Senior Day Gallery: Zack Novak

Dylan Burkhardt

freshman-bloodBoth of Michigan’s senior captains, Zack Novak and Stu Douglass, will be honored during their final home game on Saturday evening. In honor of both careers, we take a look back at some of the most memorable photographs, videos and moments throughout their journeys from high school to the present. Full gallery after the jump. Stu Douglass gallery here.

  • JimC

    Zack Novak Bloodthirsty Warrior!

  • Flwolve

    How many pounds do you think Douglass has put on since that first picture of him in high school – over 30?  And Novak looks to have significantly improved his body as well.  Hats off to both kids for putting the time in the weight room over the years to come up with a monster senior season. 

    I still can’t believe that Novak’s career high is 22 points considering how important he’s been to the team during his career.

  • jemblue

    Great retrospective.  One videoclip I’d add: the sequence from the Minnesota road win last year, when Novak drained a clutch 3 and then, on the ensuing defensive possession, stole the entry pass to Sampson (or Mbakwe?) and threw a perfect outlet pass to Morris for a 3-point play that sealed the win.

    • You are right, some great Novak clips in that game. Went back and added three from Five Key Plays last year. 

  • jemblue

    One of those clips just led to me to another fantastic Novak clip, from the UConn win in 2010:


    Dylan you should’ve showed the Novak dunk this year vs Northwestern when we were at home

    • Mith

      +1.  It would add a good counterpoint to the missed Savannah State dunk.

  • CF Misch

    Sometimes it’s not all about numbers and should be in Novak’s case.  Let’s make sure we get his jersey up in the rafters after he graduates.  It belongs there.  

    • Fred Z in Ann Arbor

      +1 retiring the number.

    • Jimmy

      I think Novak would be the first to tell you that his jersey shouldn’t be retired.  He should get an award named after him and pictures on the walls in Crisler and the PDC, but not the retirement.  I love him as much as anybody, but since when does 1,000 points and 3 tourney bids earn that?  Let him put a few other banners in the rafters (B10 Championship, Sweet 16 or beyond) before we even consider putting his jersey up there.

  • Fred Z in Ann Arbor

    My favorite Michigan player in the last forty years, and the best team leader, ever.

  • MonroeHoops1

    Douglass and Novak are 2 of the best leaders in Michigan basketball in the past 25 years. They both were no-name recruits that were outstanding additions to Coach Beilein’s Michigan team. 

  • Jimmy

    Literally might shed a tear tonight.  I’ve been a lifelong Michigan Basketball fan, and Novak and Douglass (with a lot of help from Manny, Peedi and friends) helped resurrect this program and salvage what could have been a miserable four years stretch in Michigan sports.  

    My first home sporting event as a student was Appalachian State.  My last was the buzzer beater vs. Wisco.  These guys made a huge difference in my college experience.  Thanks for the memories, fellas.