Max Bielfeldt Picks Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt


Max Bielfeldt verbally committed to the University of Michigan today during a press conference at his high school. Bielfeldt made two visits to Ann Arbor, most recently an official visit last week. He is the third commitment in Michigan’s class of 2011 and will join guards Carlton Brundidge and Trey Burke.

Bielfeldt is not ranked by Rivals and Scout and is rated 87/100 on ESPN. Bielfeldt received a handful of mid-major offers but his decision ultimately boiled down to choosing between his two Big Ten scholarship offers: Michigan and Illinois. Bielfeldt’s family has strong connections to Illinois, the athletic department administration building is named after his family, but he settled on Michigan.

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Senior Year

Bielfledt was not considered a high major prospect before his senior season due to concerns over his size and potential. He put together a remarkable senior campaign, averaging 23 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks per game, and opened the eyes of many schools looking for a post prospect late in the year. Bielfeldt was named the Illinois Class 3A All-State first team and led Peoria Notre Dame to a 28-1 final record.

Bielfeldt put up big numbers all season but the most impressive aspect of his season was that he excelled against numerous highly rated prospects.

He scored 39 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in an 82-70 loss against Gary Lew Wallace and McDonalds All American Branden Dawson:

Bielfeldt, a 6’7″ post who is having a monster junior season, gave Lew Wallace all they could handle inside as he connected on 15-19 shots from the floor. Bielfeldt scored, got fouled, or both every time he touched the ball inside.

He provided a similar performance against 6-foot-9 2012 Purdue commitment Jay Simpson, scoring 39 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

Bielfeldt, a 6’8 center, put in a great deal of work in the fall, and is now reaping the benefits. Bielfeldt dropped 15 pounds from his frame, and while remaining strong and physical inside, now has improved mobility. Bielfeldt, who typically does most of his damage in the paint, got to the free throw line 19 times against Champaign Central. Bielfeldt’s 39-point game set a new tournament record, and he also set the career rebounding record for the event with 76.

He also had 26 points and 13 rebounds versus Illinois commitment Nnanna Egwu in a 48-46 win over St. Ignatious.



Junior Highlights


Illinois Prep Bullseye:

Bielfeldt is a thick, wide-bodied post who also has the ability to face up and consistently knock down shots out to 3-point land.  He was most solid on the traveling team circuit during July while playing for the SYF Players.  There is no question that Bielfeldt is more than capable of providing an immediate impact at any of the schools recruiting him.

ESPN has a complete scouting report:

Strengths: This strong high energy power forward never takes a possession off. Bielfeldt runs the floor on a consistent basis and simply out works opposing post for easy baskets. In the low post he scores with good touch and crafty moves. Bielfeldt is a below the rim finisher that can also face and knock down mid range and open three with needed time and space. He can drive from the high post as well. Bielfeldt is a good passer and active rebounder on both ends. He could be affective in both pick and pop or role situations. Bielfeldt won’t wow you with athletic ability but will with his consistent production.

Weaknesses: Bielfeldt must work on attempting to improve his explosiveness he is an average athlete at best. And although his is strong he must continue to add strength in order to continue to hold his own in the low post.

Bottom Line: Bielfeldt is a skilled power forward that rebounds on both ends and plays with great energy and urgency on every possession. His is limited athletically but is consistently productive because of his all business approach on the floor where he simply out works opponents with passion for the game.

Bottom Line

John Beilein is methodical, cautious and secretive on the recruiting trail. He always watches a recruit in person before extending an offer and generally requires a campus visit before making that offer official. Like it or not, that’s how Beilein recruits. The second twist is that Beilein prefers to keep his recruiting philosophies relatively silent, trusting his talent evaluation over almost everyone else. One thing that’s become clear during Beilein’s tenure in Ann Arbor is that he prefers production over talent.

There’s no questioning Bielfeldt’s production, as he had one of the most impressive statistical seasons in the state of Illinois. The questions surround his height and athleticism. Bielfeldt is listed at 6-foot-8 but those that have watched him extensively tell us that 6-foot-7 is more accurate. Bielfeldt has lost weight but still has a big body that is ready to bang in the Big Ten. He appears to be an undersized five that could play some four down the road.

The one thing that Bielfeldt appears to provide that no one else on the Michigan roster does is low post scoring. He’s not the biggest guy but he’s someone that knows what to do with the ball in his hands on the block. As mentioned, Bielfeldt is the third commitment in Michigan’s 2011 class and fills the last remaining scholarship for the class. You can find a full scholarship breakdown here.

