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Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary will announce his college decision today at 5 p.m. on ESPNU but in preparation here’s a look back at the best McGary footage from the past summer. First, here’s a scouting video from the Pitt Jam Fest:

More footage from the LeBron James Skills Academy, Super Showcase, Under Armour Jam Fest, Elite 24 and more after the jump. (See also: In Depth Scouting: Mitch McGary)

2011 LeBron James Skills Academy

2010-11 Brewster Highlights

2011 Spring Highlights

2011 Super Showcase

2011 Under Armour Jam Fest

Shattered Backboard at Elite 24

2011 Under Armour Summer Jam

2010-11 Brewster Highlights (NSFW Lyrics)

Summer Highlights

  • A2JD

    I hope we all can happily look at these videos sometime after 5pm today.

    GO (The Real) BLUE, MITCH!

  • A2JD

    It’s also impressive how far he’s come along from last year.  I thought he was a lot more of a raw talent from the videos I saw in 2010 who was often out of control.  He seemed to have really improved that over the last 12 months.  
    I kind of thought he was an offensive charge waiting to happen but he’s become so much smoother and in control without losing his aggressive nature.

    If he chooses to come to A2, I’ll be very happy about it. 

     More importantly, I think he will be too.

  • John

    I have seen most of these in the past, I just re-watched them again in  anticipation! What has really stood out to me is how dominant he is on defense. I watched more offensive highlights in the past but the guy is a monster on defense as well.

  • FlickyCaps


  • A2JD

    Okay, NOW I can happily watch these!