Amedeo Della Valle updates recruitment after Beilein visit


Michigan coach John Beilein was in Arizona on Thursday afternoon to watch Findlay Prep (Nevada) guard Amedeo Della Valle, who we previewed in mid-February and updated earlier this week. Following the transfers of Evan Smotrycz, Carlton Brundidge and Colton Christian, the class of 2012 guard has been at the top of the list to fill one of Michigan’s open scholarships. I caught up with Della Valle following his scrimmage and his in-school visit with Beilein. Thursday was Della Valle’s first time meeting the head coach and he discussed how he played, a potential scholarship offer, upcoming visits and more.

“It was good seeing [Beilein] in the stands for the scrimmage,” Della Valle said. “Then we talked afterwards, and he explained to me how the school is, how they play, how academically things are. Basically he told me there’s potential to just go in and play right away.”

Beilein explained the scholarship situation to Della Valle, letting him know that there is now certainly room to add a player like Della Valle. Della Valle mentioned that he was aware of the situation and that he heard about the transfers earlier this week.

While Beilein didn’t offer a scholarship on Thursday, he was pretty clear of his intentions.

“He said if you come for a visit, you could have a scholarship,” Della Valle said. “He doesn’t offer before a visit.”

Della Valle is scheduled to visit Arizona on April 13th and said he would like to visit Michigan shortly after that. The only other school where he has taken an official visit is Texas A&M.

While Della Valle still says he has five teams on his radar – Arizona, Texas A&M, Michigan, Gonzaga and Ohio State – he is “not sure” if he’ll visit Gonzaga or Ohio State. He is sure that he’d like to visit Ann Arbor.

Della Valle also said he heard about the possibility of Trey Burke leaving for the NBA. At 6-foot-5, 180 pounds, Della Valle is more of a natural two guard, but he has played a little bit of point in his one year at Findlay Prep.

“Not a lot, but sometimes,” he said. “I need to work on that , but I would [be comfortable playing point in college].

“[Beilein] said he liked what he saw out of me in the scrimmage, that he could see me in the program playing the one but most likely the two.”

Regardless of where he would play, it’s pretty clear that Beilein likes what he has seen from Della Valle. Della Valle doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to make a decision, but he knows the clock is ticking. And as the time moves on, he will continue to hear from the Wolverines.

“Both coaches [Lavall Jordan and Beilein] said they were going to be emailing me and my dad and everything,” he said.

Though his family lives overseas in Italy, Della Valle has been in constant contact with them as he progresses closer to making a decision.

“My dad likes Michigan,” he said. “We watch a lot of basketball, so we knew about them before. I’ve been talking to (my family) a lot. They’re overseas, so it’s kind of hard. We’re trying to make the right decision.”

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  • sane1

    His dad played professionally, IIRC, so him liking Michigan is a big plus.

      • Mattski

        I liked this quote: 

        Amedeo, as well as his father, is a realist, who loves basketball and doesn’t have his head in the clouds. “I think his best advantages are in his head and in his mentality. He really loves basketball, he loves to play, he is not interested in money or other things. He wants to play and to improve day by day. He has to improve a lot of things; he is not a good ball handler yet, he doesn’t defend so well, but I think he will do it better day by day” – describes his father.  

      • Webbdog

        Sure hope all the leg issues have been worked out. He is young so he should have healed nicely.

    • Observernba

      What does anybody’s dad have to do with anything? THJ’s dad was one of the best. THJ is good, but he ain’t his dad. Micheal Jordan was the best player of all time. ALL OF HIS KIDS SUCK AT BASKETBALL. So, I’m not exactly sure what you’re driving at when you say that “His dad played professionally, IIRC, so him liking Michigan is a big plus”

      • Mattski

        He’s saying the guy’s dad might know a little about hoop. 

        • Kenny

          and he has stronger influence over his son than some handlers, and his dad’s opinion matters. 

