 Super Showcase:

McGary recently visited Michigan unofficially and was featured in a lengthy Detroit News profile.

John Beilein and his staff have their work cut out for them in this recruitment but there are several connections between McGary and Michigan including former Chesterton teammate Zack Novak and current AAU teammate Glenn Robinson III. Here’s a snippet from the full article:

“It went great,” McGary said of his time in Ann Arbor. “I really like the coaches. The coaching staff was real with me and I know people that are going there and that are there now. I can trust them in their decision as to whether a coach is cool or not. I talk to (Coach Beilein) once in a while. Coach Meyer, I talk to a few times. Bacari (Alexander), he is really cool. I like LaVall Jordan. When he was previously at Iowa I talked to him there. I like him at Michigan, too.”

McGary mentions in the article that he’d like to reach a decision before the high school season starts so the next several months should be very interesting in McGary’s recruitment. McGary’s prep coach at Brewster also tweeted that Michigan has been making a strong push for McGary of late.

  • Gary

    It’s nice for once to see a highlight film that includes some defensive play, and even a couple of free throws.  You wouldn’t think those things matter in most of these videos.

  • sane1

    Couple of nice feeds to GRIII for slams. McGary is really impressive. I won’t even let myself dream about him in a Michigan uniform. We’re right there, though. Need to get him on campus for a football game in October after the PDC is done.

  • CraigP

    Roster for the 2011-2012 season is up at   Horford listed at 250 lbs!!!!

    • Flwolve

      We have 5 walkons right now.  Is there a limit to the number of walkons that you can have on the roster?  Is there a limit on the number of kids who can travel to away games?

  • kennyYe

    If both Irvin and McGary commits before Morris/Walton/Jackson, what will coaches do.
    Possibility 1: Push Hatch down to 2014 class when he comes back from the injury. I hope that he will have a speedy and full recovery, but it is not unreasonable to give him an extra year to recover. This allows the coach to continuing going after McGary if Irvin and Morris/Walton/Jackson commit before him.
    Possibility 2: They can play Stauskas at 1, not a pure PG but definitely has the handling and passing. 

    • sane1

      I think the expectation is that McLimans doesn’t get a 5th year and THJ leaves after his junior year. There’s also unexpected attrition, e.g. will Christian stick it out if he’s glued to the end of the bench this season? We will have room for Irvin, McGary and a PG.

  • Mattski

    Okay, he said after watching to the 45-second mark. Now I get it. :)

  • A few observations that I love:
    (1)  He displayed an ability to finish with both hands around the rim.   He will avoid blocked shots, draw more fouls, and provide himself with more scoring opportunities near the hoop by using these skills.  Very impressive.
    (2)  Hustle.   In one clip, he blocked a shot and immediately started sprinting down the court on offense.  Most guys kind of linger and admire their work (sometimes unwittingly, sometimes purposefully) before joining the transition offensive flow.   Again, very impressive.
    (3)  Lefty bigs are a rare and nice commodity.   They are often great shot blockers, as their dominant hand can easily harass opposing right-hand shooters. (EDIT: after watching the entire clip again, he actually blocked a lot of shot w/ his right hand!)

  • A2JD

    That was by far the most impressive video I’ve seen of McGary.  He looked a lot more fluid and upped his court awareness.  Put me on the bandwagon that this kid could be a final piece to a Final Four team in A2.