Scouting & Video: Mark Donnal vs. Northview

Dylan Burkhardt

Mark Donnal scored 16 points to lead Anthony Wayne to a win over Northview last week but the game was a grind. Donnal didn’t score in the first half and battled foul trouble, double teams and even triple teams for most of the game. Anthony Wayne trailed by 12 at the break before outscoring Northview by 16 in the second half to escape with the victory.

Watch footage of Donnal’s performance in the embedded media player below or find a scouting report after the jump.

It says a lot about a player when they can battle through their struggles and produce down the stretch – especially when it results in a win. That’s exactly what Donnal managed to do versus Northview in this game. His teammates force fed him the ball and although it was never perfect – like his performance against Bowling Green – eventually it was effective.

Donnal had the play of the game, grabbing a defensive rebound and taking it the length of the court by himself for an “and one” basket. The subsequent free throw gave Anthony Wayne its first lead, one that it wouldn’t relinquish for the remainder of regulation. Watching Donnal play it’s tough not to be enamored with his high level of offensive skill. He has some face up game, solid post moves and an impressive handle for a big guy.

The questions that he will have to answer at the next level begin on the defensive end of the floor. Donnal should be a game changer defensively and on the glass against smaller teams like Northview but he hasn’t had that sort of dominant presence. Part of this could be to avoid foul trouble, and Wayne’s defense certainly has an impact. For the majority of possessions, Donnal is stationed on the wing in their 2-3 zone – not the middle. If his strength, foot speed and athleticism can keep up with his offensive skill level over the next two years, Donnal should hit the ground running when he arrives in Ann Arbor.


  • maxwell’s demon

    Looks like he was literally getting tripled teamed on a lot of the post feeds.

    OT: I don’t remember anyone definitively saying if McGary will likely play 4 or 5 for us. Seems like we’ll want Smot on the floor so I would think McGary at 5. Who spots Smot when he sits though? Does McGary play both positions? Seems like a lot to ask of a freshman.

    • MGoTweeter

      I am guessing that McGary will see time at both the 4 and 5.  Really the only question will be can he guard the opposing 4 man?  If he can, then we should play both.  Ofcourse, the team could also go zone when he plays at the 4.  

      In terms of who else gets a chance at the 4, Christian should be able to contribute some there on a regular basis by next season.  We could also see Robinson get some time there against smaller teams or as a change of pace to create mismatches.  The frontcourt should be really deep next season and with the incoming guys all having some flexibility to their games, Beilein should have a lot of fun creating  lineups.  

  • Jturn14

    Should be a nice replacement for Smot. Definitely will be coming in with a better post game than Evan did.

  • storm33

    He’s got pretty smooth moves.  Seems more mobile than Smotrycz, but more of a post player.  He was getting mauled every time he touched the ball in the post though, they must’ve heard about his 36 point game last week lol.

  • sane1

    Donnal, Irving and Walton class will be very comparable to the Stauskas, McGary, GRIII class. All three will be top 75 by senior year, and possibly top 50. 

    • Major difference is that it’s more top 50-75ish kids than the top 40 (Robinson) and the top 5 (McGary). I don’t see Donnal, Irvin or Walton ending up much higher than 40 in any given ranking. 

      • A2JD

        Has Austin Hatch reclassified as a 2014 player?

        • He’s not playing this year and it’s obviously a delicate situation. There are obviously a lot of questions that have to be answered.

      • JBlair52

        Still it’s a class like this that really helps – 3 guys that are high level (top 50-75 range) and will more than likely stay 4 years in college.  A good pure PG, a skilled big, and a lenky shooter.  Sounds great to me!

        • Not saying it’s not a great class that will help. Just don’t think it’s nearly as strong as the 2012 class, especially right now.

  • Kenny

    OT: Morris played 24 minutes in preseason LAL vs LAC games, scored 11 pt on 5-9 shooting, 3 Assists, 2 TO, 3 rebound. Fisher sit out tonight but at least Morris is getting his chance. 

    • Tom, Too

      He had a very interesting first half…he did very well, he had some amazing shots at the buzzer of the quarter and at the end of the shot clock…his shot looks different.  Almost a push shot from the chin, but it was falling last night.  Crazy to see him out there running around with Kobe, Chris Paul, etc.