Video: Caris LeVert Senior Year, Open Gym Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

2012 guard Caris LeVert is expected to visit Michigan on Thursday. The Ohio decommit has been released from his letter of intent and has taken trips to Dayton and Purdue within the last week. The 6-foot-5 guard averaged 18 points per game while leading Pickerington Central to a state championship. Michigan is thought to be in a strong position in LeVert’s recruitment – it doesn’t take much to deduct Michigan’s strong standing from his coach’s comments last week – and things could start to speed up quickly in the days to come.

Footage from Capital City Preps. Additional footage after the jump.

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  • Rob

    Hmmmm, I like this kid better then Della Valle! looks like a hardaway with much more advanced handles and moves inside the arc.

    Lack of strength and bulk is obviously going to be an issue for a year or two but I love this kid’s talent and using the 12 or 13th schollie on him. I think he looks to be worth it….

    • storm33

      yeah definitely better than Della Valle.

      • SamGoBlue

        Tough to compare to Della Valle, but I do think I’d prefer to have LeVert. He’s a long and lanky shooter that should be able to develop his handles and turn into an above-average rebounder with what appears to be pretty good athleticism in that first video.

    • DingoBlue

      I agree, looks to be worth the scholarship (though video is limited). He seems very quick and capable of handling the ball. Bulk will need to be added, but I like the idea of having a 2012 class that can play all 5 positions.

  • storm33

    Wow, I am very impressed. Definitely a big-ten caliber player, and he seems to have pretty long arms too which are always a bonus.

  • p-nickel

    Get him!!! Let”s go!!

  • A2JD

    He’s Austin Daye thin but he seems to have some skills.

  • Mr_Sledge

    I definitely like this kid’s game and wingspan. He’s got some nice handles/moves to get into the paint and get easy jump shots. I agree that he’s similar to a THJr with better handles. He would probably need a redshirt to bulk up, but I’d be excited to see him after a year in our weight/strength training program.

  • jhill

    Reminds me of a little skinnier Manny Harris…just not as developed as Manny was at that age. Jumper is basically at the same release point as Manny’s. Could be a solid D1 player if he puts in “Trey like” off season work…

    • SamGoBlue

      I don’t know that I see the Manny comparison here other than in the size. Manny got almost all his points off slashing in high school and getting to the free throw line while LeVert appears to be much more of a shooter.

  • Retiredat23

    I want him on the Wolverines; shooter/slasher with some handles who has range.

  • Quick Darshan

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they take this kid, they won’t have room for anyone else in 2013 unless someone besides Burke leaves. I like Reggie Cameron and would rather they try to lock him up early instead of waiting to see if THj, GR3 or MM declares next year.