Recruiting Notebook: All-Star Events, Spike Albrecht, more

Dylan Burkhardt
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Zak Irvin Named to Indiana “Core” Junior All-Star Team

Irvin, a 2013 Michigan commit, was named the presitigious six man “core” Indiana junior all-star team. The “core” squad plays in both highly publicized scrimmages against the Indiana senior team that will eventually face off against Kentucky.

While discussing All-Star snub of Purdue-bound Bryson Scott, the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep noted that he feels Irvin is one of the top two juniors in the Hoosier state:

My first thought: He should have made it. Six players are named to the core team and it’s pretty clear in my mind that’s he’s one of the six best players in the junior class. I’d rate him or Hamilton Southeastern’s Zak Irvin as the top in-state prospect currently in the 2013 class. Plus, Scott has led his team to the regional each of the last two years and he averaged more than 25 points a game as a sophomore.

The dates of the scrimmages have yet to be announced but a strong performance in both events could be the launch pad for a 2013 Mr. Basketball campaign for the Hamilton Southeastern wing guard.

Spike Albrecht on the Radar

spike-albrecht1_thumb[1]Another potential guard option is Spike Albrecht. Albrecht is an Indiana native who played his high school ball at Crown Point, and AAU ball with SYF, before transferring for a prep school year at Northfield Mount Hermon. He averaged nine points and seven assists per game in the prestigious NEPSAC AAA league this season.

ESPN was impressed earlier this March as Albrecht led NMH to the NEPSAC AAA Championship and eventually earned MVP:

Albrecht showed great resiliency and endurance, playing all 40 minutes of an incredibly hard fought AAA final and serving as the team’s primary ballhandler from start to finish. He was at his best down the stretch, knocking down a deep 3-pointer and two clutch free throws in the game’s final 30 seconds. Albrecht is a cerebral point guard who is super crafty inside and is especially adept at keeping his dribble.

Here’s some footage of Albrecht from his prep and senior seasons:

Prep (2012)

Senior (2011)

7HAWuIfa[1]Derrick Walton to play for Team USA in Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Germany

Nick Baumgardner first reported that Derrick Walton will be playing in Germany from April 7th through April 14th as part of the Albert Schweitzer Tournament. Walton will be playing alongside former Lansing native and Michigan Mustangs teammate, Steven Haney, as well as Indiana bound Colin Hartman among oithers.

The full Team USA roster can be found here.

Dominic Woodson Highlights

Dominic Woodson is one name that has been on Michigan’s 2013 radar throughout the prep season and the Texas transplant is already producing back home in Texas on the AAU circuit. Woodson will play with Texas Pro in the EYBL and the Ray Jackson Shooting Stars in other AAU action. Here’s footage of the 6-foot-9 255 pound big man in action:

  • AC1997

    Spike is the guy I want for next year for sure.  Not that I wouldn’t mind Della Valle, but I think Spike is the perfect fit for what we need.  Why?
    — True PG
    — Pass-first guy that can hit a 3 now and then and otherwise be a facilitator
    — Someone hungry for a big Div-1 offer
    — He’s played with many of our players in AAU
    — He’s a leader for his teams and plays a ton of minutes
    — He’s a likely 4-year guy who will be content playing 10 minutes per game initially and has a chance to turn into a solid rotation guy as an upper classman

    To me he’s a lot like Novak and Douglas – and you need those guys on the lower half of your bench to mix in with your highly touted recruits.  These guys are the glue that keep your program together and I think he’s a perfect fit. 

    Della Valle would be a nice piece too, but he’s a combo guard and not a true point.  That means he won’t be as likely to contribute at the PG position right away and there’s a risk that he gets lots in the shuffle with other guards/wings coming in and on the roster.  I’d like to have him, but I’d much rather have a hard working true PG that can handle the ball really well. 

    Travis Trice at MSU is a good example.  He was a 5’11” three star who came into a team with Appling entrenched, Wood for a year, and Valentine coming next year.  Yet he averaged 17 minutes per game, a solid A/TO ratio, and a decent 3pt%.  He’ll be there four years as a rotational player doing the little things to help their stars succeed.  To me, Spike is that type of guy.

    • mbball

      I think Amadeo is significantly quicker than Albrecht and 6’5″ rather than 5’11”, those are huge advantages. 
      Reliable sources say he’s a very capable pg.  We have no reason to infer that Albrecht has the intangibles and work ethic of stu and zack more than Amadeo. either way, i trust our coaching staff.

