Scouting Video: Derrick Walton vs. Ann Arbor Skyline


Derrick Walton had 19 points in Chandler Park’s win over Ann Arbor Skyline on Friday evening in front of Michigan head coach John Beilein. You can watch Walton’s performance in our scouting video below which features almost every shot and assist that Walton tallied on the evening:

You can also find a video interview with Walton after the jump in which he discusses his performance, Michigan’s season to date and more.


  • sane1

    Great PG skills. No look passes. Finishes with the left hand on drives. Quick, nice cross over. Made some judgement errors, threes not dropping, but I love his game. And only a junior.

  • MGoTweeter

    Clearly very talented.  Love his quickness and playmaking ability, but would like to see him finish a few more of those drives.  

  • JazzyJ

    Hopefully, he will use the time to become a much better student of the game, dramatically increase his skill level, his physical strength and begin to make much improved decisions on the court. Looks like a major project right now, but he has plenty of time to improve. Hope he does just that.

    • Brian

      We must be looking at different videos.  I see a HS junior with a ton of skills who just needs to refine his game a bit.  Which he has 2 years to do before he ever steps foot on campus.  

    • sane1

      Major project, eh. Are you just going for a reaction with that comment? Or do you really believe that?

    • eastside

      When you being looked a jazzy you not a project we as michigan reject the bad comment a scholarship would not be offered for a project,the comment you made was a project yes he has things to work on 2yrs left of hs  wow must be a sparty fan lol go blue!

  • DingoBlue

    Thanks for posting Kevin, like the video.  Like his beanie more!

  • JBlair52

    Still being almost 2 years away from Ann Arbor, he looks real good as a big time PG prospect.  Smooth handles and really runs the floor well.  I like his pull-up jumper.  I’d like to see a more direct first step toward the hoop rather than sideways as well as some work on the outside shot but overall very impressive