Report: Fifth year transfer Julius Mays listing Michigan among others

Dylan Burkhardt

Julius-Mays-WSU-photo-by-Tim-Darby-courtesy-of-WSU-athletics[1]CBS Sports is reporting that Wright State transfer Julius Mays has Michigan on his early list of possible destinations. Mays, a 6-foot-2 guard, originally attended North Carolina State before playing last year at Wright State where he averaged 14 points per game.

Julius Mays, a 6-foot-2 guard at Wright State who averaged 14.1 points this past season, announced he’ll go elsewhere and be able to play immediately for his final campaign.

Mays told that his initial list consists of Purdue, Michigan State, Kentucky, Cincinnati and possibly Michigan.

Mays will have one year of eligibility after his transfer and will be able to play immediately. Michigan has two scholarships remaining for the 2012-13 season.

The Wolverines’ priority in the class of 2012 continues to be Pickerington Central guard Caris LeVert (video) a 6-foot-4 guard currently visiting Ann Arbor.

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  • Matt

    So Michigan could hypothetically take both? Would they want two more shotting guards, or is Mays a PG?

    • Hypothetically, they could take both. Mays would have zero effect on future classes.

      I’m hearing that Purdue is in a great position for Mays though.

      On the other hand, Michigan is in a great position for LeVert who is on campus this afternoon.

  • ChathaM

    This is completely off topic, but with the IU-UK series apparently ending because of UK’s demand that the games be played at neutral sites, I wonder whether Michigan could jump in and offer to play UK at a series of neutral sites; say Louisville one year, and the Palace the next?

    • Big Balger

      Gr8 OT and with no more Oakland games at the Palace why not add UK!

    • A2JD

      Indiana and Kentucky used to always play in Indianapolis. I’m not sure what would be a workable midway point between A2 and Lexington. I can’t imagine Kentucky playing in Louisville.

    • LansingBlue

      I would love to add UK to the schedule but isn’t the reason Beilein didn’t extend the Oakland series because he wanted as many games to be played at home as possible?

  • mitch

    I hate this idea. I really think it is an unfair rule, and it could get out of hand. Look at Wood from MSU. He stopped going to class in January. Did he really transfer to MSU because of his course of study? What a joke. Look at Wisconsin.

  • SamGoBlue

    Give me LeVert

    • Steve2081

      I say take both if at all possible. Mays would buy LeVert and Spike a year to develop.

  • Billiam

    those who stay….oh wait, Transfer opportunity!

  • I would love to add some PG depth to next year’s roster. I’d think Mays would be able to provide valuable minutes to keep TB a little more fresh throughout the year. Dylan, is there any sort of time frame for transfer decisions?

  • salama

    Mays has hit 38.5% of his 218 3-pointers over 3 years. Couple that with 84% FT shooting and he seems to be a pretty damn good shooter.

    Had a promising Freshman year playing 28% of the minutes, an ugly sophomore year playing 46% of the time and a really solid junior year playing 78% of the time.

    Worth a one year risk, definitely. If Stauskas isn’t ready to play big minutes as a freshman, a 2 guard who can hit 40 percent of his 3’s is nothing to scoff at. Burke’s going to play 35 minutes and Hardaway and Robinson will mostly be playing at the 3 and 4 with Novak and Smot gone. Another 2 guard sounds good to me.

    As for the academic stuff, if he doesn’t think he can benefit from a year at a great university like Michigan, he’s taking his education for granted, but any college kid can do that. Brandon Wood got arrested this week and reportedly said: “Do you know who I am? I’m the best player at Michigan State! Don’t you know who I am?” His problem is that he’s clearly an idiot. When he’s playing pro ball in Europe he’ll wish he had gone to class and learned a 2nd language or some business principles. I mean, HE won’t, because, again, he’s an idiot who slaps women. But it’s not his transfer status that made him stop going to school. A university accepts money from a kid or athletic program and the kid can go to class or not, whether or not he plays ball.