      • Bluebufoon

        I love Ray Lee’s game but I don’t think he is viable for U-M. If Burke leaves, which I hope he doesn’t, but if he does, then there is room and a need for both Amadeo and Albrecht. If Burke returns, does Beilein still take both  ?
        I say why not ? Offensively, Spike will be fine, because of his ability to use other hand, my biggest concern is can he become adequate defensively ? Amadeo is fun to watch and he is a perfect match for Beilein’s system. Beating Sean Miller and Arizona in recruiting, will be difficult, so watching Amadeo’s recruiting play out will be fun.

  • dustindbo

    If we’re in need of a point guard (which we are) we should make Albrecht a priority. After watching the highlights, this kid can flat out handle the basketball. It seems like Della Valle is more of a 2 guard, which is fine, but our focus should be on getting a point guard first.

  • Jaysmith1114

    I’ sorry I would not offer him it would a bad offer like Coltan and Blake no no no.

  • sp1ms

    Love Spike, but he doesn’t have what Zack and Stu had, which is any type of size.  Have a feeling Spike would be overwhelmed by the size and speed of B1G opposition.

    • AC1997

      Fair point about his size…..but he’s the same size as Burke or Trice. 

      • John

         No where near as athletic though, which makes up for the size problem

  • AC1997

    I trust our coaching staff to make the right selections.  And I guess I should clarify – what I think we NEED and what I WANT is a true PG for next year.  Given that we will hopefully have Burke and will have Walton next year, I’m looking for a PG who is a developmental prospect who will fill many of the traits I described below.  (good ball handler, hard worker, adequate shooter, content to be a role player, etc.) 

    From the available options, Spike seems like the best choice based on very little data.  There may be a dozen guys like him out there or he may not have the intangibles we’re looking for.  But I would still put a much higher priority on a true PG than a combo guard that MIGHT be able to play PG.

    There is definitely a fine line with these end of the bench guys, I agree.  Christian was a bad choice because he has no position.  He’s not big enough to give you any real defense/fouls in the post, he’s not small enough to be an extra ball handler, and he can’t shoot well enough to be a spark off the bench.  I think McLimans is a better example of a nice end-of-bench guy.  Sure, he’s mostly overmatched at this level, but at 6’11” he’s been able to contribute in a limited role (10 mpg) when we need him to.  He didn’t develop much and got passed by other guys, but he’s still a valuable person to have around.  Heck, he might even get a shot at some PF minutes next year with Smotrycz leaving. 

    Again, you’re looking for Travis Trice or maybe David Merritt/CJ Lee.  Is Spike that guy?  Who knows.  But I like that TYPE of player more than a combo guard for the short term needs we have.

  • Quaint06

    I don’t think we need to choose between Albrecht and De Valle. If we–and this, I think, is all still very hypothetical–sign both of them, we’d be one over the limit going into ’13-14. But Trey will definitely be gone by then and we’ll probably lose THJ by then too.  So we’d be fine. It’s hard to say how much of a contributor Albrecht would be, and there’s no way to tell when some h.s. sharpshooter is going to turn into a 29-percenter in college, but I would say we could either sign him if we don’t have any other true point prospects for ’12-’13 and have a player who may or may not develop into anything special, or save the scholly and if Trey goes, rough it with walk-ons/two-guards put into the point spot.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Amedeo all day over this kid imo.

  • ButterThief

    Woodson’s put on good size compared to older videos i’ve seen

    Would love to see this kid come to Michigan.

    Especially if McGary comes in next season prepared to establish himself as the premier B1G man. I’d be upset if we leave ourselves vulnerable if Mitch decides move onto the next level after 1 year.

    If Mitch comes back for year 2, we’ll have a great 1-2 punch down low (plus i have a gut feeling mitch is gonna tend to shy away from playing physical down-low…that’s where dominic can excel) .
    All of a sudden all those sharp shooters will be knocking down wide open looks. If they miss, we have the proper big men with good hands and distinguishing footwork to clean up the boards.

    Being realistic, I doubt Woodson would pick Michigan. Let’s be honest, he’s got pro-potential (*size and fitness). Not many of those caliber athletes want to come here. Also, Izzo has a better track record developing this type of baller. I’d hedge my bets that he’d beat us in this recruiting war.

    As per the Ray Jackson x-factor…I’d have to see it to believe it

    • A2JD

      What NBA big has Izzo developed since Zack Randolph, (who only stayed one year)?  Paul Davis was rated very high and I have no idea where he’s playing now.  Nix may be journeyman material and he was rated #69.  I don’t see any proof of Izzo having a better track record than Coach Beilein.

      • GrandChamp

        I was wondering the same thing. lol 

      • MSU Fan

        That’s been a bit knock on Izzo by ppl recruiting against him. That he can’t develop bigs and MSU is a guard school. I don’t know much about Beilein and his year’s at WVU so I have no clue how they compare.

