Recruiting Roundup: March 28th, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

35759_10150196877385360_623665359_13004439_5641812_n[1]Peoria High-Notre Dame Basketball
Nick Stauskas and Max Bielfeldt committed to Michigan this weekend

Last week was a busy week on the recruiting trail. 2011 big man Max Bielfeldt committed to Michigan on Friday and 2012 swing manNick Stauskas joined him on Saturday. It was also an eventful week for Michigan’s previous 2011 commitments. Both led their teams deep in their respective state tournaments but fell short of state championships. Carlton Brundidge and Southfield were knocked out in the semifinals by eventual champions Kalamazoo Central while Trey Burke was named Mr. Basketball on Wednesday before losing in the state finals to Cincinnati La Salle.

We posted more recruiting content than we normally do so here’s a recap:

More thoughts on Michigan’s future recruiting after the jump.

These commitments dramatically shift Michigan’s recruiting approach heading into AAU season. Strictly speaking, Michigan is out of scholarships for both the 2011 and 2012 classes. While this is true on paper, Darius Morris’s situations means that Michigan will likely have one more scholarship available in 2012. Morris very well could return next year, but he would be unable to “test the waters” next season and would likely plan on entering the draft after his junior season. Here’s the full scholarship table:

image_thumb[1]Here are a few assorted thoughts on recruiting going forward:

  • Michigan is in a difficult situation in regards to big men recruiting with five players at the four and five positions in one class. Adding Bielfeldt to the mix along with Glenn Robinson III who is probably a 3-4 combo and you have a tricky situation. I suspect Michigan will continue to evaluate here while keeping a keen eye 2013 big men – Jackson Lamb and Leo Edwards to start – to see how they develop. The class of 2014 is out of our scope for now, but will almost certainly have to include multiple bigs.
  • In terms of new 2012 recruiting, Michigan has options. The Michigan staff will likely cast a wide net and continue going after guys like Jordan Hare or Gary Harris that they might not have a great shot at, while continuing to evaluate new targets.
  • Despite the potential of one more available 2012 scholarship, Michigan will likely put the full court press on the class of 2013. The staff has been working steadily on 2013 prospects, mostly in Michigan and Indiana, and it will be very interesting to see which prospects earn offers. It’s still very early for 2013 prospects – Michigan hasn’t extended any offers – but here are some notes on a few names to start watching.
  • Michigan won’t extend any 2013 offers until June 15th, the date outlined by the NABC as the first time to officially to offer sophomores.
  • The strength of the in-state 2013 class is at the point guard. Derrick Walton, Monte Morris and Denzel Watts are a few of the big names in state. It’s too tough to name who’s best in this group, but it’s a safe bet that Michigan will take a point guard in that class.
  • There are also a number of wing prospects to keep a keen eye on this summer. Steven Haney, Zak Irvin, Austin Hatch and EC Matthews have all drawn significant U-M interest. Despite taking two wings in 2012, I’d expect to see several offers extended to wing players in this class.
  • Coaches aren’t allowed on the road during the spring but they will certainly have their ears to the ground. This is still an extremely early list of 2013 prospects and new targets will certainly pop up during the coming months. More importantly, the list of current recruits that we’ve identified will separate themselves for better or worse.

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  • JD

    I would guess that unless he makes a big leap in production, McLimans won’t be offered a 5th year.

  • maxwell’s demon

    In line with JD’s comment, we really don’t have a lot of scholarships to play with. If the staff banks on Morris leaving and takes another ’12 recruit then we only have one opening for ’13 unless we also bank on Hardaway leaving and/or no McLiman’s 5th year.

  • um-nyc

    I would think a similar evaluation needs to happen with Christian as well. Unless there is a significant spike in his offensive production, I would think that scholarship might be used for a prospect with a little more upside. Especially if our success continues to attract higher impact players.

    • Tweeter

      I dont see any way that Beilein cuts ties with a guy prior to him using four years. McLimans not getting a fifth year is a different story as that seems to be common practice in college basketball.

      That said, some atttrition has to be expected over the next three seasons. No idea who it will be or why they will leave, but it usually happens in every single program over a three year period.