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  • oopers

    Nice get…let’s hope Beilein continues to work his magic!

  • JB…

    I think Max brings a lot to the table. Glad to have him on board.

  • grandchamp

    Max seems like a great kid. If coach B wanted him bad enough to offer him a scholarship then I am happy with having him.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    And with that, I’m off to Columbus to see Trey Burke in the state semifinals. Should have a report tonight or tomorrow morning.

    • bmorant

      See u when u get here! Thanks for the thread on Max. Welcome to Michigan MAX.

  • homeslice jones

    cool beans all up in the hood

  • UM Hoops Fan

    Welcome Max! Looking forward to cheering you on in the maize and blue.

  • CraigP

    Beilein brings in the “Killer B’s” – Burke, Brundidge and Bielfeldt. I look forward to watching them feast on the Big 10 for the next four years. Go Blue!!

    • JimC

      Oh, man don’t let Tim Doyle in here or we’ll never hear the end of that.

      • CraigP

        You’re right. He’ll add the “Butterfly” to the group of B’s.

        • Champswest

          Great, now we’ve got butterflies and bees. What kind of hive is Beilein running. Oh no, B-eilein, another B.

          • JD

            I did like “Nails” Novak. That one fits.

          • georgeesq.

            We’ve also got “Bird” McLimans.

  • Mith

    I’m happy about this. Sure, he’s no guarantee, but he could really be a solid contributor. Remember, Jordan Morgan was rated 75 on ESPN and he’s turned out to be A-OK in my book. So an 87 is nothing to sneeze at.

    • JimC

      Good point re: JoMo / 75.

      Max sounds good to me. JB seems to know what he’s doing, so gotta trust the coach.

  • Jeremy_C

    Welcome Max!!! Reminds me of Tyler Hansbrough with his jumper and the way he works nonstop!!!

    • DutchWolverine

      I agree. You beat me to the punch. Here’s hoping their careers follow a similar path.

  • JD

    Welcome to the fold, Max!

    GO BLUE!

  • Stevie

    Please prove my brother wrong Max!

  • Zok

    6’7” Novak?

    Would be nice. Says he has range to 3pt line…that and he likes to rebound. Sign him up as the backup #4 (third string till Novak leaves). I think/hope Morgan, Smot, and Horford will be further along next year than the frosh.

  • matt d

    I’d be lying to say I’m thrilled with this, but now that Max is on board, he has my full support. Welcome to the M family Max.

    Anyway, now that I’ve watched him on film 3-4 times, I break his game down like this:

    Pros: Nice shot, with good form and soft touch, understands body position and angles, great outlet passer, decent passer when the double team comes

    Cons: Obvious lack of athleticism in terms of lateral movement and jumping ability, doesn’t handle the ball well, doesn’t block/alter shots on defense, limited to one move in the post

    Overall, the best I can hope for is a Graham Brown. Personally, I just don’t think Max is athletic enough to be effective in the B10. Hopefully, Max makes me out to be a fool, I would love nothing more. However, I have serious doubts about his ceiling at the college level.

    • JD

      He did somehow average 5 blocked shots per game so maybe, while the clips didn’t show that, that’s still something he brings to the table.

      • YpsiTuckyBoy

        It’s called being 6’7″ in high school. Anyone that height in h.s. should be blocking some shots.

  • JD

    Dylan- is there any chance Larry Nance Jr. would still consider coming here as a preferred walk-on?

  • AC1997

    I didn’t like the comment “The one thing that Bielfeldt appears to provide that no one else on the Michigan roster does is low post scoring” from Dylan. Jordan Morgan showed some pertty solid post moves for a Redshirt Freshman. Yes, many of his high percentage buckets were on great feeds from Morris, but he has a nice hook shot and a developing low post game.

    That being said, it has been a while since we have had a classic back-to-the-basket player. Maurice Taylor? Juwan Howard?

    I still say “redshirt” followed by back-up center or maybe pairing him with Jon Horford. Horford can provide the D and raw athletic ability while Bielfeldt can provide the offense.

    • Kenny

      Mo Taylor mostly settles on his mid range jump shot and is a poor rebounder through his entire career. Tractor Traylor more as a back to the basketball player who happen to be less than 6’7 tall but compensate with his great footwork and strength, run the floor very well for his size, RRod would love to have him as an offensive lineman in his running offense. Max could be a poor man’s Tractor Traylor.

