Amedeo Della Valle trims list, talks final five


dellavalle01[1]2012 guard Amedeo Della Valle out of Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada, has narrowed his recruitment down to five schools. The senior from Italy, who we first profiled in mid-February, said he is still talking to and interested in Michigan, Arizona, Texas A&M, Gonzaga and Ohio State. Della Valle has only taken an unofficial visit to Arizona and an official to Texas A&M, but he plans on taking the rest of his official visits in the near future.

Assistant coach Lavall Jordan has recruited Della Valle up to this point, but head coach John Beilien is now getting into the action as well. This Thursday, Beilein is scheduled to head out to Nevada to watch Della Valle play for the first time.

I spoke with Della Valle on the phone earlier today. Here’s what he had to say about each of the five schools:

  • On Michigan: “I like their system and the tradition there with players like me – big guards. I like Coach Jordan, who is recruiting me.”
  • On Texas A&M: “They’re going to the SEC and they’re kind of rebuilding and bringing in new players. I already took a visit there. It was nice. The campus is nice and everything.”
  • On Arizona: “They might lose a guard and I have a good relationship with Coach Miller. I can see myself fitting into the program.”
  • On Ohio State: “William Buford is leaving (which means there is a spot open for a guard), and they play every year to win the championship.”
  • On Gonzaga: “They have the kind of players like me.”

Della Valle said Michigan has told him there isn’t currently a spot open on the team, but that could change: “I’m not sure, but I think [maybe a spot might open]. I’m not sure though. Coach Beilein is supposed to come Thursday to my game. We’re playing some scrimmages because we play in an ESPN tournament at the end of the month, so he’s going to come out to visit and watch the scrimmage.”

Though he hasn’t visited Michigan, Della Valle hopes to soon: “I haven’t scheduled a visit yet but I would like to, of course.”

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  • mitch

    i would really like to see a transfer or 2.  it seems like Beilien has missed on a couple of guys.

    • So, we have evidence that the mothers of guys on the team read this blog, and this is the sort of thing you feel the need to say?  At least phrase it better.

      • Sven187

         Who cares? If I’m the parent of a kid who is never going to play I’d want them to transfer too.

        • Nicholas Turi08

          If Im a parent of a kid who isn’t playing, we need to discuss the balance between playing time and getting a quality education from this university. It’s not as easy as just playing time. 

          • A2JD

            Good point, Nicholas.  Still, now we have 3 transfers.  Crazy day!

  • Adam

    You may have buried the lead.  Any idea who might be transferring?

    • storm33

      Always dangerous to play this game without any evidence.  Carlton Brundidge shot down any rumors of him transferring a few weeks ago.

  • Kokbear

    I’m not sure it’s productive to have a discussion on who may be transferring…the depth chart leads me to the conclusion that it would be a player from the front court. Regardless, I say we table this discussion until the potential transfers does, in fact, come to fruition. That being said, he would be a great get. His film seems better than a 3*, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes up in the last rankings, as he comes from a powerhouse high school.

  • Colby84

    Any word on who else the staff has been watching for recruits since the season ended. Got to think they are hitting the recruiting trail hard now.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Della Valle could help with our need for another ball-handling guard.  But no scholarship currently available seems like he’ll go elsewhere.  For the record, I’d like to see NO ONE transfer.

    • A2JD

      Speaking of……

  • Mateo

     If somebody is transferring, that will open a spot that will need to be opened up to be able to get all of our 2013 commitments a scholarship and that’s assuming McLimans doesn’t come back for his 5th year and assuming Hatch isn’t in the 2013 class

    • SamGoBlue

      Wow, apparently Christian, Brundidge, and Smotrycz all transferring…

  • section13row15

    You can still make a positive impact on a team without being a starter from day one. There are five spots on the court, not everyone is going to play. You need players that start off as role players and eventually grow into a starting role as juniors and seniors.

  • Dalianch

    you think you’d have more time once the season is over…and boom…story after story. Thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like next years team will be significantly different.