      • Beilein’s Swish

        Beilein won’t outright cut someone SEC-style. Fifth year seniors that aren’t major contributors simply wouldn’t get the fifth year (e.g., Anthony Wright). Guys that have eligibility but aren’t seen as major contributors simply wouldn’t see time on the court and would then look to transfer or simply leave the program (e.g., Kelvin Grady and the Amaker kids that didn’t last the first year of the transition).

        Still too early to tell who can or cannot be contributors. The big jump happens between Freshman and Sophomore years, so we could see more production from Christian and McLimans. Still, I would count on some more attrition by 2012.

    • Kenny

      Not saying that he doesn’t need to improve his offensive skills, but from the very beginning, it is loud and clear that Christian is a defensive specialist. He will have his spot just being that.

      • JD

        He’s a modern day Mike Griffin!

  • billiam

    I guess this is two questions:
    1.) how much stock is put in a “verbal commit”?
    2.) When can we get Stauskas and Little Dog to sign officially?

    I only really know fb recruiting, but in FB there is really no “strength” in a verbal. I haz a scared.

    • Tweeter

      I believe the early signing period is in November. Not positive though.

      I wouldnt worry about either kid.

    • Kenny

      Most kids stick with their verbal commitment unless there are coaching changes but there are always Alex Legion and Trey Burket. So de-commitment work both ways. On the current roster, Christian once committed to Tulane but changed his mind after coaching change.

      Stauskas and Little Dog are expected to sign in November early signing period.

    • Kenny

      The strength of verbal clearly appears to be weak in football during the years of RRod, but a lot of it are associated with coaching change. I am not sure if it reflects a national trend.

    • Raoul

      The fall 2011 early signing period for basketball runs from Nov. 9 through Nov. 16.

  • Tweeter

    Interesting Q&A from with Bielfeldt. Says that the coaches have talked acout him playing the four and some five depending on how he develops. Also said that the coaches have talked about playing more with two posts next season.

    • ZRL

      From the sound of the articles it seems like the coaches are hoping other players develop enough to play Novak more at the 2 next year.

      • Beast1530

        Novak wouldn’t play the 2, he’ll play the 3 and move Hardaway to the 2 or spell Hardaway.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Novak started the year at the two. I think he would play the 2 over Hardaway. The three fits Hardaway perfectly.

    • Brian W

      Thanks for posting the Q&A link. I liked the part about his rebounding and having a nose for the ball. That’s a skill that Novak has, and Vogrich seems to be developing.

      Beilein had mentioned using two post players in the game at one time a few weeks ago at his radio show. His answer was in response to someone asking about playing Horford and Morgan together, but it probably would be more like Evan Smotrycz or Max playing along side Morgan or Horford.

  • billiam:

    1. FWIW, I feel very good about both verbals remaining solid.

    2. They can sign a letter in early November.

  • Tweeter

    per 97.1theticket: Beilein apparently advised Morris to test the waters and see where he stands. He would not advise anyone to enter the draft unless they were expected to be drafted in the first round.

  • JD

    This Mock Draft has Morris going 32nd. That’s as high as I’ve seen him projected but this mock also leaves out John Henson, who would likely be a top 15 pick so I’m not sure how up on things they really are.

    I also don’t see Derrick Williams going #1 as I think he’s closer to 6’7″ than 6’9″.

  • MH20

    From my what I understand, Draft Express is a much better resource for NBA draft mock drafts and player evaluations.
    Draft Express does not have Darius on their 2011 mock draft; he is 25th on their 2012 edition. It should also be noted that the 2011 draft was done on March 16th, and the 2012 one on March 21st.

    • MH20

      Jeez that was a ugly beginning to that post.

      • JD

        Draftexpress might have a better sense on talent evaluation but they’ve failed to update which teams are have traded their picks away. For example, the Pistons have had Toronto’s 2nd round pick for a while and traded their own 2nd rounder a couple of years ago. Also, they have the Nets & Clippers still owning their lottery picks. which were both traded away last month (Utah has the Nets pick and Cleveland has the Clippers pick).