      • Beast1530

        Tractor Traylor is a large man and takes up space even at 6’7″. Not a good comparison. Traylor is surprisingly athletic for his size.

    • Courtney Sims was a traditional back to the basket guy, right? I agree about Taylor. When he wasn’t posterizing guys in transition or on put backs he liked to spin on the baseline and shoot fade-away jumpers.

  • Dylan

    Didn’t really mean that line to be a slight to anyone. Just saying that Max provides a different sort of offensive option than our other bigs.

  • Mattski

    Super-interesting John U. Bacon piece on the Fab Five here:

    Confirms some of my feelings regarding Steve Fisher, who may be able to coach but is (in my view) a rather feckless individual when it comes to human relations. Make sure to read responses from people like C Webb’s attorney in the comments that follow. Also, Becon’s characterization of the Fab V’s selflesness on the court is, I think, accurate and under-recognized–they WERE a team, played like one, one of the reasons I will never forgive Coach K (who said Duke beat them because Duke was a team). People saw what they wanted to see in that team; we can leave it at that.

    Also, I don’t think anyone has linked this Terry Foster piece on M bball in the wake of the Duke loss (hint: he’s super-high on the team and Beilein). What fascinated me is his characterization of Michigan’s style of play:

    “You don’t want to play Michigan because it won’t go away and nips at your heels all day. It uses a playground style of basketball, and on some nights everything clicks and on others everything flickers to a halt.”

    To me this suggest several things about hoops and–for ex.–the way teams are characterized. Because for all of Beckmann and other people’s commentary about the new UM team being a “real” team and unlike the Fab Five, they really do have that improvisational spirit of PLAY, that you only get when you reach a high level of teamwork and understanding of the game. And if things go right, and this team is depicted accurately in the press, then no one will ever shy away from Beilein or Michigan because of race or style of play. This will be a da*ned fun team to watch AND to play on.

    Detnews Foster link:’s-surprising-run-wasn’t-a-fluke–expect-more-next-season#ixzz1HeIjFX3t

    • georgeesq.

      Webber’s attorney gave him bad advice re: his grand jury testimony. Foster’s take is interesting because, IIRC, he was one of those who used to talk about Beilein not recruiting the D and running a Princeton offense that would turn players off to Michigan.

      • georgeesq.

        I should say that Webber’s attorney at the time of his grand jury testimony gave him bad advice – that wasn’t Fishman.

      • Mattski

        If that’s true about Foster, quite a turnaround. . . though (to be fair) a lot of people suddenly believe in Beilein.

  • Charlie

    Class of 2014 – Andrew Wiggins, son of former NBA player, total fit.

  • Fred_Ex

    Not thrilled with this either, however the numbers are impressive. IMO he made the right decision, in terms of how each school plays basketball. I wonder if early playing time had anything to do with his decision. Novak is gone after next year. Maybe he feels he can out perform everyone else in the hunt for minutes between Smot & Horford. The starting lineup is already set for next year so… idk

  • wayman britt

    Welcome Mr. Bielfeldt. I really like the fact that he plays hard every play. I would recommend he redshirt next year to work with BA and Sanderson, unless we have some attrition from the current squad which would open another scholarship for 2012, then he could play next year.

    Mr. Stauskas – pull the trigger now and join the rapidly rising Wolverine program.

  • Michmich

    Dylan any updates on game? Audio feed not working on iPhone for some reason

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Northland leading 21-14 midway through the first quarter. Burke scoreless but has 3 or 4 assists.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Burke picks up his third foul, a charge, with 2:39 to play in the first half.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    31-22 Northland at the half. Burke has only 2 points, 3fls, and 4-5 assists.

  • Michmich

    Not good… Looks like your bad luck still… Lol… Hopefully Burke has a better second half..

    • Michmich

      At least their winning….

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Pretty brutal game for Trey but Northland is up 10 with 1:22 to play. Just one of those days. He never found his shooting stroke. He has 11 points but a tough night.

  • Dford

    Max is a solid player with a b10 game so he will fit right in. With the team winning, you wont here me questioning Beilien’s tactics, as long as we are winning. However I would like to see him recruit and land at least 1 athletic big, maybe one of them big boys from Northland and cash in on some of this success we having… Welcome Max!!!

  • Bill

    I’m sure the work ethic, giving 100% every possession, weighed heavily in the Coach’s offer to Bielfeldt. His work in the paint looks good too. Welcome!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Final score: Northland 67 , Garfield Hts 59. Burke with 15, Lewis with 33.