      • Billiam

         I played with his kids in elemantary and middle school and one of my old friends played HS ball with them.  (We lived northside Chicago.) Cool story bro, right?

        But I do know the kids could play.  They didn’t do well in college, but they went to good/decent colleges.  Let’s not rag on people who have abnormally high pedigrees due to their parents.  They are not their parents.

        • Flwolve

          I wouldn’t say Marcus Jordan hasn’t done well at UCF.  He averaged 15 ppg as a sophomore and 14 ppg as a junior.  Certainly not AA type numbers but they’re decent.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    Thank you for this, now i can go to sleep and dream of this floppy hair dynamo helping to lead us to the Final Four. 

    • Mattski

      Don’t think he could lead us there, but he might help.  

      • FLiPCiTyBLuE

        i wrote help ;)

  • thanks

    always truly great coverage here! Thanks!

  • AG

    Man, the Big East is taking the Big Ten to the ‘shed.  Even Ohio State’s lead isn’t safe.

    • Mattski

      Cincci had their run, but OSU is playing beautiful basketball. Someone told Sullinger that he needed to start enjoying himself out there, and he has really come into his own going down the stretch. 

  • Colby84

    I want to see the staff get after Sam Cassell Jr, sounds like he has really imporved over the last year and is a bigger guard.

    • Sven187

      Plus his dad is my favorite bssketball player of all time!

    • Mpartington

      Lol yea, we really need more sons of NBA stars on this Michigan team. Really lacking in that department ^^

  • Kenny

    Excellent coverage Kevin and Dylan. 

    After a bit reading and researching on google/youtube, I have a strong feeling that this kid will end up in AA. However, both Beilein and his dad confirmed what I observed, that he does not have a good enough handle yet, and he is going to help but not the solution in terms of replacing Burke. I see him as the replacement of Brundridge as his names surfaced soon after the Brundridge transfer rumor. Stauskas, in comparison, has a much better handle.

    Seriously, if Burke leaves, of which the chance is more than many of us would like to believe, and we don’t find a fifth year graduate transfer, Eso and Josh need to work very hard this off-season to prepare for their chance of starting. 

  • Don Dula

    Can we hire the arena announcer if Amedeo signs with us?

    Under the assumption we lose Burke simply because if he comes back, ADV’s potential role is diminished:

    Keep in mind I have not played organized basketball ever.  But can’t you substitute, to some degree, great ball handling in the half court with more ball movement?  It seems like once we get the ball past half court we have a number of guys that are capable of running pick and roll and pretty much every wing and guard next year can shoot and make one and two dribble moves to the basket.  Also the other option that we haven’t really had is dumping the ball into the post, which I think will open things up.  I think McGary and Horford both have some back-to-the basket potential.

    • Billiam

       It’s a point-forward type system you’re refering to here.  Duke did this with some of their bigs–Josh McRoberts comes to mind.  I don’t think the system works as well as having a true point, but it can suffice.

      On a related note–Burke.  Why would Brundidge leave if he tought Burke even MIGHT leave?  I mean, he’d have gotten starter minutes at the point.  If he really thought Burke might leave, he’d have at least waited until APR 10 to find out.  For this reason, I’m very optimistic that Burke will stay.

      • Eyerunthis

        I see where you are coming from on the Brundidge/PT thing, but I would surmise that there is a lot more than just playing time that goes into a kid’s decision to leave.  All speculation of course, but maybe he doesn’t like the coaching style, or maybe he doesn’t think he fits in with the style of play.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    C’mon and rock me Amedeo!

    • Mattski

      If he comes, I can see, the Lobstyrczs will be quickly forgotten. 

  • Eyerunthis

    He has been saying he would “like” to visit for awhile now.  It sounds a little noncommittal in a way, so I hope that the visit can actually get scheduled.  Would it be an official visit?  

  • Brad Stone

    Kid can really shoot. Looks like a good fit for us

  • watching the class C state championship game. I want monte morris

  • Dave P.

    What has ever become of Jordan Dumars