Video: Derrick Walton and Steve Haney at Adidas Invitational


Derrick Walton put together a great week in Indianapolis, exploding for a handful of 30+ point performances on the national stage. Walton led his Michigan Mustangs 16U squad to the Elite 8 in the platinum bracket with a run that included an upset over the Eric Gordon All-Stars. UMHoops was on hand to provide video of Walton as well as his teammate Steve Haney.

You can find footage of Walton’s AAU teammate, and fellow Michigan target, Steve Haney after the jump and make sure to catch up on all of our content from the 2011 Adidas Invitational on this page.

  • Billiam

    Walton had an amazing video.  But Dylan, two questions.
    1.) Could you also show the complete videos so we could have more full scouting chances?
    2.) Who do you think is the best PG in that class?  I haven’t seen Morris in a while, but he seemED the best…at least until this video…

    • fan

      Well Billiam there always been comparsions but you judge what u want to see and im going do the same with Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Know

    Walton and Haney are two high level players. The Mustangs have beat 5,6, or 7 top 25 national teams CBIZ, SYF, Wisconsin Playground Eric Gordon All stars Indian Elite with those two leading the way with Kozinski and Dre Johnson. Walton is one of the best in the country and Haney should have had a offer from Michigan.

  • legend

    Rankings this kid should be ranked higher than what he is now ! thats my own opinion

  • legend

    D.Walton will not be playn in the Gr Classic

    • SamGoBlue

      so neither Walton nor Haney will be in GR for the Brawl for the Ball?? That’s very disappointing, looks like the only guy worth watching now will be SDW.

  • Eastside Finest

    Been knowing this kid since he was little amazing he has grow

  • DingoBlue

    That Walton video made me want to put Walton at the top of my PG wishlist for 2013 (though all three are pretty much tied for me).  Being able to shoot from outside reliably in Beilein’s offense while still looking to pass are the two things that really stood out.

  • gpsimms

    derrick walton is impressive, but i was much more impressed by the guns on the sleeveless ref.  he must be an awesome dude.

  • Bluehoop

    I laugh when I see this video and people say Colin Hartman and Zak Irvin are better than Steve Haney Jr.  Haney and Walton together should have been a targeted package by UM and they werent..  Someone screwed up.  The together have been beating nationally rated AAU programs all Spring.  By the way, the video of Haney and Walton chewing up the competition is against Eric Gordon All Stars and Garner Roads from NC, two top 5 nationally ranked programs.  These kids are homegrown, have UM connection and should both have committed by now (probably would have if packaged right).  

    • Adam

      Give me Zak Irvin any day over Haney.. Zak Irvin has far more athleticism and room to become a star.. Haney is what he is, and that is a great shooter

      • matt d

        100% agree with this. I think of one word when mentioning Haney – underwhelming. The last thing we need is a player that can do nothing else but shoot from deep. Nearly every video we’ve seen of this kid reflects upon the fact that he simply doesn’t possess the the athleticism or ball handling ability to be a major contributor.The kid is a great shooter, but nothing more.

  • Please stop posting under multiple names. From now on you will be banned if you change your name repeatedly, especially within the same thread. It’s also nor hard to tell — all you have to do is click on the icon next to a comment.

    • Al

      That is awesome.  So “Matt D” was trying to make it appear he was “agreeing” with “Adam” and it was the same person with a pretty clear agenda to slam a 16 yr old kid that just scored 45 points in an AAU game.  That might be the definition of biased and certainly is the defintion of pathetic.  Seems we have solved much of the mystery of the “numerous” Haney haters on this site!  Nice how one anonymous person can go to such lenghts to hurt a kids reputation. 

      • matt d

        I’m not the person Dylan was referring to above, and I’m sure Dylan will confirm the same. Dylan was referring to “Adam”, as noted above. I just happen to agree with “Adam” with regards to the Haney/Irivn debate. To call someone pathetic because of a basketball preference is pathetic in its own right. Just because I don’t care for Haney’s game doesn’t make me a Haney “hater” as you would call it. I never attempted to hurt Haney’s reputation, I simply assessed his game. Huge difference between an attack on the personal character of a 16 year old and critiquing their basketball skills, please don’t equate the 2 as it relates to my posts, they are 2 different realms. Furthermore, please don’t associate me with “Adam” above, we are not one in the same.

        Moral of the story – you have the right to like Haney’s game, and I have the right to dislike his game. So long as we discuss the matter respectfully, that’s what a blog is about.

  • Bbuck5

    can you let me know if there is a football blog for michigan like this one.

    • SamGoBlue

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow, Derrick Walton has great leaping ability.  It’s good to see a guard get great lift on three pointers. 

    • Bluebufoon

      Tremendous ball-handling and penetration. This young man is special.

  • Flwolve

    Am I the only one here who thinks Demetrius Jackson’s tape is much better than Walton’s?  Walton’s tape is good back Jackson’s looks fantastic.

    • SamGoBlue

      Yeah you are. Walton is better than Jackson, no question.

      • matt d

        I think “no question” that Walton is better than Jackson is a bit exaggerated. They both excel at different aspects of the game, Walton is a better floor general and shooter, while Jackson is more athletic and penetrates better.

        Personally, I think Jackson  has more upside than Walton, and I would love to have him – although I like Walton as well.

