Video: Mark Donnal at Adidas Invitational


Michigan commitment Mark Donnal missed the first two days of the live evaluation period, but was back on the floor in Indianapolis on Friday. The 2013 big man continues to impress develop his inside-outside game and UMHoops was on hand to see him in action on Friday:

Donnal also had time to discuss his decision to commit to Michigan and his goals for the summer in the following video interview. We have that interview, transcribed quotes and additional spring highlights after the jump.

Can you tell me what it’s been like to be back on the floor with your team this July? It’s great to be back and start playing with these guys and get ready to win a few tournaments this July.

How do you feel like you’ve progressed from April and May up until now? We’ve definitely gotten a lot better as a team, getting a feel for everybody and startp laying a lot better.

How would you describe yourself as a player? I play both inside and out. Take it inside I’ve got post moves and can also hit midrange jumpers.

What are you trying to work on this summer? My mid-range jumper, extending it out to three. Stuff like that.

With you being committed to Michigan already, does that take a little pressure off of you? It takes a little off but there’s also a lot on me because I have to live up to expectations and get a lot better so that once I get to Michigan I can be successful.

What have the coaches up there told you they like about your game? They’ve told me they like how I can shoot the ball and also play down low.

What made you pick Michigan over other schools? I was just happy with coach Beilein’s vision for me as a player.

Here are some additional highlights of Donnal from the AAU season thus far, courtesy of The Indiana Basketball Recruits:

  • Mattski

    Interesting short piece from Yahoo Sports about what Darius Morris is up against in LA. It suggests that Shannon Brown’s departure from the Lakers opens up a slot for Morris that could get him up to 30 minutes a night (!) on the floor. Suggests that if Kobe Bryant is reading the tea leaves correctly he is spending a lot of time with Darius this summer. Also notes that the loss of the NBA Summer League may hurt Darius’ and other new players’ chances, because it was in that Vegas setting that a lot of rookies as well as vets got comfortable with playing together:

    The opportunity looks like it is really there for Darius, but it looks like he will be thrown in the deep end. Exhilarating/terrifying. 

    • Brick93

      This all depends on there actually being an NBA season this year.

      • Guest

        There won’t be NBA season next year, most likely. I’d be surprised if they can get CBA signed before the season starts.

      • Mattski

        Guess there’s something of an unspoken assumption in my post, but. . . all things being equal, who knows? With a year to improve his game, Darius might have a better chance a year down the road. 

  • Df087863

    morris is the type of player that will thrive in the nba as long as his defense is reasonable………. he is as creative a passer as there is, great with the ball in his hands, makes plays and makes people better.   he will be a really good nba point guard…….he will score well enough but his vision and creativity sets him apart from just about every other rookie

  • GregGoBlue

    I am excited about Donnal’s potential. A few times in his highlight videos he displays some good wiggle and some strong moves to the basket. With some added strength and skill development, I think he has the ability to be a special player.

  • Anton

    Just realized Donnal wears the same jersey number as Grittsnogle.