Video: Derrick Walton at King James Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Derrick Walton played very well for the Michigan Mustang 16u squad at King James, leading his team to a 2-0 superpool performance and a nice win over the NY Gauchos. We scouted Walton here but here is footage of Walton from the first two games of the King James Classic. Walton reported interest from Michigan, Michigan State, Connecticut, Purdue and Notre Dame and mentioned that he feels a Michigan offer is coming soon.

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  • JVL

    he reminds me a little bit of Kelvin Grady, with slightly better vision and worse shooting. That said, the ability to singlehandedly break down a press and his quickness are similar. If he can improve on his jumper he’ll be a real nice player

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      From watching Walton in person, I don’t think Grady had anywhere near his vision.

      Both small and speedy but Walton is much more a point guard.

  • ToBlav

    When a team has several shooters, which is what Coach B builds his teams around, a guy who can find them and deliver the ball is golden. If he can shoot enough to be respected outside and has the first step to demand help defense we are in business and it looks like he can do those things.

  • gpsimms

    wait…should we box out?

  • He can score, his coach wants him to score, but he’s so happy to have other options he’s content to distribute it to Haney, Kozinski et al.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Which is somewhat refreshing to see where the most common cheer is something along the line of “get yours’.

      • “Take him! Take him!”

  • jim

    This kid can shoot, he just so happen to have a bad shooting day. Trust me i havve seen this kid hit mulitple jumpers, from deep and off the dribble. He’s thhe best pg in MI, and one of the best in the counntry

  • Colby

    Dylan, is it safe to say by the sounds of it Walton is the PG that gets first offer for 13? Going to be interesting with the scholarships, sounds like Malcolm Hill is a serious target on the wing as well.

  • Coach D

    Derrick is the best PG, in Michigan, and the ultimate team player. He can run sets and get others involved, he makes the avg player look really good. I have not seen anyone better. With him the Mustangs have only lost one game.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Definitely agree that he makes his teammates significantly better. Great to see from a young guard.

  • Bluebufoon

    Excellent ball-handler, especially his left-hand. He’ll get better finishing his drives to the basket as he gets stronger. I like him– is he the best PG out there ? Probably too early to tell at this point but I’d be very happy if Derrick Walton, ends up playing PG at U-M.

  • FL Wolve

    Any time the talk turns to offering sophomore PGs, I always think of TA offering Jerret Smith as a sophomore. It’d be a shame if we took a commitment from one of the big 3 PGs in the state and then for the other 2 to pass him. Walton looks pretty good but he’s not necessarily a standout, can’t miss prospect. It would be great to see him play as a junior to further evaluate his progress.

  • matthew

    plays alot like raymond felton.

  • jBdub

    I love the zip on his passes.

  • MAS

    I really wish more people could get out there and watch some of these kids play that way the stupid comments would be reduced. Watching video or one game normally tells about 20% of the story.

    Walton can actually score at will because he is quick and can get his shot off anytime he needs too. Walton is the ultimate pg because he makes other around him better which is the number 1 job of the pg, it isn’t to score first. At the Motown Showdown the Mustang 16 looked unstoppable and it looked like they were going to win a laugher against reached until the knee wouldn’t allow Walton to play and Reach came back and won.

    The Jerret Smith comment is way off because he was ranked high because he was bigger and stronger than most players his sophomore year. The problem was he wasn’t quick, athletic and struggled to shoot. Those things never advanced as he aged and then other guards got bigger and strong so his one advantage as a younger player didn’t mean as much. To me right now Walton is the best player in the 2013 class out of the players I’ve seen. He might not end up the best but that won’t mean he will be unworthy of a UofM scholarship. If you asked 3 people who was the best pg out of Walton, Morris and Watts you would probably get 3 different answers depending on how you want your pg to play. I personally rank Walton and Morris a head of wants because to me Watts is more of a combo guard then pg.

    I personnally believe Walton will be UofM first commit of the 2013 class.

  • Bleedin’ Blue

    Anyone else think that Walton resembles former target Yogi Ferrell?

  • Mattski

    Kind of weird to infer he can’t shoot from one film, no? Great passer–love the way he whips it under the basket to the cornerman at 1:23. Also seems very composed; how old is he? I’m reaching the point in my own old age when everyone looks like they’re 12.


    Dylan, Walton is a special player and all but he and the Morris kid will be hard to pick as who’s the top pg in that class. Dylan, over at go blue wolverine there’s a 3 part interview with Carlton B and Brandan K. Have you watched it and what’s your thoughts? I never saw that coming. I was impressed.

  • Mr. Man

    Derrick Walton may be the best PG in the state, “yes the state” he is better then all of the 2013 pg, and 2012 pgs. He can check, and score when he wants to, but the role of a pg is to lead the team, and with the mustangs, they are unstopable when he is healthy. I will even go on the edge and say top 10 pgs in the country.

  • Rico

    Walton is the best PG in Class of 2013 and will get a Michigan offer. Ask Haney and Kocinski how good he is. Haney has had two 40+ games this Spring because of Walton and Kocinksi kid looks like a high major when Walton is playing. He is already bigger than Morris and a way better ball handler. Dont forget the Watts kid got held back and is a year older than these other kids, so dont let that trick you. Just imagine if Walton was playing U15 right now and was a year older.

  • nick

    he’s getting hammered on his drives to the basket and the play continues… no wonder he coudlnt finish