    • Tweeter

      would you say that Burke struggled to find the shots he normally gets, or, that he just missed shots that he normally makes? Also, how did he look on the defensive side?

    • Kenny

      Were they guarding each other on defense? They will face up many times in next 4 years.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        At times but Trey picked up three fouls in the first half (two offensive) which meant that he played off him quite a bit in the second.

        Burke had some open looks, he was just off all game. Missed some easy ones early and then could never get going. I’ll have a full post tomorrow but for now, I’m tired.

  • Kainkitizen

    I could see Max and Jordan or Max and Evan or Max and Jon as possible 4 & 5 position players on the court together. It all depends on how well Blake and Colton improve over the summer. Welcome to Michigan, Max!!! Where does the last scholarship go to in 2012?? I think we take the best possible recruit, first come first serve!!!

    • Tweeter

      There can be only one: THE STAUSKAS

  • Anthony

    I dont like this move at all the roster is full unless belien doesnt think mcclimans can play why waste it on a low celieing player… I guess people saying well he is another novak thats fine and all, but novak is what he is he was a low celieing player, and im not saying zach is a bad player. My point is to compete for big ten championships you have to start adding elite talent to this roster. I like belien as a coach, and he did a good job at wvu he did not however come close to a big east title, and imo to win titles high ceiling players our needed

    I will root for this kid and wish him the best and hope he turns out to be a great big man, but right now i really think that belien should have saved the scholarship. I know ill probably get ripped for this, but i know if belien can develop guys like he has in the past he could definatley do it with higher ceiling players and michigan could take off.

    • Tweeter

      I am not going to rip you even though I disagree with you because I don’t know any better than you do what this kid is going to be. What I will ask you is, do you think that next year’s roster can compete for the Big Ten title? Because I absolutely believe they can. Will they win the Big Ten? No idea, but they are good enough and talented enough to do it.

      Bielfeldt may not be a guy that has elite athleticism or even above average athleticism, but I have no idea how people can look at that and conclude that his ceiling at the college level is limited. Maybe his ceiling as an NBA prospect is limited because that game is built so much off being athletic, but the college game is not. College basketball all-american teams are littered with players who no one would consider elite athletes.

      • junderground

        The roster is definitely full. I have no way of knowing if McLimans and/or Christian are on their way out (to Beilein’s knowledge) but I think deductive reasoning says that the signing of Bielfeldt strongly suggests that. Would Beilein a) want someone else who doesn’t look like an immediate impact player with everyone staying and
        b) have one less scholly for the next year?

      • Anthony

        I think they can compete for a big ten title, but right now with the roster as it stands i do not think they will win a big ten title. I think they will compete but if sullinger returns osu is the early favorite. I agree with your point about athletes, but this team to be honest is not full of athletes next season thats why i would like to add a few more athletes to this team.

        Anyways i think belien did put himself in a position though to get the best player he can with that last scholarship next season.

    • Kenny

      Novak is a glue player and basketball is a team sports. The leadership and contribution from Merritt and Lee in the successful 2008-2009 season was largely underestimated until the disappointment of the following season. If Max can provide what Novak has done in last 3 years, this is a great catch.

  • Champswest

    I guess we all have our idea of what “type” of player we would like to see in the UM uniform. However, Beilein has shown that he knows what he is doing. Maybe he has a better idea of what “type” of player he needs to make his system work. And bty type, I mean not only skill level, but also the person.

    • Tweeter

      no doubt that Beilein puts a lot of stock into what type of person these recruits are. I know another program that does that just as much if not more and they seem to have something pretty good going there down in Durham.

  • Bill

    First time I seen Bielfeldt play but he looks good. I like his agressiveness and how he looks down court as soon as he gets a rebound. A lot of energy.

    The real Bill.

  • AG2

    Oooooh snap, I totally called it: Kentucky 62 – OSU 60.

  • rlc

    It sounds to me like Bielfeldt’s upside is Jordan Morgan with a jumpshot. I’m not complaining.

  • ScottGoBlue

    I welcome Max. Not sexy, but sounds like a good fit personality-wise. A 6’8″ hustler with a jumpshot will work just fine in this offense, thank you very much. Like ric just said, “sounds like … Jordan Morgan with a jumpshot.” But I do hope we can redshirt him next year because I we don’t need another 5 next season.

    More good news: a recruit just voluntarily turned down a scholarship at Illinois to come play in Ann Arbor. The future is bright!

