Caris LeVert to visit Michigan next Thursday

Dylan Burkhardt

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that Caris LeVert will visit Michigan next Thursday after visiting Dayton and Purdue.

After checking out Dayton (Thursday), he’ll take an official visit to Purdue on Tuesday and an unofficial visit to Michigan next Thursday.

LeVert, the MVP of the Ohio North-South Division I-II all-star game Sunday, said he also plans to visit Xavier and maybe others and then choose a college within about a month.

“We don’t want to drag it out, but we don’t want to rush into a decision,” he said.

We covered LeVert, an Ohio decommit, in depth yesterday in a feature story with his coach, who was impressed with the Michigan staff and called LeVert “an outstanding scorer off the catch and bounce, on the move and in transition”.

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  • DingoBlue

    Does anyone have a good handle on how to properly pronounce his name? Is it just phonetic as it looks or is it more of French origin (car-ee leh-ver)?

    • mlowry3

      If my memory of the state championship game is to be believed, its pronounced CARE-iss Luh-VERT.

  • david

    Is there any video go Levert? I can’t seem to find any on UMHoops or the webs.

  • Kenny

    This is one of the interesting cases in college basketball recruiting. Matta took ADV, who was passed by Beilein in order to get LeVert, someone living in Matta’s backyard but got passed.


    • Guest

      Can only hope for a Trey Burke part duex. Both players who played well in HS and is in Matta’s backyard. Matta passed both up for a higher rated recruit (Scott and ADV). Burke and Lavert committed and decommitted and then committed to Michigan. If Lavert can make an impact similar to Burke down the road, it will be seen as a huge miss by Matta.

  • Big Balger

    ~oh Casanova
    ~he and Romeo ain’t never been friends
    ~can’t you see how much WE really love you

  • Benji Burke

    The pipeline has begun.

    • geoffclarke

      Love it! Thanks Mr. Burke.

  • kainkitizen

    He’s didn’t score 25+pts his senior year but he kinda reminds me of how Tim Hardaway Jr was coming out of Miami Florida his senior year. He could definitely be a good back-up at the 2 with being agile and good length. His arms look very long for his body size. Bring him in Coach B. I’d be happy about this decision.

  • TKWolverine

    Any significance to the fact that he is taking an official visit to Purdue and an unofficial visit to Michigan?