Video: Trey Burke Senior Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Here’s a great end of season compilation mix of Ohio Mr. Basketball, and Michigan commitment, Trey Burke. Northland will face Garfield Heights and co-Ohio Player of the Year Trey Lewis in tonight’s state semifinal. Credit goes to Ty Kish and City League Hoops for putting together this great mix.

  • Mattski

    Day-rum! We are going to have two of the country’s best ball-handlers/playmaking guards in the country on our team next year. Wonder if he moves to Ann Arbor this summer?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Incoming freshmen typically arrive in Ann Arbor in June. Trey will also be working out with his personal trainer until then.

  • MikeM

    Very nice ball-handling and shooting form. He’s a little too far below the rim while driving at this point, but he can clearly get up when he needs to, so I have to imagine this could change when the size of his competition goes up.

    • Bird

      To piggy back on this, what might we expect in terms of 3pt% out of Trey? You have to figure against taller, more athletic competition you’d see a drop from the nearly 47% he shot his senior year, but is there a metric or something out there to help predict how high school 3pt% translates to college?

  • Coach Schiano

    i think he stole that cross-over from THJ’s dad.

  • Wolverine3

    Geeeez, Put Stauskas with the group we have coming in and GR3…wow..talent level is up

  • Section 30, Row 28

    Impressive highlights. Nice ball handling – I don’t think other teams will be as interested in pressing next season when Morris is out. It will be nice to see Trey trade in the Green and White for Maize and Blue

  • BlueBulls

    I just kept waiting for one of his 3’s to hit the rim…still waiting.

  • James

    Love the highlights. He’s already a decent sized college guard. Could develop into a Jordan Taylor type guard.

  • matt d

    Wow……..this kid is impressive. Initially, I was more excited about Brundidge(still am excited) in comparison to Burke simply because I thought CB was ready to make more of an immediate impact because of the body types(CB utilizes strength and is probably at college playing weight as of right now vs. Trey who probably needs to gain 15 lbs of muscle). After watching Trey on several films posted here though, I would venture to say that Trey’s ceiling might be higher than CB’s, and I think the rankings will reflect that when they are updated in a month or so. That kid can flat out go, he has superior handles, decent jumping ability, great passing ability, has a great stroke, and good lateral movement. However, what I’m really impressed by is the ability to get into the lane and shoot the pull-up from 8-15 feet with effectiveness. How many high school kids can master that shot? This will pay huge dividends, if a player like Stu had that in his game he could easily average double digits. This kid is going to be special

  • Rob Pollard


  • IntenseBluDawg

    Great looking player. Has everything you could possibly want in a PG.

  • Justin

    He gonna be good!

  • stauent

    I like what I see. My only question (based on the video) is how many assists a game does he have? Does he involve his team or is he a score first and pass second kind of guy?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      7 per game. He does he fair share of scoring but also distributes the ball.

    • jimmy nelson

      Trey Burke led Ohio in Assist Two years in a row

  • jimmy nelson

    he led ohio in assist two years in a row