    I’ve seen a lot of comments about the incoming freshmen and how much playing time they’ll get. I know there’s a long off-season ahead and this is what we do with it. But for those expecting lots from the diaper-dandies, “don’t hold your breath”. It seems to me that the freshmen won’t be getting many minutes at all next year. Here’s my thought process.

    It take quite a bit of time to learn the offense and defenses Beilein plays. This year we had virtually no experience at every position, so young guys just had to learn on the job. What other choice was there? Next year will be different. I think the experience that we have coming back will drastically reduce the minutes of the incoming freshmen, which in turn will reduce their effectiveness. It’s all about their opportunities to learn our system in live competition, which will be limited: no obvious holes in the starting line-up, no Europe trip, tougher OOC schedule. I’m just talking about next year. Over the long haul, they’ll be great. But next year they’ll be doing a lot of learning and watching. Mark my words.

    Next year’s starting line-up will likely be what it was for most of this year:
    – Morris (obviously)
    – Novak (the “glue” player; will still play 4 sometimes, to the consternation of some)
    – Hardaway (he’ll be what he always hoped Manny would be)
    – Smotrycz (really came on at the end of the season, only true 4 we have)
    – Morgan (could get leaped by Horford, but he was so great this year)

    Big-minute bench players will be:
    – Douglass (mostly the 2, some 1)
    – Vogrich (surprisingly effective by the end of the season)
    – Horford (I expect a big jump from him in the next 7-8 months).

    Everyone else will be fighting for 5 minutes here and there (McLimans, Christian, Burke, Brundidge, Bielfeldt, walk-ons).

    No matter what, I’m excited. Go Blue!

    • ScottGoBlue

      A few typos above. Most are obvious what I meant, but wanted to clarify my comment about Hardaway. It should read:

      – Hardaway (he’ll be what WE always hoped Manny would be)

    • MFan15

      I see them playing more than that. Someone (Burke or Brundidge) will need to play the 1 while Morris rests. That means Stu will play less. We need true ballhandlers like Burke out there, experienced or not. In that Duke game I cringed everytime Stu brought it up the court while being guarded by Kyrie Irving.

    • A2MIKE

      disagree on burke and brundidge. I see the lineup this way.

      Starting lineup:

      D-Mo (30 min/game)—Burke (10 min/game)
      Douglass (25 min/game)—Novak (10 min/game)—CB & TB (10 min/game)
      THJ (30 min/game)—Vogrich (10 min/game)
      Novak (20 min/game)—Smot (20 min/game)
      Morgan (25 min/game)—Smot (10 min/game)—Horford (5 min/game)

      I think Burke and Brundidge probably have 20 minutes to share. I don’t see Max playing a lot. When we go big, it will be Morgan and Smot, when we go small it will be Novak and Smot, with Horford picking up some minutes in the first half. I think Jon is still a long ways off from being productive. I think he can get there, but to expect him to break in to this lineup and be a major contributor is asking a lot right now. I will be honest, I think next year’s success depends largely on two people. Trey Burke and Smotz. We need Smotz to become more consistent and develop an off the dribble/pump fake game. The other obvious need is a second ball handler, ala Burke. His ability to come in and pick up the offense will be huge. If we can get the usual off season improvement from everyone else, it should be a good season.

    • kevin

      100% agree about horford, easily has the most upside of any of the front court players.

      • junderground

        I would just like to put in my two cents in favor of Brundidge getting 17-22 minutes per game, and maybe more if he earns it. I think that having both him and Morris out there at the same time will be so dynamic–no matter who has the ball between those two, he’ll be able to drive-kick or score in the lane. If DMo gets into foul trouble, he can be replaced by Brundidge (with someone else at the point, probably Burke) as a driver and scorer. With Hardaway on the floor with either a DMo or Brundidge at all times, you always have two guys who can take it to the hole and also score from mid-range. With all three, you can really go on some runs. The elite teams have that panoply of weapons, not just one or two guys to do a particular thing.
        I’d feel truly bad for Stu if Brundidge got that many minutes (and you can forget about Vogrich) but I get the feeling Brun is going to present himself as much more dangerous than those two from the outset.
        I also think Burke, as a Mr. Basketball, may look like a better backup to DMo than Douglass, at least by mid-season.
        But maybe Douglass will average 20 per and play ahead of Burke: who knows? Who knows how Brundidge will be used next year? I’m just adding a comment to the heap of them, not claiming to have any crystal ball.

