2013 guard Jaren Sina discusses renewed Michigan interest, Beilein visit


10668340-large[1]Michigan coaches took to the road this week as NCAA evaluation restrictions were lifted across the country. Wolverine head coach John Beilein traveled to New Jersey where he stopped in on a pair of 2013 targets. Beilein watched combo forward Reggie Cameron, a perfect fit for the four position in Michigan’s offense that we interviewed earlier this week, and he also stopped by on consensus 2013 top 100 combo guard Jaren Sina.

We first profiled Sina, an Alabama decommit, in October but the 6-foot-2 guard reported this evening that Michigan’s interest has piqued in recent weeks.

“Now that they’ve had transfers I know that some scholarships have opened, so I’ve been excited about that. I hope that we continue to build a relationship and [Beilein] can watch me more on the AAU circuit.”

Sina, who is rated as a top 100 prospect by all three major scouting services, felt that he played well in front of the Michigan head coach this afternoon and was excited to hear more from the Wolverines.

“My shot was good today, I was hitting a lot of shots and attacking the hoop. It was good for Coach Beilein to get to see me play. I knew he was going to be there, so I was really excited about that.”

Sina still touts a lengthy list of suitors and has yet to narrow down his choices, rattling off Pittsburgh, Alabama, Penn State, Northwestern, Villanova, Virginia Tech and a “long list of other Big East and ACC schools” when prompted for a list.

Emphasizing his interest in Michigan, the combo guard was cautious to see how his recruitment developed with the Wolverines. Unable to talk with Beilein after his workout due to NCAA rules, Sina was excited to hear what the Michigan head coach thought of his performance in the coming days.

“As we continue to build a relationship, I think definitely I would love to take a visit out there. Right now I don’t know how strong the interest is and that’s why I definitely want to talk to Coach Beilein [now that he] can get to know about my game. But I really like Michigan and I definitely would like to get out there for a visit too.”

Sina will play with Team Final, a Pennsylvania based AAU team, this summer on the Nike EYBL circuit beginning with an event this weekend in Minnesota. Sina won’t rush the process, noting that he would be “willing to commit at any time” but will wait until he’s ready and feels the most comfortable with a specific school.

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  • sane1

    Sounds like he might be a “run through the door to play for Michigan” type that Beilein likes.

    • Reggie Cameron was another kid that genuinely seemed to really like Michigan. His comment about great coaching and open shots equaling wins was strong.

  • GregGoBlue

    Everything I hear about Cameron says he’s a 3. Are we recruiting him as a 4?

    • Wing offensively with the size to guard fours. Classic combo forward, and a lights out shooter, makes him a great fit for the four in Michigan’s offense.

      • John Shurna

        A 6′ 7″ lights out shooter who can guard the 4 sounds fantastic. Just curious about why recruiting sites aren’t that high on him, I’m guessing non-elite athleticism?

        • Willow

          With your screenname you should know about non athletic players. Shurna was on of them.lol

      • John Shurna

        On the contrary, Sina has a relatively slow release, not great height or elevation, why are recruiting sites higher on him? (just wondering, no insult intended)

        • Michigano1

          Kid is number 1 ranked player in his class in New Jersey. Looked at his numbers from a rivals website. Scored 20ppg. Hit over 100 3″s. Assist to turnover ratio is ridiculous. 250/69. Thats 4-1. His team was ranked 3rd in state of New Jersey.

          Looks like he is a winner at all levels. Hope he comes here. They said Steve Nash was slow. Jimmer fredette as well. The kid was a soph in that video and hitting 30 footers.

          Looked at his offer list: Big East,ACC areall over him. So all of these coaches are wrong? Lets get this guy!

  • Adam

    Wow very interesting.. I would love to get another shooter on the team with Douglass and Novak gone now and Vogrich gone next year. Not to mention Hardaway and Burke could be gone next year too.. the only true “shooter” on the team will be Stauskas so this would be great

    • Cameron and Sina would certainly add some shooting firepower to the roster, that much is for sure. At pretty classic “shooting” positions in the Michigan offense too.

  • Lankownia

    Sounds like he’d be a real good fit.

  • Colby84

    If we can only take 1 in the 2013 class, is it a Combo Forward like Cameron or Combo Guard like Sina?


    This is exactly why I wanted to pass on Spike.

    • Don’t think Spike will have any sort of dramatic effect on 2013 recruiting, but that’s just me.

