Game 29: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Photos: Dustin Johnston

Michigan takes on Purdue this evening in its final home game of the 2011-12 season. The Wolverines look to remain perfect at home and keep their Big Ten championship hopes alive. Students are on spring break but the game is sold out and Michigan’s seniors will be honored before tip-off at 5:43 p.m. Gus Johnson and Jim Jackson have the call on the Big Ten Network and tip off is scheduled for 6 p.m.

Join the discussion before, during and after the game in the comments section below.

Pre-Game Reading

  • MWD

    I’ve never seen Beilein get outcoached like this. Wow.

    • Matt Peck

      Not much he can do when best players misses their three point shot and have a ton of turnovers

    • gpsimms

      good point.  the players are playing unusually poorly, but also purdue generating mismatches and beilein seems to have no answer.  not a good game for anyone tonight.

    • Andy

      Our execution and effort was way worse than any coaching effort.

    • ugh

      this loss is on the players. 

  • Wayman Britt

    Even though UM had a good year, how many games did we really play well where most everybody had a good game?  Maybe two.

  • Scott Kremkow

    Congratulations to Sparty on their Big Ten title. 

  • Matt Peck

    Dylan, what is tim from three….O for forever

    • Wayman Britt

      Not sure, but I think Novak has been worse

  • Matt Peck

    I guess its better to have this game now than in the tourney.  Hopefully we don’t play Purdue in the B1G tourney

    • Guest

      no defense from eginning to end

  • Andy

    Morgan has been horrendous the last 2 games after having the best game of his career against OSU. Really frustrating that his confidence can drop so suddenly. Let Jackson go straight to his right hand after our scouting report is to OBVIOUSLY make him go left. The only time he has made a play is when he is able to get to his right hand. Just too many mental lapses on defense, too many forced, poor outside shots on offense. Smotrycz should be playing the majority of the minutes at the 5 against these smaller lineups. Morgan just can’t handle it. We won’t go far in the conference tourney or NCAA tourney unless Hardaway can adjust his game and attitude to have it be inside-out, not outside-in.

    • Adam

      Wow did we watch the same game? Morgan would be about the last guy I’d blame this loss on.. You are gonna blame our center for not being able to cover their lightning quick PG? THJ, Burke, novak all had worse games offensively and defensively

  • Scott Kremkow

    we actually shot 41%??? thats amazing i never thought it was that high. 28% from Three, where was the taking the man to the hole? we settled and got lazy. 

  • gpsimms

    kind of a sad sendoff there.  just a hugely disappointing night.

  • Scott Kremkow

    earlier BTN showed hypo Big 10 tourney field, move us from #2 to #3 we will be third and OSU    will be 2nd. 

  • ugh that was awful

    pathetic. we just expected to show up and win. we 100% deserved to lose, and they need to learn this lesson the hard way, unfortunately. i hope this lights a fire under them for the end of the season. players need to stop basking in how good people are telling them they are.

  • Matt Peck

    can’t believe we took the lead and are down so big

  • Scott Kremkow

    21 – 8 overall, 11-5 in league, we shall see if Lunardi who had us on the 3 line drops us to a 4 i think so. GOT to beat a floundering Illini team on the road, even though thats a tough place to go play. MUST beat a weak Nittany Lions team out in Happy Valley. could finish 23-8 still. we got a bit lucky to win Tuesday in Chicago. But we get a bye to Friday in the Big Ten Tourney and still have a winnable quarterfinal tourney game.  

  • Scott Kremkow

    whoooo we broke 60 in garbage time. Free Tacos for everyone!! 

  • Scott Kremkow

    we tied the game at 42. since then we scored 19 points and allowed 33. 

  • Scott Kremkow

     BRICK BRICK BRICK BRICK, no one tried to mix it up. Ignored the low post and paint and Smot and Morgan inside, Sure Stu and Zack were a disappointment, but i put this mostly on Tim Jr and Trey who really made a lot of poor shot attempts and  lot of poor decisions, Team D was not good either.

  • Alex

    Thank you Seniors. What you have done for this program won’t be forgotten.

    Team, remember this day over the next few weeks. While the regular season title may be out of reach there is still a lot to play for in the future.

    I have faith and I know you all can do it.

  • Bill

    Reminded me of msu game keep Burke out of lane. They really need to learn how to attack differently when teams do this. Thought Tim did well early attacking basket which helped.

  • Kyle

    thank u zack novak and stu program changers trey has trouble with quick point guards he needs to work on staying in front of the player he is guarding we need to win the next 2


    It looked like Rich Rod coached the defense tonight pathetic on pick and rolls

  • jam_sparty

    Spartan fan here, reminding you guys of what a great team, great coach and great record you have this year. I think you guys will have an awesome run in the tournament. Trey is a beast; too bad he had an off night. The Boilermakers were fighting for their lives, and they had Byrd back – something we didn’t have to deal with. 

  • Buford McBuford

    really sad for the seniors for that to be their last home game, but hopefully they’ll be able to make some more good memories in the next couple of weeks.  Purdue played really well, and that had plenty to do with the outcome.  Honestly, this game illustrated why I wouldn’t be shocked by either a first round NCAA exit or an elite eight run from this team– if they’re hitting 3’s at a moderately good rate, the Wolverines can be a nightmare (helps set up good looks from 2, etc), but when their ranged shooting goes cold, they are extremely beatable.  It’s a bit concerning that the last 2 games have had 38 and 32 3-pointer attempts.  

  • Sarah

    Really sad to lose this one. It really hurts. But our shooting wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either. Bottom line is we lost this game because of turnovers and defensive breakdowns. Just have to regroup and win these next two and move on to the big ten tourney. As much as we support our team when they beat teams like Ohio we need to support them to regroup. Purdue had a do or die attitude today and we just didn’t, hopefully we can get this back for the next two games. I just really dislike not on this site but on others when people rip into the team and our coach. Overall it was a great home season and the season is not over yet.  No excuses but hopefully this can be a learning experience that can turn into something positive for the rest of the season. Go Blue!