Scouting Video: Glenn Robinson III at Pitt Jam Fest

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan commitment Glenn “Trey” Robinson III helped the SYF Players to the Pitt Jam Fest 17U silver bracket championship. This 7-minute long scouting video features almost every play that Robinson was involved in during SYF’s first four games of the tournament (with a sequence of his best dunks replayed at the start).

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  • georgeesq.

    Like his work inside and the finishes. Disappointed in his shooting; based on his high school numbers, just an off day. Impressive athleticism. If he grows to a legit 6’7″ and adds some muscle, he’d be a great option at 4.

    • MHoops1

      The problem with his outside shot is easily fixable–he falls a bit backward when he shoots it. This was very evident when I saw him live a few months ago. When he learns to be in balance, he’ll be a good shooter.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I will be very surprised if he is still a 3 star by the time he graduates. He looks like top 100, if not top 75, material to me. I think he is going to be an excellent college player if he puts in the work. Very excited for him to come to UM.

    • JD

      I think he’s currently #61, just off the bubble of ESPN’s Super 60.

  • Wow the kid can really finish. He has a ton of potential. He looks like a possible All Big Ten type player down the road, especially if he grows a couple inches. He looks like his pops with that free throw stroke. Great signing for Beilein.

  • Stevie

    Glenn and Nick are going to give us a ton of versatility.

  • Ben

    STUD!!! there’s no way that this kid is a 3 star player!!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    New Max Preps 2011 top 100
    Brundidge 62, Burke 80, Bielfeldt 100

    • Kenny

      Bielfeldt at 100?!

    • detroitbry

      Burke at 80 while Brundidge is 62 is ridiculous.

      • JB…

        Burke looks awesome but I think people are becoming too quick to dismiss Brundidge. Brundidge is very legit.

        • Ben

          Amir Williams is not the 18th best player in the country…… IF we go by these rankigs, we have 3, 4 star players!!

  • detroitbry

    Still not seeing the great athlete part. He plays just like his father, a smaller version. He is going to be tough to handle when he plays with Burke and Stauskas, 3 good ballhandlers is going to be rough to defend.

    • JD

      There are some skills he has to refine but he runs the floor well and can jump higher than anyone we currently have.

    • Beast1530

      Hard to compare his father because his dad were dominant when he played for Purdue. Arguably the best player ever to play for Purdue.

      • Same thing happened when Tim Hardaway started the season here. Eventually people realize that the sons may not be the same players that their fathers were.

  • Jay W. Jensen

    Good film work. Reminds me of the The Dawg himself on some of those run-outs.

  • The Maxprep rankings is just someones opinion only detroitbry. It seems you have an issue with Carlton Brundidge. Only time will tell if the eveluator was correct. You not seeing Robinson’s athleticism reminds me of fathers who think their kids are better than they are. Robinson has positive upside. With consistent work effort and willingness to learn, Robinson will be a productive member on Michigan. Look at the one year progression of Darius Morris. The kid worked his butt off over the summer with John Wall in Los Angeles.

    • detroitbry

      I have issues with Brundidge I have issues with the undervaluing of Trey Burke. I didnt say that Robinson isnt a good athlete.

      • I am sure you issues is based on personal. This kid was the leading score in the Nike Elite Youth League last summer. All I am going to say is when the kid is motivated he is a beast. The word is out that he Went Head to head with #2 Rank Austin Rivers (Duke) (Each One teach one team) in Nike Peach Jam scored 21 to Rivers 24. Had the winning assist against Rivers to win game. Faced #28 Tony Wroten (University of Washington) and his team mate Gary Bell (Gonzaga) AAU team Seattle Rotaryand scored 53 points against them. Scored 32 against #98 Jamal Branch and the Team Texas AAU squad. Scored 32 against #36 and Duke commit Michael Gbinije and his Team Takeover AAU team. If there is anything I will agree with you is that the young man got a lot of work to do. Like you the top players had issues with him also—–how do you stop him on the big stage.

        • Blue Guy

          Pretty sure bry meant he has no issues with CB. He’s been telling us how good Brundidge is for a few years now.

        • detroitbry

          I meant I have no issues with Brundidge. As Blue guy said I’m a Carlton fan.

  • Beast1530

    If rumblings are true about GRIII have room to grow to 6’8″-6’9″, he’ll be a 4 in the next level.

    • Kenny

      6’7 is more realistic expectation but nothing is guaranteed. He likely will start off at 3 but as he gets stronger, I don’t see why Beilein is not going to play him at 4 once the current group of bigs leave in 2014.

      • Beast1530

        He’s only 16-17 year old and he’s 6’6″. His dad is 6’8″. He is still young. 6’8″ is a real possibility.

        • bluerev

          fwiw, Big Dog was listed at 6’9 coming out of HS when he rivaled CWebb as the top recruit. Probably suffered shrinkage like many recruits do tho, which causes me to think he needs to grow 2-1/2 inches to catch up to dad’s playing height–which frankly he doesn’t need to, to play 4 in JB’s system (see current 6’4 ZNovak).

          • billiam

            I don’t get all this talk about him being a 4. We won’t need a 4 when he joins the team.

            For bigs please see:

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Was it intentional not to list Smotrycz here? The most natural four on the Michigan roster?

            Horford and Morgan are almost certainly fives.

            Bielfeldt seems like a guy that could play some high post, although most haven’t seen much of him.

            Positionally Christian is more of a combo forward, similar to what many are imagining in Trey Robinson.

      • Supposedly his dad grew 2 inches after HS, GRIII being young for his grade, and from most close to him he’s still growing even now, it would be a nice suprise if he gets to 6’8 or 6’9 with his current skillset, but certainly not a shock to those close if he grows that much.

    • BlimpyBlue

      He could certainly play the 4 at that size, and he would at times. But assuming he has the ability to D up on opposing 3s, I’d like to see GRIII spend time at the 3 along side a perimeter oriented 4. That would give us a lot of length on the defensive end and hopefully create some size mismatches for GRIII on the offensive end.

  • gowolv

    bry where would you put burke in the rankings?

    • detroitbry

      If Burke were a couple of inches taller he would be consensus top 50. He can shoot, has a good midrange game, has a left hand already, drives to the rack, plays under control and dishes. I’m sorry but I refuse to see that many point guards ahead of him according the recruiting “experts”.

  • Casey, CO

    Whoever thinks he isn’t a good answer is crazy. The stroke needs a little work but he shot well during the season so I’m sure he’ll be fine. He seems to have a very good ability to finish around the rim.

    • JD

      I agree. I’ve seen other clips where his J was on.

  • MiamiWolv

    If Trey Robinson blows up, I wonder if Purdue tries to steal him away from Michigan.

    • Ben

      not going to happen.

  • Mattski

    Impressive. Had no idea the kid was this good.

    • Mattski

      P.S. I am a Brundidge believer.

      • MikeSal

        P.P.S. I am too

  • Paul

    His drives look great, his shooting not so much

  • Anton

    Trey is really turning into a stud. Great job by the coaches getting in on this one early. Are we at any risk to lose this kid or is he a big Michigan fan?

    • georgeesq.

      He’s as solid with Michigan as he can be. Never say never until signing day, but I’m not worried.

    • detroitbry

      No way he doesnt sign his LOI. He is a Wolverine all the way.

      • Anton

        Good to hear, Bry!

        With Big Dog coming into the fold what do you all think we do with a scholarship if D Morris leaves this year (or next)?