Video: Glenn Robinson III vs. Crown Point


Joe Eberhardt is an Indiana high school basketball blogger and guest contributor to UM Hoops. You can follow him on twitter at @IndyHSHoops or read his blog,

2012 Michigan commitment Glenn Robinson III had 24 points, six rebounds, three assists, and two steals in Lake Central’s loss. You can find a full scouting report, video interview, and pictures here.

  • tin mad dog

    I like to see that, at least at this level, he’s got a nice post-up game. Since he’s just a Junior, he may still get a little taller so he could be a 3/4 hybrid-type. He also seems to be a solid free-throw shooter.

    He looks like a good recruit!

  • Paul

    He seems silky smooth

    • DFORD

      Just like his Dad

  • maxwell’s demon

    Indiana went from leading at Kentucky with about 7 minutes to play to losing by 19.

    • KRN

      That’s what happens when you only make one field goal in the final 10 minutes.
      Oakland almost pulled the upset over MSU too losing by only one, 77-76.

      • AG2

        Did you *see* how many turnovers and fouls IU committed? Almost the whole team fouled out, and UK isn’t even that big. If I were an IU fan, I’d be kindof frustrated seeing my team still playing like freshmen.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with MaizeNBlueJ’s torrent? Downloaded without problem and opens fine, but after the title seems corrupted, end to end. Wondering if it’s only my machine.

  • w3

    can’t even watch the video it won’t let me download.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      You can’t watch the GR III video? Or the Utah torrent?

  • gpsimms

    well, I hope he either grows 5 inches or developes some facing the basket skills. That said he seems very smooth in the post and his stroke on his free throws looks good, so he’s probably going to develop a nice jumper…or already has one and just had an off day like joe said. thanks for the video and report.

  • tin mad dog

    You guys do a great job.

  • Brian W

    Nice video. If even though it’s a highlight reel, part of his game resembles Hardaway Jr. When he drives to the hoop, he’s in control and finishes.

    Will be great to have Glenn at U-M.