Q&A: 2013 forward Reggie Cameron talks Michigan, recruiting

Dylan Burkhardt

Reggie Cameron-XMichigan has been keeping a close eye on combo forward Reggie Cameron, a 2013 prospect from Hudson Catholic (NJ). Cameron has already impressed scouts, including ESPN’s Dave Telep, this spring at the New Jersey Spring Fling and appears poised for a strong AAU season. Cameron has been hearing from Michigan since the middle of his high school season and has been discussing the possibility of both a visit and potential scholarship offer with Michigan head coach John Beilein. UM Hoops caught up with Cameron on Sunday night to discuss his game, recruitment, Michigan and more.

On his game: ”My strength is definitely my jump shot. I pretty much can shoot it from anywhere on the court. I like to think of myself as a guy with a high IQ because I’m not crazy athletic and have to use my length – being almost 6-foot-8 – I just have to outsmart people.”

On what he’s trying to improve: “Definitely my quickness because on the offensive end. I play the small forward position on offense and I guard the power forward position. I’m trying to move my feet better so that I can guard the three and become a true legitimate small forward at the college level.”

On his high school season: “It went well. We finished 25-3. We lost to the eventual state champion in St. Anthony’s, they went undefeated, it was definitely a good season. Our whole starting five is coming back so we should be the favorites next year.”

On the schools showing recruiting interest: “Michigan, Seton Hall, Florida, Miami, DePaul, Cincinnati, Xavier, Rutgers, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Clemson, Providence, Villanova and a couple of other places. “

On scholarship offers: “Florida, Miami, Northwestern, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Villanova, Xavier, Cincinnati, DePaul, Providence — and I think Michigan will pretty soon.”

On when Michigan started recruiting him: “They started recruiting me toward the end of my high school season. I talked to Coach Beilein a couple of times. He’s a great guy and they are recruiting me really hard.”

On whether Michigan has watched him play: “Yes, they came to a couple of my practices during the season.”

On who he talks to at Michigan: “I’ve talked to John Beilein the most. He wants me to get on campus and check it out and he’s telling me how Michigan isn’t just a great basketball school – the academics are second to none – and he thinks that I’ll like it and be a perfect fit there.”

On a potential visit: “I’m definitely considering visiting Michigan and probably will.”

On what he knows about Michigan and their offense: “I know a lot about Michigan. They spread the floor a lot and their shooters get a lot of open shots. They play smart and they play together, obviously they are well coached so all of that put together equals wins. ”

On whether school stands out: “I’m still wide open. My high school season just ended and I haven’t put a lot of thought into it yet.”

On what he’s looking for in a school: “Just a place where I think that I’ll feel comfortable. A place that can improve me individually as a player and where I can win.”

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  • JTedesco5000

    Sound like a smart kid

  • section13row15

    I’ve never seen him play but you can’t teach 6’8″ with a jump shot. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders too.

  • MGoTweeter

    for those interested there are a lot of Hudson Catholic games on youtube.  I watched a couple quarters of games and the highlights from their loss to St. Anthony’s.  Here is my breakdown on him based off that incredibly small sample size.

    Definitely has good size and length.  Has a very good release on his shot but does not get great elevation on it and does not extend his release very high.  Very similar to Smotrycz in that regard.  Decent ball handling skills but does not look like a guy that can create his own facing up that well.  However, he does show some nice ability to post up and even made a little half hook in one game.  

    Seems like a very team oriented player; he is not out there trying to jack up shots just because he can.  That said, he is passive.  Several times he should have demanded the ball in the post or post-extended against defenders that appeared to be giving up 6+ inches.  He also had a tendency to float in between the post and the perimeter.  

    Has a good body with a frame that looks like it can be built up a good deal in a college weight program.  Just a so-so athlete from what I saw.  Does do a good job of boxing out and actually looking for players to get box outs on.  Does not have great lateral quickness and probably should be blocking more shots with his body.  Would also like to see him be a little tougher in terms of moving smaller players around.   

    He reminds me quite a bit of Austin Daye and while not as tall as Daye, I think his body has a much better frame.  I think he probably projects to a four at the college level and would have to get a lot quicker to make a move to the three.  Definitely would fit in with the Michigan offense, but he is not ready to defend at either the four or three at the college level.  There is a lot of potential there though.  With his skill set and frame, he is the type of player that could really blow up over the next year.  He already has a lot of quality offers, so obviously there is something there.  

    The four spot is going to be a huge recruiting need for Michigan in 2013 or 2014 and he is guy that has the potential to fill a definite role there.

    • Kenny

      kid will be redshirt. The huge need of 2013 is a 2 to back up stauskas. Unless both Mitch and GRIII leave after a year, 4 is not a huge need. 

      • MGoTweeter

        I disagree.  I think 4 is a much bigger need than 2, even in 2013.  While Stauskas may be the only natural 2 in all our minds, Michigan will also have Robinson (who I think is better suited to get minutes at the 2 than he is the 4), Irvin (who is definitely a 3, but could play some 2), Albrecht and Walton.  That is 5 guys who you could throw out there.  

        At the 4, its only McGary (if he stays around, which I think he will at least for 2013), Bielfeldt and Tummala.  That last two we have no idea what to expect from and one of them is a walkon.  

        Plus for 2014, there is a chance that McGary and Robinson are gone.  Leaving the only front court players with experience as Bielfeldt and Donnal.  I would much rather them add a nice 4 next year, then look to grab a big time 2/wing in 2014.

        • Kenny

          1. GRIII is a forward not a guard, Irvin can play some 2 but his best fit is 3. 
          2. If his medical redshirt get granted, Horford will still be around at 2014. 

        • sane1

          Tummala is not a 4. He’s a 3 all the way, a 6’6″ string bean. I’d see GRIII as a lot more likely to get minutes at 4 than 2. Cameron doesn’t appear to be a 2, either. 3 or 4 depending on how he matures. 

  • Jty

    Currently this guy is listed as a two star recruit.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Billy Donovan has a great track record when it comes to recruiting 4’s. It seems that Donovan, almost every year, has a player at that position that would fit perfect in Beilein’s offense.

  • NJBlue

    I hope he doesn’t go to Michigan. I couldn’t stand a kid from Hudson Catholic going to Michigan.

  • Jaysmith1114

    Bo Zeigler has no offer yet and this kid might get one something ain’t right.

    • sane1

      With GRIII, Irvin and Stauskas in this class and the next, they don’t really need another 6’5-6″ wing. A 6’8″ stretch 4 is something we don’t have yet. Cameron is an up and comer. The coaches like him.