      • Billiam

         Seconded.  We have four guys who might go pro.
        THJ, GRIII, TB, and MM.  Yes, those are initials.

      • WEBBDOG

         I think we should have banked Spike scholarship. He wasnt needed once Trey burke returned. We Have Derrick Walton coming in 2013. We could have added either Monte Morris or Jaren Sina and Reggie Cameron

        • sane1

          What happens if Trey turns an ankle in January and has to miss two weeks? Or he gets in early foul trouble? Are you ready to give the keys to Eso for all of those minutes? Are you counting on Stauskas to be able to play a lot of PG? We need this depth. Sina will not help us next season. As a top 10 team going in with the possibility of making a real run, we need to solidify roster depth for next season. We have Walton coming in after that – and Spike will be a great resource for Walton as a freshman should Trey leave.

          • WEBBDOG

            I may be wrong but I dont see Spike fairing any better than Brundidge. And yes, keys would go to Eso or Stauskas, I think they are more or just as capable to handle the duties than Spike! And trust me Derrick Walton wont be needing Spike as a resource.

        • Jeff

          We definitely needed another PG option. I don’t want to see Trey having to play 35-40 minutes every game again.

  • Ty

    This kid has some serious range! Looks more like a two but did my research. Great ball handler and super feel for the game.

  • gobluemd16

    Looks like a smooth shooter with ridiculous range, but definitely noticed how slow his release was on most of those shots.

  • rs

    Any interest in available Tenn transfer Renaldo Woolridge?

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Not terribly impressed. Competition didn’t look to be particularly stellar, either. Don’t know what I’m missing here.

    • Art489

      One of those teams was against St. Anthonys. The national HS champios. Anthonys that year with Kyle Anderson (UCLA 2012 number 2 player in country) and Myles Mack atop 100 kid and four other 5 other d 1 prospects. The other thing is that kid was a sophomore then in that video. I watched him at Lebron camp. Very very good!

    • eddieben

       I agree.  I live in the area and the competition he regularly plays against in his division doesn’t really stack up with some of the heavyweight teams in NJ.  Perhaps his AAU team battles some tough teams and that’s where his talent really shines.  If put on the UM roster, I would suspect he would be a Matt Vogrich type minus the hustle, rebounding, and floppy hair.  Probably not much more than an 8th or 9th guy off the bench.

      • Michigan01

        Gill st. Bernards /Jaren Sina
        Record 27-4
        Notable wins: Matei Dei ranked top 10 nationally
        St. patricks top 10 in state
        Trenton Catholic top 10 in state
        St. peters Prep top 20 in state
        Lake Wales top 30 nationally(Florida)
        Bishop Verot top 20 in Florida

        Losses: Plainfield overtime top 50 nationally rival 23 in counrty
        Riverside Academy top 15 in country at city of palms
        Ely Blanche Florida by. 3

        Looks like great competetion to me.

        • eddieben

           I stand corrected.  My humblest apologies for throwing out inaccurate info.  Didn’t realize that his squad played in the prep/parochial league.  Apparently the kid comes from solid hoops genes–his dad played ball at Seton Hall and Rhode Island. 

          • Walt

            Eddie it happens. We can critic every kids game and find flaws. Ive been researching everything about this kid. And pretty much the same. His AAU team was called hoopheaven elite a pretty much no name club. They made a run i Florida super showcase . Beat teams lke Garner road,louisiana select and Memhis Ymocaa top five Nike team. So my conclusuion on this kid is that he is a winner! You need winners.

            His high school team at one point in season was ranked 13 nationally by usa today. Finished in top 50 in most polls.

            Heres the scoop on this kid- great court vision,great feel for game. Nba range that can stretch ojt defenses. Not overly athletic but quick and crafty. Changes speeds extremely well. Great ball handler.

  • Jeff

    Basically the whole Kentucky team is leaving. Reinforces to me what a bad decision Trey would have made if he left. It’s quite possible that 10 players would have been drafted ahead of him from Kentucky and North Carolina alone.

  • Sood

    He might have to call “high glass” on those layups. Other than that, looks good. Welcome, Jaren!

  • Ampgraham

    Michigan needs to recruit athletic 4’s and 5’s every year to become an elite program again. Every other position is a dime a dozen!!! Beilien is an exellent coach and evaluator of talent/potential, but can’t teach heigt or athleticism…..