        However, Nix and Payne with a good offseason have a chance to make noise next year.

        As for Paul Davis, he came in as a consensus top 10 (top 5?) recruit and left as one of the best post players in MSU history. His numbers and defense got better every year. The exception being his junior year when guys like Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown, Drew Neitzel were running the floor. In the pro’s it can be a crapshoot, but he definitely developed at the college level.

        I’m actually a little surprised Izzo is recruiting Woodson. I think it may be one of the only players he’s been involved with that attended a prep school. Even then, Woodson started at prep school after Izzo got involved, so I’m not really too sure just how serious that recruitment is.

        On another note, I’m pretty jealous you guys got Zak Irvin. That kid can play. He’s gonna be a very impressive player at UM.

  • John

    Dominic Woodson can really move well  for a big man.

  • Wayman Britt

    Based on very limited knowledge, I would pick Spike over Amedeo.  We need a point guard.  Amedeo looks like a classic 2.  We have lots of shooters coming in the next two years.  UM needs a dribbler, defender and passer.

    But, I bet there are other PG’s Beilein is looking at besides these two.  It will be interesting to learn what other names pop up.

    • I guess I’m looking at a different scenario than the rear of you. If Burke returns, Michigan needs a combo. Someone that can play mostly two and 5-10 mins of PG. Della Valle is that guy.

      If Burke declares then I think you need both.

      • FLiPCiTyBLuE

        Your comments are music to my ears, Dylan.

        My opinion after being introduced to Spike on THIS site(thank you) 
        He throws a nice lob and is a true master of the reverse lay up, Spike can shoot it too along with having a firm handle on the ball. His over-all size and game compare favorably to Burke. So he’s a nice fit if Burke were to leave but in my heart of hearts do not believe Burke intends to.In that case, Amedeo all day.IMO, Della Valle seem’s like the ultimate teammate mentally and when you combine that with his size and skill set on the perimeter or on the base line guarding in the 1-3-1 i am drooling all over myself. The guy never stop’s moving in the footage provided. If not the play where he stays active and grabs the OR and haphazardly slices through traffic for a score …then the steal at the end when he undresses the guy and cruises in for a lay-up. Those types of plays say it all. I really hope we get this kid. Furthermore, i think Amedeo and Stauskas would be great in the back court together. We’d have size and straight cash money from three. No one and i repeat no one would be able to play off those two. Feeding our new deep post position would not be a problem either.Gimmi Della Valle and Spike if Burke bounces but i’ll be alright on just Amedeo if not. 

        Sorry for the addendum, fella’s… i’m just blinded by the light of Michigan Basketball’s future. Go Blue!

        • AC1997

          I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you Dylan.  We have a combo guard coming in named Nik Stauskas who should be able to play a few minutes at PG if needed and play shooting guard most of the time.  I’d definitely take Della Valle if he wants to sign, but I still think you have to have a true back-up PG on the roster.  Maybe Spike isn’t that guy, but he fits the profile at first glance.

          Case in point – UNC tonight.  Their star PG goes down with an injury and they have a 3-star back-up who had been playing 5-7mpg all season.  This same PG was 6’0″ 160 pounds and had only one other offer from BYU.  He played 32 minutes in the tournament against a great defensive team that shut down Burke and had 6 assists and no turnovers.  Where would UNC be without Stilman White?  And he’ll be on that roster for three more years as their back-up PG while they bring in 5-star recruits all around him. 

          Michigan needs a guy like that whether they have Burke, Walton, Morris, etc.  Maybe Spike isn’t that guy…..but if there isn’t a better option I’d give him a shot. 

          • Michigan essentially has two players that can play the one or the two next year: Burke and Stauskas. If you are taking one kid I don’t see how it is Spike over Della Valle. ADV is bigger, more athletic, significantly more major interest, etc.

          • AC1997

            Dylan – I wasn’t suggesting that we should take Spike over ADV.  I think ADV would be a nice addition and is clearly the more advanced player with larger potential.  My point was that having a back-up point guard should be a priority and we should use the available scholarships to find one.

            The one year in the last four we didn’t make the tournament was when we had point-guard problems (Morris as a freshman).  When we had Lee/Merritt, a sophomore Morris, or Burke we made the tournament.  I think we should always have two point guards as long as Beilein’s offense requires so much focus on the primary ball handler and a second part-time ball handler.  Spike is just one name and given the lack of offers and his size maybe he’s not the right pick. 

      • A2JD

        Dylan, is a JuCo transfer even being discussed?  It seems to me, you could find a back-up PG the caliber of Spike (or probably better) that would be ready to contribute and only be committed to him for 2 years.  

