Scouting & Video: Mark Donnal Scores 36 Points vs. Bowling Green

Dylan Burkhardt

2013 Michigan commitment Mark Donnal put together a monster performance against Bowling Green on Saturday. Donnal scored 36 points on just 15 shots and dominated the game for Anthony Wayne. Watch Donnal in action in the embedded media player below:

Scouting report after the jump.


Donnal was extremely efficient offensively and finished with ease from inside and out. He was matched up with Bowling Green’s Vitto Brown, a junior post with a handful of mid-major offers, and dominated the battle. His jumper was effective from mid-range all the way out to three point land and he showed off nice post moves when he got the ball on the block. He also got to the free throw line often and carried over his smooth shot while converting his freebies. His coordination, control offensively and great feet make him a tailor made fit for John Beilein’s offense.


Donnal has a deft shooting touch and advanced offensive game but he’s more of a pick-and-pop player than a face up big man. He’s not going to put the ball on the floor often and this juncture and had his fair share of turnovers. Defensively he was hard to judge as Anthony Wayne played a majority of the game in a 2-3 zone. He wasn’t a dominant shot blocking presence but did do a great job of staying out of foul trouble. He will also need to continue to be a more aggressive rebounder and pursue rebounds further out of his area.


Donnal was extremely impressive on Saturday. His offensive skill level and shooting touch are almost certain to make John Beilein drool. He has a great feel for the game offensively and knew how to establish position despite facing double teams and zone looks.

  • Mattski

    He has remained somewhat under the raider, even here. But–serious high-level promise there, no? 

  • storm33

    Wow! Very impressive game for Donnal.  He’s a finesse big man, but to play in the big ten, he will need to put on some weight.

  • Kenny

    Jordan Morgan with range? I start to like this kid and see how he fits in. Need to hit the gym, but it will be two years before he hit the campus, and we can afford red-shirt him. Will start in ’14. 

    • Jturn14

      If you’re Jordan Morgan with range, then Jordan Morgan is probably not a very good comparison anymore.

    • Offtopic_Pedant

      Given his frame and the fact that his brother was 290 coming out of HS (, I don’t think adequate size/strength is ever going to be an issue for Donnal.  But man, I had no idea that he’s this skilled.

  • SJWolv

    Wow, 13-15 from the field with minimal layups.  He was hitting jumpers from all over the court including a Dirk-esque fadeaway.  With added strength I think this kid could be a really good one.

  • MGoTweeter

    really advanced offensive game.  He seems like he might be more of a 4 than a 5 (if he had the handle), but its still way too early to make definitive statements.  Certainly needs to add some weight but that is the norm for a kid his age.  The potential is there for this kid to be a stud by the time he hits campus.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Great shooting touch. I think all the comments about him adding weight are humorous. Remember, his guy is still a young kid (16?). Let’s give him some time to grow before we harp on his need for the weight room. If he looks like this as a college sophomore we can complain.

  • mitch

    great video.  we need more of these types of clips from our recruits.  i need something to do here at  work

  • eddieben

    Reminds me of John Leuer from Wisco.  Exciting!

  • Guest

    That’s an impresive high school offensive scheme. They worked some excellent high low plays, and the ball movement was crisp. Solid high school team there that really knows how to use Donnal.

  • sane1

    Donnal is fundamentally sound. He keeps the ball high, which is something a lot of bigs never learn to do. The release point on his shot is nice and high, too, a la Kevin McHale. His shooting stroke is top notch. This kid should be top 100 by spring. He needs a little work on his footwork around the hoop, and some added strength and lift. Only a junior, he’ll be scary good when he matures physically.

    • Bluebufoon

      Wow– This kid is incredible. His jumpshot is pure and he has very good moves with his back to the basket. Again once his body fills out Donnal will be a monster. If you wanted to nit-pick he might not have ideal explosion or leaping ability but he has quick feet, he is willing to post-up and a sweet jumper. Tremendous fundamentals for a young post player, his coaches should be proud.

  • mikey_mac

    Very advanced skillset for his age. Great shooting stroke. His vertical without a running start leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Champswest

    Can Beilein pick them out early, or what?