Video: Carlton Brundidge vs. Kalamazoo Central

Dylan Burkhardt

Carlton Brundidge had 14 points and seven rebounds in a 44-42 semifinal loss to Kalamazoo Central. Here is a full scouting video:

  • ZRL

    Watching the Florida-Butler game, would you say Shelvin Mack is a good comparison of the type of player Brundidge can become?

    • Beast1530

      I compare Brundidge more like a Sherron Collins type. Shelvin Mack is also a good comparison

      • Tim Kim

        Brundidge has an interesting body type…I can’t tell from these videos if he is pudgy or has a real solid build, but he definitely seems to have a more big-ten ready body than many of our other prospects have had.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          He’s strong. He used to be a lot more pudgy but seems to be in a bit better shape every time I’ve seen him in person. He is also a pretty damn good rebounder for a 6-1-ish guy.

  • Dan

    ZRL, he’s got the same compact, powerful shape, but Mack is a lights out shooter. Brundidge isn’t, at least not yet. His game instead seems to be based on penetration.

    I think he’s going to struggle to get minutes as a freshman. Vogrich looks ready to take some of Stu’s minutes, and if Burke’s D and 3 point shooting are as advertised, he’ll play a fair bit, not just spelling Morris but playing with him.

    Then, as a sophomore, Stu and Novak will be gone and Brundidge will have a chance to play.

    • Beast1530

      Don’t forget the possibility of Darius Morris leaving after his junior year. Brundidge and Burke were an important get for Michigan. They both play the G position. G may be a big need down the road and wouldn’t be surprised if Michigan ends up getting a G for ’12 class.

  • Brad

    I like that comparison…I also think of Sherron Collins

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    I struggle with these comparisons because everyone loves to compare people to some of the best college guards around. That’s not quite fair.

    • Sam

      Yeah I completely agree here. I’m not big on comparisons for exactly the same reasons, it just contributes to extremely lofty expectations. And it’s really not fair for each individual because everyone has a unique game.

    • Beast1530

      It’s about their stats. It’s more about body type and style which is why Brundidge is so similar to Collins. Both are short and well-built combo guards who can get to the hoops at will with their athleticism and strength.

  • El Capitan

    I have always thought of Brundidge as Rodney Stuckey with a better 3-pt shot.

  • Kainkitizen

    After watching the video, It appears that he loves to drive the lane and get to the free throw line. His shot selection was bad at times which means he needs to work on his ball decisions of when to drive, shoot, and pass. Coach Beilein will definitely work with him on these 3 sub-par skills. I like his speed and quickness. It looks like he’s the only one on his high school team to have game. I see him doing spot duty next year. He’ll be alright when he’s a sophomore and Stu and Zack and possible Darius is gone.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Waiting to cross a few T’s and dot a few I’s but you guys might want to stick around here for the next day or so. Some more news brewing.

  • MHoops1

    “More news brewing”–good or bad?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Good. Can’t say more right now but shouldn’t take too long.

      • aMAIZEing

        So you are saying to get text alerts from your twitter? :)

  • FL Wolve

    Regarding the good news, if I had to guess I’d say Stauskas commits. That article said that he was thinking of committing soon and if it’s between us and Iowa St, I like our chances…alot.

  • fitey

    I was at the high school state finals Friday and Saturday I have A question regarding from what i seen this weekend. The best player I have seen in quite some time Was A kid by the name of Deontea Hudson from muskegon heights kid scored 30 in semi’s and averaged nearly 30 pts a game for the year. why and how is he not being recruited best player down there. That includes Carlton brundidge, Matt Costello, Brandon Kearney, Percy Gibson Dayton university commit, Amir williams

  • Kenny

    I like his energy but his seems to rush things a lot. Beilein will teach him how to control the rhythm.

    On 2012, if Morris leaves early, we are quite thin on guard positions, only Vogrich, Burke, Brundidge. That’s why getting Stauskas, who can play both 1 and 2, be very nice. Maybe Hardaway can be moved back occasionally but then no one except Robinson can fill in the 3 position.

  • Paul

    He looks kinda crappy and a ball hog here