2012 guard Amedeo Della Valle discusses recent Michigan interest


Amedeo Della Valle has lived in the United States for less than a year, but that’s been plenty long enough for big time college coaches to take note of the 6-foot-5, 180-pound guard who currently plays at Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada. Della Valle moved to the States from Italy over the summer in hopes of impressing college scouts and securing a Division-I scholarship and he’s garnered heavy interest from Arizona, Cal, Gonzaga, St. Mary’s, Texas A&M, Ohio State and, within the last week, Michigan. I talked to Della Valle on the phone tonight about his thoughts on Michigan, his recruiting process and more.

Can you talk a little bit about when Michigan started recruiting you and how that process has gone so far? I basically started to talk with them about a week ago. Then Coach Jordan came yesterday to watch our game. They don’t have a scholarship right now, but basically they tried to recruit me because they might have one in the future. But they just started recruiting me, getting to know each other and they came to my game.

What did they say they liked about you that prompted them to start recruiting you this late in the process? They said I’m their kind of player that can shoot threes, handle the ball and get along with teammates.

For you as a player, how would you describe the way you play? Probably I would say I’m an unselfish player. I look for my teammates and just shoot threes when I’m open, or create for other guys. A lot of my personality come from getting to know all my teammates and lead with them and everything.

Have you talked to any of the other coaches other than Coach Jordan? No, not yet. Just Coach Jordan right now. I’ll probably talk to the head coach [John Beilein] soon, but I don’t know yet.

What do you know about Michigan? I know and I really like their system because they play with four guards and one big man and basically players like Novak or Douglass, or even Stauskus that they’re recruiting. They’re kind of players like me, so I like the system. I like the conference too. I know it’s really hard.

So you’ve watched Michigan on tv? Oh yeah. I’ve watched several times. I like them.

Do you have a visit planned at all? I haven’t talked to them about a visit, but I probably will take one. I didn’t take any official visits so I’m planning on taking some visits starting probably at the end of next week.

So you haven’t visited anywhere yet? I haven’t taken any official visits. I took an unofficial to Arizona and an unofficial to Cal.

What other schools have you been talking to? I’ve been talking to Ohio State, Texas A&M, Gonzaga, Cal, St. Mary’s, Arizona and Michigan.

And have a lot of these schools been talking to you for a while now or has it just happened recently? Schools like Gonzaga, Arizona, St. Mary’s and Cal, they’ve been recruiting me since I came to the States. I’m from Italy and I just came this summer.

What’s been your impression of the United States? I like it. It’s pretty nice, especially if you want to play basketball.

Is basketball the main reason you moved here then? Yeah, that’s the reason.

Any idea when you’d like to make a decision? I’m not sure. Not right now. I need to take my visits first, talk to my family and my coaches, and see what’s the best fit for me.

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  • Kenny

    attrition after the season that coaches already know about?

    I know that speculation on who are the candidates are destructive but if we are still looking at 2012 recruits, it is hard not to think about it. 

    • Danguilm

      Potential transfers would seem to be McLimans, Christian or maybe even CB? I can’t see them getting much time with their game and the recruits we have coming. All would seem to be able to play at non-power conference schools.

  • Adam

    Man this kid has some serious game… I really like his film, but where oh where would a scholarship come from? Obviously it would have to be a transfer and it’s completely inappropriate to speculate about players who would transfer, but I can’t think of any other reason Michigan would just NOW start talking to this kid

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

       I find it funny that people don’t like to speculate on potential transfers on this site. C’mon. This is an internet message board. Unfounded speculation is half the reason the internet exists.

      • MGoTweeter

        what is the other half?  porn?

        • Rw

          No. Porn is 2/3. You’re forgetting the overlap.

      • Adam

        Because how would you like a rumor being started about you transferring when you had no intentions to do so? If I was a player and unfounded rumors among the fanbase started about me, I would probably think that the fans don’t want me there.