        As far as I can recall, Michigan hasn’t had a JuCo player since Brandun Hughes in ’96 but one of the all-time Wolverine greats, Ricky Green, came from the JuCo ranks.

        • sane1

          It’s a rarity that a JUCO can be admitted to Michigan. 

          • A2JD

            True but I still think if there’s a player that fits the team’s need, it should at least be discussed.

    • Kenny

      I agree with you that Amedeo is not a point and does not replace Burke. However, I am not sure that we should pick someone just because he plays PG, he has to be good enough to contribute as a freshman. Even Burke leaves, we still have Eso and Josh, who are walk-ons but also seniors (remember Merritt). Adding Amedeo adds depth to the back court rotation, and even he does not play one, he can free up Stauskas to, who IMO has a better handle. At this point, i more about the backcourt depth than finding a pure PG who can replace Burke. Beilein did very well without a pure PG for years before Morris comes in town. 

  • jemblue

    Anyone watching Ohio-UNC?  Great game.  The Bobcats look legit.

  • Jaysmith1114

    You mean to tell me this guy averages 9 pts in highschool and he is 5’11 I’ll pass i’m sorry I thought we were done recruiting guys like this  I would rather take my chances with Ray Lee I don’t care if he was Dismissed from prep school keep him on a tight leesh if he screws up let him go its simple.

    • sane1

      You may not care, but Michigan does.

      • Jaysmith1114

        The only thing I hate about the University is when Ryan Mallet was having character issues they kept it in the dark and still have till this day.  Lee got in trouble for sexual assault and the charges were dropped he might have been 17 or so at the time and who knows what the true story was behind it.   Roy Tarply had his issues also while here again is it only ok when the student is enrolled its ok keep the player but never give a kid  who is not an adult doesn’t get a 2nd chance same thing happened with the Dorsey kid.

        • Westwood

          Periods and commas.  They are your friend.  Please use them more. 

          • Jaysmith1114

            I thought this was a message board not English 101.

  • Fresh

    Is there any legitimacy with Ray Lee or is this people just throwing his name out there?

    • Jaysmith1114

      Word on the other site said that he said “if Michigan wanted to talk to him he’d listen” per twitter.  He is commited to eastern but has not signed yet.

      • KRN

        “If” being the key word there.

    • sane1

      He has off the court issues. He won’t be playing for Michigan. 

  • A2JD

    Woodson looks like he’d be a great addition.

    • Sven187

       Yeah he’d be the perfect compliment to Donnal.

      • Sven187

         Problem for us might be his PT as a Freshman. Won’t be a ton of minutes to go around with Morgan, Horford, McGary, Donnal, and Woodson all fighting for playing time.

        • A2JD

          That’s a good problem to have.

          • Sven187

            Oh yeah. :)

  • BrianW

    Monte Morris had 18 points and six assists in the Class C final.  Flint Beecher finished the season undefeated at 28-0.

  • KRN

    Are we still recruiting Goodluck Okonoboh along with Woodson? If so I’d expect one or both of them to receive offers to replace Smot’s spot on the roster.

    • John

      I’m pretty sure Woodson has an offer already and with the Smot departure I’m sure its a committable  offer now.

  • Tenz23

    Spike seems to be a player that can get to the hoop and has good controle of the ball, that the kind of point guard you need in a Michigan offense.  How many times has burke had the ball with the shot clock winding down this year, and gone to the hoop?  That is what we need in a player to do next year.

  • Cyoung002


    There is a great point guard in Austin, Texas named Paul Baxter Michigan should recruit him. They need a point guard.

  • Scott1222

    Be nice to have some depth and a backup PG but Trey Burke will b back to lead us to the promised land next year…His leadership role is so detrimental to this team…he will b back and will b the team CAPTAIN…sometimes players feel the longer they stay the easier it is for scouts to start picking apart their game…we all kno TREY will only get better and b a bit more polished player after next year…if he does leave I wish him success…Think if Darius stayd another year TREY would not even b considering any of this…makes u wonder sometimes…GO BLUE, STAY TREY!!!!!

    • toblav

      Good sentiment, and I don’t want to be picky, but “detrimental” is not the word you were going for.

      • Scott1222

        Whoops….my sentence didn’t quite come out the way I meant it to…my we all kno how important he is to our team….should have double checked b4 submitting this….thx and sorry…my mistake…

    • Scott1222

      Please disregard the word detrimental in the above post….my sentences got crossed up and then didn’t dbl check my post…my mistake as we all kno how important TREY is to UM….Dylan, please edit that for me….

  • Fresh

    is there any good footage of ADV at findlay this year? 

  • Nicholas Turi08