        • Bluebufoon

           As a PG Walton is head and shoulders above Demetrius Jackson at this time. There is a reason, besides the in-state angle, that Walton and Monte Morris were offered ahead of Mr Jackson. Jackson’s not a pure PG, he maybe a combo guard, who can play the position but Jackson is very similar to Carlton Brundidge and under-sized shooting guard, nothing wrong with that but, U-M already has Brundidge. Derrick Walton’s is as good going to his off-hand, as any young PG I can remember. If it were my decision, Walton and Morris would have to be off-the board before I would turn to Jackson. Thats not a slam at Jackson, just elite PG’s have an instinctual quality that the others are missing, Walton and Morris have that trait, Jackson’s not at that stage or close.

          • Jackson’s athleticism is on a completely different level than CB. He’s explosive and he also has 2 years to continue to hone his PG skills and/or grow.

          • matt d

            It may be true that Walton has the “instinctual” quality that you reference. Taking that into account, you can “teach” the PG position to a certain extent. On the other hand, what Jackson has in terms of athleticism, simply can’t be taught. Not a knock on Walton, but the reality is that while Jackson may be trailing Walton with regards to ball distribution and shooting, he is equally ahead of Walton in terms of lateral quickness/speed and the ability to get to the rim.

            You say we already have a similar player in Brundidge, but I seem to recall that Mr. Burke is pretty good at distributing the ball and shooting as well, so that is a moot point to me.

            Bottom line for me is that Walton seems like a game manager at this point, while Jackson looks like a game changer.

          • Jr_ewing93

            So u are saying that Walton is slow

          • matt d

            No – I’m simply saying that Walton doesn’t have game changing speed, while Jackson does.

          • Jr_ewing93

            I watch both players videos from the Adidas invite and didnt see where Jackson has more game changind speed the Walton! Only thing I know is that he dont go left!

          • matt d

            If you truly think that Jackson doesn’t have more speed/athleticism than Walton I would suggest a trip to Lenscrafters my friend.

          • Jr_ewing93

            You are funny! You must be a Jackson supporter and not a sports guy to the Jacksons has more then Walton! You need to take your computer sitting behind to the games and camps

          • Al

            hmmmmm…So are you Matt D today, or “Adam”.  Dont like Walton or Haney .  Be careful you might expose your true identity.  Your criticsms are becoming predictable.

          • Bluebufoon

            matt d– short response, I believe you never have enough PG’s. The trend in college basketball is going toward’s playing multiple PG’s at one time Bill Self, recruited multiple PG’s at Illinois and now at Kansas. Villanova has made hay playing multiple PG’s at one time. Prior to this UConn played both Dyson and Kemba Walker together. More importantly if something happens to Burke be it grades, injury, transfer or pro aspirations, U-M needs the most talented prospect at that position. So to recap, although the wings and forwards in Beilein’s system are interchangeable, the demands of the PG position require certain characteristics unique to the position. Hope this makes sense. 

          • matt d

            Your theory makes total sense, however I respectfully disagree as to what players should compose the depth chart at PG. From the limited amount of film I’ve seen on Walton, I simply don’t think he’s an “elite” PG. I think he’s damn good, and I would love to have him, I just prefer the penetration and athleticism of Jackson’s game. I think you’re making the mistake of limiting scholarships to players that fill a certain role, I’ve always been a believer of bringing in the best talent, and in my opinon, Jackson simply has more talent.

          • Mmg321

            For a guy who comments so much on talent, wheres yours? you sit a computer an coment on 16 year old kids, you must be have been a horrible athlete and sucked as a ball player… stop down graed these guys an get  life

          • matt d

            I didn’t downgrade anyone, I simply gave my opinion as to which player I believe has more upside.

            In any event, you might want to learn how to spell before you begin a personal attack on someone, but that’s just a suggestion.

            And for the record, I did play at a very small division II school for 2 years.

          • Anonymous

            so you didn’t get an education, and you didn’t make a career out of basketball, damn that really sucks that you got nothing going for you my man…at least you know how to downgrade a high school kid’s basketball skills I guess.

          • matt d

            While you are correct that I didn’t make it in basketball, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I “have nothing going for myself”. After my 2 years of DII ball, I transferred  to UM, where I completed my BA in Political Science. I then went on to law school in Chicago, and I’m currently an IP attorney for an NLJ 250 firm my friend.

            In any event,  I wish you luck in life,and hopefully you will come to see that a blog allows freedom of expression so long as it is done in a respectful manner.

          • Jr_ewing93

            Everybody making comments on players that they probably dont know or really seen them play a full game. Just remember that both players have squared off before!

          • Skeeter3467

            wow…an ip attorney.  No wonder you have no life

  • GregGoBlue

    Wow, all three of these 2013 PG prospects are terrific. Will be interesting to see which one drops for M. 

  • Jr_ewing93

    Walton and Morris are the 2 best PG of this group period!

  • Adam

    I’ll need to see more video footage of Morris to make a complete assessment but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 3.. they all have their own positives and negatives

    Walton is the best shooter and distributor

    Jackson is the most athletic and best penetrator

    Morris is a flat out winner and with his dad’s height he may end up being a taller point guard which will be nice having another PG with the size of Darius Morris

    I’ll take whoever wants to commit first

  • Debbiealfan

    don’t forget about Josh Kozinski who at the Adidas Invitational had 12 3’s in one game.  Someone said it was a record?