Video: Mark Donnal 2011-12 High School Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

2013 Michigan big man commitment Mark Donnal averaged 20 points per game as a junior and was named to the Ohio Division I All-State third team. Here’s a collection of highlights from Donnal’s junior season:

Additional Video:

  • goblue8

    One word…..


    • Flwolve

       He looks very good but let’s not get carried away.  By the looks of it, I’m guessing he’s playing in one of the weaker conferences in Ohio.  I think half of the highlights came with a 6 foot or under kid guarding him.  He’s got some nice skills though.

      • 1234

        His league is actually consistently solid. He went up against other big name players like Jordan Lauf and CJ Gettys and owned the court. This kid is gonna be big

        • Scott1222

          AGREED……and you’ll see his highlights in a couple of months in summer ball…maturing quite nicely…

  • Mpwilliams85

    the kid is more athletic than I realized 

  • Charlie

    agreed, and more powerful

  • Guest

    Like this guy a lot. Very skilled player who is a ideal fit in JB’s offense at 4/5 position, but would be a good stretch 5 with his shooting touch.

  • Maturing nicely.

  • Guest

    Watched a number of AW games this season. Mark is definitely talented and I’m excited to see him continue to mature. I don’t know if it’s because he was a Junior this year or it’s just his personality but he seemed very passive on the floor most of the time. I think this was a positive when Mark was put in frustrating situations and was able to maintain his composure when most everyone else wanted to strangle the refs. However, if he develops more of a killer instinct going into his senior season he could be a major force… especially when he’s so much bigger and more talented than most everyone else he’s playing against.