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    We’ll have full video from Beilein’s presser with some notes from Joe soon.

    • JD

      He can’t comment on Nick (or Nik) until he’s signed, right?

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Same with Bielfeldt.

        But some good talk on Darius among other topics.

        • JD

          Cool. It’s always great to hear Beilein. He’s not a ho-hum personality.

          • JD

            I was thinking Max had signed.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Max can’t sign until the late signing period in April.

          • JD

            Ah. I thought the signing period had started.

  • KJay

    Just on the basis of 2011/2012 we could field a future starting five of Burke, Brundidge, Stauskas, Robinson and Bielfeldt. Those guys will get bigger and stronger so I’m not too worried about a few of them being a bit undersized today. That team could win a lot of games. Very excited about this program’s future.

    • Kenny

      Smotrysz, Morgan, Holford will be around for 2 more years when GRobIII and Stauskas arrive the campus. As I posted earlier, Burke, Brundidge, Stauskas, Robinson and Smotrysz would be a heck of an offensive line-up very difficult to stop.

      • KJay8

        Realize that Kenny, which is why I said “Just on the basis of 2011/2012″… I wasn’t at all forgetting the other players that will be around then.

  • JD

    It looks like regardless of who leaves early in the next year or two, Coach Beilein has set the team up to be a team that makes the Dance for the next 2 or 3 years if everyone stays healthy. That’s saying something, considering how it’s been the last 15 years.

    As for 2011-2012, I think anything less than the Sweet 16 would be a disappointment.

    Great job done by Coach Beilein as well as Coaches Alexander, Meyer & Jordan!

    • I love our assistant coaches. I think they are a huge part of this past seasons success. I hope they stick around for a couple of years.

  • I really like the 5 new additions. I see Robinson playing the 3 and not the 4. Not sure that is a huge difference in this offense. He could be a legit 6’9 by the time he ends up in AA.

    Watching the tourney games these past 4 days, we need athletic size.

    • JD

      That seems to be the final piece but I think we at least have some solid options. Due to his pedigree and that he’s still growing, I still have high hopes that Horford develops into at least a Maceo Baston-type.

      • JD

        I guess he won’t ever have the springs that Maceo had but he’s also bulkier. I think he can at least be a guy that blocks a shot or two a game, gets some stick-backs and can get 7-8 rebounds.

        • Mattski

          Horford will be all Big Ten his senior year.

        • Yeah, I like Horford and think he has some up-side. BTW Maceo’s son is a freshman at Troy High and was the 6th man. He is the spitting image of his pops. Keep an eye on him as a potential big-time recruit.

          • Justin

            Loved Maceo Baston!

  • JB… Garrick Sherman transferring from MSU, fwiw

    • Sam

      Well, there is Gary Harris’s scholarship for you.

  • Steve A

    Anything new on that 7ft 4 kid out of WV?, not sure how much talent he really has but if Darius goes pro after next season didn’t they say he might be available in 2012?

    • JD

      Do you mean the Canadian kid, Sim Bhullar?

      • Beast1530

        yeah, that’s what he mean by it. I don’t think that a big would be in the horizon for ’12 class if Morris declares for the draft. Too many bigs on the roster.

  • Bluebufoon

    I deserve to be shot for bringing this up, but wth Cuonzo Martin becoming the head coach at Tennessee and Glen Robinson living in Atlanta, UT recruitniks are already wondering whether G-III, would consider playing for his Father’s college teammate ?

    • georgeesq.

      You mean the Tennessee that we just smoked by 30 points?

  • fresh

    nobody in there right mind would decommit to go play for tennessee right now, unless of course they were literally crazy

  • ScottGoBlue

    Seems like if Morris goes pro after next season (perhaps Hardaway, too?), we would need some help at guard in the 2012 class. Gary Harris sounds like a super longshot, especially now that we don’t have a scholarship to give him (until/unless D-Mo or THJ go pro, or someone transfers). Is Sherron Dorsey-Walker our next best bet?

  • Steve A

    You all think UM will get in the mix for the best kids in Michigan now?, MSU has had that down for over a decade now, it would be nice to get the top players in the state to come to UM.