2013 Intro: Jaren Sina


imageJaren Sina is a 6-foot-2, 175 pound guard out of Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone, NJ. He recently decommitted from Alabama and now garners offers from several Big East, ACC and Big Ten schools. Michigan has also recently gotten into the recruiting process, and Sina is emphasized that he’s very interested in the Wolverines. I caught up with the sharp-shooter last night to discuss his recruitment.

For those who haven’t seen you play, can you describe your game? I’m more of a point guard, a floor general. I lead my team. I feel like I have a great ability to score. I’m a very good 3-point shooter, and I’m good at getting into the lane. I’m a good leader.

Biggest strength? Probably would be my mid-range game. I’m a shooter and then obviously just getting into the lanes, shooting off the dribble. My range is pretty good too. So I would say shooting is my biggest strange.

Are you planning on sticking with playing point guard in college also? Yes.

You recently decommitted to Alabama — can you just talk a little bit about that and talk about where your recruiting process is now? With Alabama, I had a great relationship with the coaches, but I just wanted to make sure I made the right choice. I was able to get some other options, so I just wanted to go through the process again. It’s been a little crazy, but I’ve been in contact with a lot of ACC, Big East and some Big Ten schools.

Which schools have you been in contact with the most recently? I just took a visit to Penn State. I got an offer from Miami last week, I’ve spoken to Villanova, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Kansas, Virginia, Florida State, Syracuse, obviously still Alabama.

Which schools have offered you a scholarship? I have offers from Seton Hall, St. John’s, Rutgers, Penn State, Miami, Cincinnatti, Alabama and I don’t know if I’m leaving any others out. A lot of the Big East and ACC schools.

Have you visited those schools? No, I committed to Alabama so early—I wanted to have this opportunity now to be able to go through the process longer and just be able to take some of these visits and get a better look at some of these schools.

Have you been in contact with the Michigan coaches? My dad (and coach) has.  He’s spoken with Coach Beilein a couple times. I still have to get back to them, but yeah Michigan…I’m really interested in Michigan.

What is it about Michigan that you like?  I’ve always been a fan of Coach Beilein. I actually know his son (Patrick) too. I’ve always been a fan, even when he was at West Virginia. I think he’s a great coach and I love his system. I love the way he plays, and I’d love to be recruited by him.

And how do you know his son? His son (Patrick) was actually an assistant coach at Dartmouth. He might’ve been a grad assistant or something like that, but I met him and he was a really cool guy, and he told me a lot about his dad. This is when I was actually committed to Alabama when I started this relationship with him. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Are you planning on visiting Michigan? I just have to continue to go through the process. I really have to get more in contact with the coaches. My dad has been in contact with Coach Beilein, but I’d definitely be interested if it’s an option to come visit.

What do you know about Michigan in general? I have a very obviously broad view, but I definitely like the option to learn more about it, and obviously take that visit and learn more about the school.

Is there any college or pro player that people tend to compare you to? A lot of people compare to me to (former Duke point guard) Bobby Hurley. Also (former Maryland point guard) Steve Blake, I’ve gotten a lot of different players.

Once you get closer to making a decision, what is some of the main criteria that you’re going to look for in a school? Location isn’t a factor. If the school has a great academic reputation, and somewhere I think I’d fit in the offense and I’d be most comfortable playing for four years. So I’m really looking at the offense structure and stuff like that.

Any idea when you’ll make the decision? I really have no idea. I’m just gonna take my visits. Whichever school I feel is best and when I know the time is right I think I’ll make that choice.

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  • Colby84

    Dylan, why would the staff be looking at another PG in the 13 class with Walton already committed?

    • I think it’s a case of keeping all options open and Sina is known for his shooting ability which would be the biggest thing he’d add to the mix.

      It’s not like he’s been offered or visited yet. He feels like he’d be a good fit and both parties have sent some feelers out. Leave no stone unturned. 

      • Rusty Hall

        Sina is going to UVA…… Done deal

  • mitch

    Seems like an odd fit for Alabama

    • Ttown Dick

      From a Bama fan looking for info on Sina – Not a not an odd fit if he plays defense FIRST! Otherwise, he needs to go somewhere else and Anthony Grant’s not gonna take him. We do need a backup/ replacement pg for soph Trevor Releford.
      And the future at ‘Bama? This year one Sr, one Jr. on the team added to a top 5 recruiting class that needs a shooter to go with the best D in the country south of Madison.
      If he needs anything else – we get 2-3 days of snow per year here and the co-eds put the parkas away early for teeshirts and shorts.

      RTR – beat the Hoyas!

  • section13row15

    Plus in Beilein’s offense, Sina could be called upon to play the one or two guard especially with his shooting ability. If Hatch isn’t able to play basketball again, then we just lost our only true shooter from that class.

    • Kenny

      exactly what I think. We need a sharp shooter in the class if it is not Hatch.

  • Mattski

    On another note, Michigan’s hoops graduation record is bad, up 7% since 2003, but still bad: 
    http://www.detnews.com/article/20111026/SPORTS0203/110260358/1131/State-s-college-teams-fail-to-impress-in-classroomHave you written about this in the past, Dylan? I know that with few players basketball squads face a number of challenges–Darius left without graduating, etc. And I have no doubt that John Beilein is very anxious to get his players educated. But I would love some additional perspective about this. Also thanks for the reply about finding games on the internet; I had also forgotten that this site had live blogs last year, and if that continues we can supply them to people checking in.

