Video: Glenn Robinson III at Under Armour Jam Fest

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan Prep Stars provided us with even more footage of 2012 Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III. This video is from the Under Armour Jam Fest in July and features Robinson playing with his SYF Players AAU squad.


  • Sven187
  • matt d

    Blue Devil Nation now reporting that Mitch McGary is a VERY STRONG Michigan lean. Hope all the reports are true, this would be a huge get for the program.!/BlueDevilNation

  • BlueRev

    Wow. And nice to see #33 teamate in action as well–gettig ready to rebound tho I can’t imagine gettig a lot of second chances the way GR3 stuffs it down so clean.

  • MattM

    I love him.

  • MGoTweeter

    amazing how easy he makes everything look.  Absolute stud

    • A2JD

      He doesn’t seem to have the all-out aggression that his dad had but he’s got a lot going for himself and does make things look effortless.

      He reminds me a bit of Paul Pierce.

    • kennyYe

      I was going to say the same thing. Very smooth and very controlled, does not force anything, stone-cold calm. He does not show swagger but is full of confidence. Absolutely love this kid. 

    • mikey_mac

      this. wow, he’s an incredibly smooth finisher at the rim.

  • JayRich

    So let me count my chickens before they hatch.  We are talking about a starting five of…

    PF- Smotz
    C- McGary

    Ummmmm…. YES PLEASE

    • Jordan Morgan, Carlton Brundidge and others too. Tough not to be a teeny bit excited about a lineup like that.

      • A2JD

        I’m not sure if the line-up would include Smot or Morgan.   Doesn’t Mitch consider himself a 4 more than a 5?

      • Dgray

        Brundidge will definitely place his stamp on this team.  These guys better bring it.  Let’s see how the competition shake things out before we render the wishful thinking Jay Rich.

    • MGoTweeter

      drool.  Plus a whole slew of other guys that will already have game experience in big time games and Stauskas.  It is weird to say considering where this team was when Beilein took over, but that team has final four talent without question.  And not to get even more excited, but looking down the road to 2013 and beyond, Beilein is taking this program to places it has not been since the fab five days (and he’s doing it without any extra assistance). 

      • Dgray

        Don’t be fooled by the recruitment.  At the end of the day, its

        b. Alexander, Laval Jordan and Meyers who are discovering these kids and establishing a relationship with them.  Although  Beilein holds the final decision, these guys are the ones who band together to tell him this guy fits the program.  This new young regime has left no stone unturn in their quest to restore the glory of Michigan basketball.  Two of the three assistance coach grew up in Michigan and remember how it was.  Beilein is a great coach, but he himself is an average recruiter—does not know how to close the deal yet.

        • kennyYe

          Agree and disagree. Coaches BA, LJ and Meyers bring a lot to the program and should take a lot of credit for recent success both on the court and in the recruiting trails, and Coach Meyer in particular with the recruitment in Indiana. But it is undeniable that Beilein does see potential of a prospect better than many of his peers, and he has good connections in New England Prep Schools, and has some of the highest respect in the basketball profession communities, which partially explains unproportional representation among current players from basketball families. More credit in the recruitment of Morgan, Morris, Hardaway, Smotryzs, Stauskas should go to Beilein than the three current assistants. And on top of these, Coach B runs the cleanest program in the country. A cheater who scores 100 is not a better recruiter than a honest person who scores 85. 

  • Bill

    Smooth as silk!

  • blucinic

    Nice highlights. Interesting to see McGary in the frame . . . whoever is shooting video gets two for the price of one, between Robinson & McGary. Speaking of the two, you would think their AAU team is unbeatable, between the two of them. I just noticed that Robinson was ranked 52 . . . for some reason, I thought he was a bit higher.