  • YES!!! Welcome Max to the Michigan family!

  • Dford

    Robert Traylor was every bit of 6’8 ,6’9 I know personally, very athletic with an underated handle for a man his size and Mo Taylor was definitely a back to the basket player with tremendous talent ( had midrange game) who was a more than reliable shot blocker( used to put Derrick Coleman stuff on the glass on a regular)! If we’re comparing Max to anyone I would say Grahm Brown with a jump shot… I’ll take it!!!

    • Kenny

      Never a big fan of Mo Taylor, selfish and soft, although very talented.

  • Gary

    Welcome Max.

    Can’t believe I watched an 18 year-old give a press conference about his college choice.

    With Sullinger promising to return, OSU will be very tough again next year.

  • Roverback

    Very glad Beilein used up the scholarship on this kid. Glad to have what he brings to the table. I definately think he needs to be redshirted though. If it benefitted Morgan to the degree of his development then this is a no brainer. The slow transition period for post players coming into high school is an age old issue.

    This would also allow Beilein’s over-abundance of scholarships in ’14 to be spred across ’15. I don’t think scholarships will carry much weight in Beilein’s decision, it’s just an extra benefit. However, if Beilein feels like he needs Beilfeldt now, I’ll buy into that mindset in a heart beat.

  • ToBlav

    Welcome Max. I think coach knows talent. Jumping out ot the gym is only one talent. Smarts, hustle, grit, production, consistancy, character and being a team mate are all important. The eye test is over rated.
    Note #2 – People keep trashing Stu’s ball handling, but we played top quality ball pressure teams and he’s taken his turn handling the ball with few turn overs. The eye test is over rated.

    • Stevie

      We need more than just not turning the ball over if we want to take it to the next level. We need someone else who can run the offense and create for others when Darius is on the bench. Stu did an admirable job playing out of position but it just seemed to take way too much of his concentration to just handle the pressure that he had a tough time running the offense. Our offense really did seem to stagnate whenever Darius was on the bench.

      • ToBlav

        Valid point, we are better off with him playing his natural position, and can use a true point guard to back up Darius. Still, Stu is (hopfully) going to be a key member of three NCAA tourney teams and deserves more respect than some give him.

        • slim

          Thats why we have Trey Burke coming in. He is a true point guard.

  • smance

    I think (Hope) Max is a poor mans Matt Costello, hopefully with some development he can neutralize him when we go up against State.

  • Kevin

    I think at this point we have to trust that JB knows what is needed here and how to get the right mix for his team. If Nance would come on board that would be great. I am sure his dad can afford it.

  • Dhubb

    I agree that horford has alot of upside. Especially now with us having better assistant coaches to develop our big’s. The job they have done with Morgan was nothing less than spectacular. If Horford develops likes this for next year this team will be very dangerous, possibly seeing a starting lineup as follows:
    Morgan at the 4
    Horford at the 5

    • TRUBLU78

      I agree with this lineup…looks good, we gotta remember Al Horford didn’t really develop until his mid soph/junior year……and look what he has become. I tend to disagree a little on struggling when Morris was out…..there were games towards the end of the year when Smot and Vog really came in and lit it up. We had some great turnaround runs when Morris went out. Morris does so much he needs some time to sit and catch his breath. I look forward to THJ developing his game to that “Manny” level. THJ has more in him than Manny did, IMHO and I think he has way more drive/heart…. You can just tell he’s so much a TEAM guy. Once Tim starts driving to the basket more often with confidence…..we will forget all about Manny. No disrespect, I LOVED watching Manny go to the rim. There were just days you could just in Crisler and see Manny didn’t want it Ya know….I haven’t seen that in Tim… GO BLUE!

      • Anthony

        You also have to remember jon is not al he will give michigan good minutes, but evan i expect to be really improved, and probably michigans third best scoring option…

    • georgeesq.

      There’s no way we’ll ever see Morgan at 4. He plays the 5 very well and doesn’t have the perimeter game or skill set to play 4 for Beilein. Horford is still a work in progress. At this point, there’s no basis for projecting him to be our starting post player next season, particularly given how well Morgan has played.


    I think Trey will earn more time than what people think. I’ll go so far as to say he will be a key piece towards the middle of the season and will be in position to hit a game winner or two. He just reminds me so much of a young Chauncy Billups, it’s uncanny!

  • Eugenecarter76

    Michigan have the next Tim Duncan