    • No I haven’t much. I just skimmed the article but the data comes from a period between coaching staffs. There was a lot of transition between Beilein and Amaker. Price, K’Len, Baker, Ekpe, there were a significant number of transfers.

      Manny and Darius both left early so I assume that hurts the numbers but I know Sims  graduated and as far as I know most others on the team are on pace to graduate and that we have a pair of kids in the business school (Novak and Vogrich).

    • Kenny

      Grady graduated too, right? Do they count him towards basketball program or football or both? How do they count Cronin?

      looking at the numbers only without looking at how they counted and the reasons behind each transfer makes no sense.

      • Grady is still in school. I suspect Michigan’s numbers will increase steadily over the next couple years. 

        • Kenny

          Did he get his BA last year? Many are in graduate schools for their fifth year.

          • SamGoBlue

            You are correct, Kelvin Grady graduated from undergrad and is now in graduate school here at Michigan. I couldn’t tell you if it means anything for the basketball program’s APR, but Grady did graduate.

          • That still doesn’t affect the numbers in question at this point, but should contribute to them improving going forward as well.

      • Mattski

        Yes, although that’s what both the Freep and DetNews do in the articles in question. 

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    FYI, 4-star 6’9″ PF Brice Johnson just picked UNC, making him the 4th member of UNC’s class. Not sure if they have any spots left now, so that might impact McGary’s decision (although I’m willing to bet that Roy Williams would ‘find a spot’ if McGary came calling).

    • Kenny

      It is between Blue and Blue Devils all the way.

      • ???

        Is McGary’s time frame for committing no longer the end of October?

    • Huey3434

      UNC will likely lose multiple early entry playera after this season. Doubt a scholly will be an issue if McGary wants to be there. Trail has gone very cold but prevailing sentiment remains that it is Michigan or Duke.

  • A2JD

    He looks like he’s 30.  Check that kid’s ID!

  • Guest


    I don’t want to be picky but Gill St. Bernard’s is in Gladstone, NJ (class of ’07).

    Our basketball program produced a D1 athlete every few years but never one ranked this high… Granted our program has gotten better since I graduated.  I just think it would be great to find a player from my HS at Michigan.

    • Fair, apparently Kevin and I need to improve our New Jersey geography knowledge. Post updated.

      • Guest

        To be fair many people in NJ dont even know where it is.  I guess that is what happens when your graduating class is 44 people.

  • This guy really looks like he could play the straight face in a USA crime comedy-drama.

  • gpsimms

    some ‘be like dang’ pictures of crisler renovations up on mgoblog. 

    • Mattski

      Yes, much as I loved the look of the new player center, it seemed to stick out like a sore (albeit very pretty) thumb. Now I can see that the adds will be right in keeping. 

  • ASquared

    Just ran across Jordan Morgan walking into West Quad. Dude is not only huge, but was covered in ice packs. 2 on each knee and one on his shoulders. Practice must be getting intense already. Can’t wait!

  • kainkitizen

    I took a look at to see how recruiting scouts have him compared to others.  He’s in the middle of the top point guards.  he’s in the top 20. 

  • The Yooper

    Everybody knows the true Gladstone is in the Upper Peninsula. Silly New Jersey people…

  • Kyeblue

    did a bit internet search on the guy. Rivals and Scout have him and Derrick Walton dead even. ESPN has him at #44 overall with a grade of 95 and four stars. Walton has a grade of 91 and 3 stars. 

    ESPN says this on Sina:
    Sina is a super skilled guard with a lethal jump shot. He has an effortless stroke that is virtually automatic when in rhythm from anywhere inside of 25 feet, is equally effective shooting off the catch or the dribble, and can also make tough contested shots late in the … (inside stuff)

    and this on Walton
    Walton is a true point guard that has an excellent feel for the game. He has a tight handle and pushes the ball up the floor on makes or misses. He does a great job of keeping pressure on the defense especially on the break. Walton plays with great pace … (insider stuff)

    My guess is that if both are on the floor, Walton will be 1 and Sina be the 2, although Sina will have his fair share of the ball. 

    Sina’s highlight

    • on the streets

      if anyone hasnt paid attention walton is knocking the jumper from 25 feet was there at there open run on a regular kid looks good

  • Stasselin

    Look at this Sina kid, he looks like a 19 yr old Sly Stallone, let hope he doesn’t measure at 5ft 8 like Sly & the only reason he lists at 6ft 2 is because he wears those 6 inch boots Sly wears!  First time he hits a game winning shot, “Yo Beilein, I DID IT!”

  • Billiam

    JayJayEspn Tweeted that Mitch is gonna share some news on his ESPN blog tomorrow.  UNC also just picked up a forward not named Mitch.  This is trending well.

  • matt d

    Per Mitch himself, he’s making a decision next week, but plans to update his ESPN blog prior to the decision


  • Rusty Hall

    Sina kid going to Virginia…..Done deal