Video: Nik Stauskas at NPSAA Championships

Dylan Burkhardt

Flagrant Fouls, our favorite Canadian basketball news source, was on hand to watch Nik Stauskas at the NPSAA Championships. The event featured a variety of different American and Canadian prep schools facing off. Stauskas was very impressive and Nolan Shuman had this to say on his performance:

His offensive skill set is extremely impressive. His jump shot is as wet as anyone in the country and he proved why he was an extremely difficult cover all season at St.Mark’s. Stauskas showed off a plethora of different shots this weekend. Whether it was his one dribble pull up, his step back three, a catch and shoot, or some other prayer he threw up, it rarely touched anything but the floor on it’s way threw the rim. He’s also an extremely underrated passer and has terrific basketball IQ.

Shuman also posted this video from the event:

  • JD

    He kind of reminds me of Vogrich. Maybe it’s just the build and outside shot.

    • wayman britt

      Sstauskas is quicker and can drive better than Vogrich.

  • Much more versitile, bigger, longer then Vogrich.

    Nick puts the ball on the floor every chance he gets and has great body control when hes in the air.

    I get the feeling he’s coming to Michigan

  • FL Wolve

    I was thinking Vogrich as well although Stauskas appears to have a significantly better handle than Vogrich.

  • Stevie

    We must have him!

  • Tweeter

    That video needs more STAUSKAS!

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I like his game a lot. Definitely my #1 choice for 2012. However, he needs to work on those handles even more if he wants to drive the lane in the B1G. That dribble, especially with the left hand, needs to be lower and stronger. He’s decent going to his left, but it seems like after about three dribbles his handle gets a bit weak and he has to pick up or pass. He’s got to be able to power through a defender with one or two more dribbles and get all the way to the rack. Maybe that just comes with more strength.

    He’s a stud, though. Get him in the fold.

    • mich is boss

      i disagree. i think gary harris should be your number 1 choice for2012 that guy is outstanding. stauskas is decent tho

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        I agree, but what I meant was that Stauskus is my #1 in regard to the prospects that we have a more realistic shot at.

  • Kenny

    I see him as a bigger, longer version of Stu, play both 1 and 2.

  • Trevor

    I think one nice thing about getting a big kid capable of playing the point like Stauskas is that it would allow Burke/Brundidge to occupy more of a scorer’s role without having to match up with bigger 2s on defense. I’m guessing we’ll probably see some of that next year with either of those guys on the court with Morris.

  • Bluebufoon

    Stauskas would be perfect alongside G-III and will protect Michigan’s roster in case Darius Morris and or Hardaway go pro after next season. Stauskas is much further along than Darius Morris or Tim Hardaway were when they arrived on Michigan’s campus as freshman.

    Stauskas is the type of player Duke, Kansas and North Carolina have been stock-piling their rosters wth for years. Stauskas would play three different positions, all very well at U-M, if he pulls the trigger for Michigan. I love this kids game.