Video: Mark Donnal at Indiana State AAU Tournament


Michigan is recruiting Ohio big man Mark Donnal as hard as anyone in the country and the 6-foot-9 sophomore has opened some eyes this spring.

Joe Eberhardt was on hand at the Indiana State AAU Tournament and had the opportunity to see Donnal in extended action. He passed along this video, with a scouting report after the jump.

Strengths: Donnal plays with a strong motor and hustles for rebounds and 50-50 balls on both ends of the floor. The 6’9 forward also runs the floor hard, giving him opportunities for easy baskets in transition. Offensively, he can score with his back to the basket and has good footwork and moves in the low post. Donnal’s offensive game is versatile, having the ability to knock down the jump shot out to the 3-point line.

Needs Improvement: Improving his level of strength is an area that would greatly help Donnal’s game. Adding strength will help him to finish against contact, rebound and defend more effectively. Something else that Donnal can work on is not drifting out to the perimeter for extended periods of time. He’s a reliable jump shooter, but has the tendency to fall in love with the perimeter game after he knocks down a few jump shots.

Eberhardt also shared some more thoughts at Inside the Hall.

  • sane1

    Very nice shooting touch. Seems fundamentally sound. Just a pup who looks like a solid future Big 10 center once he gets into the weight room and matures physically. 

  • Mattski

    One of those man-among-boys deals but. . . you can see how they might feel he was the missing key to the puzzle. Really crashes the boards and–as Sane says–puts it in the bucket. Also sees the people around him (maybe rare in a big man like that?); that might be what I like most in terms of getting a guy for down low. I’ve always been worried they get some giant and all the nice Beileinular motion stops. 

  • Anonymous

    Terrific hands, very skilled, plays smart and can shoot.  A whole lot to like.  Really liked seeing him make that little half hook from about ten feet.  All that said, it didnt look like there was anyone on the other teams taller than 6’5.  He definitely needs to add some strength and learn to finish stronger at the rim, but he is still a very young kid. 

  • matt d

    ESPN 2012 Ranking just released – GRIII #60 & Stauskus #100, Coach B is definitely ding his job

  • Anonymous

    Hard to judge from the competition but he does seem to have a nice shot.  I would also like to see what kind of a defender he is.