        I don’t mind people speculating with actual information having talked to a certain player or someone close to them, but just starting rumors is not appropriate. You throw out a name and then these players start having to address these rumors and it is not a good situation.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Yeah, this seems odd. There’s really only one, maybe two guys currently on scholarship that have any likelihood of leaving IMO, but none seem probable. Plus, even if a guy leaves, taking another 2012 guy still puts you in a bind for 2013 (we’re currently 3 scholarships over for that year). I’m scratching my head. I guess anything can happen.

  • Mattski

    Neat player. Wonder what he was doing in Galicia? Fairly long way from Italy.

  • HHW

    Maybe they want to fill Hatch’s slot in 2012?

    • Sven187

      Hatch was never a 2012 recruit.

  • samsword

    Maybe it’s just a matter of the coaches sitting down with the players after the year and telling 1/2 of them that they will probably never play significant minutes here and maybe they should consider other options

  • mitch

    i think this is a smart move by UM.  you always have to be  prepared.  i think there are a couple of kids on our roster that are unlikely to crack the line-up, so you have to be ready for anything.  especially with our current depth

  • wolverine_longhorn

    Pretty obvious they’re keeping options open in case there’s a transfer from the guard ranks.

  • Graham Brown

    he just looks like he should go to Gonzaga.


    Damn, we would have our very own Ricky Rubio

  • Skinzkid

    Maybe they are afraid Burke is going pro after this year already?

    • MGoTweeter

      I highly doubt this has anything to do with Burke.  Novak even said in that video interview that he thought Burke would be team captain next year.  

      I don’t think there are any conclusions that need to be jumped to here.  The kid has not even been offered a scholarship yet much less visited the school.  I think this is just like Dylan said, they are keeping their options open.  You never know when you are going to lose a player even in the best of situations.  Plus it is difficult to keep your options open with kids who have been around the scene since they were freshmen, whereas this kid has pretty much just showed up.  

  • BPocern

    If this involved Burke, wouldn’t they try and recruit a PG? Since if Burke did go pro, we would literally be stuck with no PG next year, I’m still concerned about the lack of depth at PG next year, even with Burke. I gues we’ll see if Carlton can step up as a backup.

  • Guys this is pretty simple.

    Look at next year’s roster and look for a weakness. It’s primary ball handlers maybe off guard – a backup for Trey.

    Anything can happen after the season and if anyone were to leave for any reason, Michigan would probably want to add a little. The staff wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t watching 2012 kids.

    It doesn’t mean something is on the verge of happening, it means Michigan is covering their backs and keeping options open. There’s no offers or even visits at this point. This is a just a smart move and something that I would be upset if the staff wasn’t doing.

    • Eyerunthis

      This is a great point Dylan.  Any time I look at next year’s roster, I see plenty of bigs and wings, but few guards.  Despite the strange assertion of some people that Hardaway can play the 2 next year, I see at most 3 players who fit in the guard positions on next year’s roster (Burke, CB, and Stauskas, though he may be more Matt Vogrich then Stu Douglass).  Having 3 players for two positions is awfully thin, so I’m glad they are looking into this dude.

      • jturn14

        Nik Stauskas is a better all-around talent than both Vogrich and Douglass by a pretty fair margin. That much is obvious from the film seen on this site and others.

        • Eyerunthis

          I am in agreement about overall ability.  I was specifically referencing dribbling ability, and I see Nik falling somewhere between Stu and Vogrich in that department.  I will go watch some clips of Nik’s dribbling again now to see if I still feel that way.

          • Sven187

            I think he’s already way than Vogrich and as good and Stu. Should be quite a bit better than Stu when all is said and done.

  • FLiPCiTyBLuE

    this.kid.is.sick. YES PLEASE!

  • Roverback

    I can’t find any verification on the web and I’m guessing I’m going to be ridiculed about fourth hand information but what I heard is that Jackson Lamb is going to play baseball at UoM.  The source was a local (AA) baseball travel league coach.  I simply overheard the comment.

    Sry I piggy backed this post with Della Valle’s write up.