Video: Steven Haney Jr. and Derrick Walton at Spiece Run ‘n Slam

Dylan Burkhardt

Steven Haney Jr. had a solid showing at the Spiece Run ‘n Slam Classic over the weekend. He scored in 34 points in Friday night action, a game we didn’t film, and was also solid versus Spiece Kessler on Saturday. We combined footage from that game along with the few clips we got from the King James Classic before Haney went down with injury.

Haney lists Michigan, Michigan State, Harvard, Illinois and Nebraska as the primary schools showing interest at this time. Video of Haney’s teammate and point guard, Derrick Walton, after the jump.

Michigan Mustangs point guard Derrick Walton put together another strong tournament in Fort Wayne. We scouted him in Akron and also posted a lengthy video, but here’s some footage of Walton in the Mustangs’ win over Spiece Kessler during pool play. Walton is considering Michigan, Michigan State, Xavier, Connecticut, Northwestern and Central Michigan.

Click here for all of our coverage from the Spiece Run ‘n Slam Classic.

  • FL Wolve

    Haney looks like a poor man’s version of Stauskas. I think Haney is a year younger so he’s got time to improve but I would be surprised if JB makes him a priority.

  • GoBlue

    Handles the ball WAY better than I thought. In this video seemed to really get to the basket off the bounce at will. Knew he could shoot, but did not know at 6’6″ he could handle like that.

    Rivals write up listed him as one of the top performers of the weekend and also commented on his ability to take guys off dribble and pass. Considering the gym was full of high majors, that alone should make him a 2013 priority for any program, especially one in state. Another site said he had 36 Friday night against All Iowa Attack who is a big time AAU club. Lots of good wing choices in 2013, but from what Ive seen he is by far the best shooter.

  • Brian W

    Walton made some good passes in the video. Always nice to see a point guard make his free throws…. Haney took a lot of shots.

    Looks like Zach Banner, the 6-9 295 lb. offensive lineman who wants to play football and basketball in college, has guaranteed a visit to Michigan, according to Gobluewolverine.

    • Kenny

      Very rare that a player plays both football and basketball in college. Don’t know anyone who excels in both after Charlie Ward.

      • If by excel you mean to the point of winning the Heisman and playing in the NBA, no, but it happens. Julius Peppers and Ronald Curry were both key parts of a Final 4 team at UNC. Connor Barwin played both for Cincinnati a couple years ago, as did Matt Trannon at MSU.

      • Brian W

        I agree with you. It’s rare. Ricky Dudley (OSU), Ronald Curry (North Carolina) and Tony Gonzalez (Cal) played both sports in college and were successful. It’s more common it seems for someone to play football/baseball or do football/track in college, not football and basketball. Michigan has offered Zach a scholarship for football, so well see. He talks about his ambition in the article below and mentions that basketball helps his conditioning for football.

    • Soooo

      Sometimes I wonder about people having agendas when they post comments. I mean to say “Haney took a lot of shots,” in HIS OWN HIGHLIGHT VIDEO set up by UMhoops, that covers multiple games just seems like a silly thing to say…unless you are just looking for something bad to say about a kid. Why on earth would ANYONE accuse someone of taking a lot of shots when viewing that kids highlight tape for AAU tournaments. As far as the video goes, Haney seems like a very good shooter, with good balls for a kid that is pretty long and lean at 6’6. If he is just a soph, something tells me the next 12 months will tell us a lot about what kind of player he is going to become down the road.

      • Brian W

        He took a lot of shots and didn’t make a lot. That was the point. Shooters can have off nights, but he missed a lot of shots in the video, considering how many shots he was taking.

  • Smitty

    Walton is NICE! If we need a point guard love a guy who can set others up. He really has great court vision. A little small, but plays bigger from what Ive seen.

    Check out Haney at 1:08 of the video. That is an absolute ridiculous cross over dribble for a 6’6″ “shooter”. I dont think Staukas or even Stu Douglas right now got that in their repetoire. He looks a lot smoother and more fluid than the other video. If he is really only 15 kid could be scary in two years. Kids got a national rep for his J and if he can handle like that at that size that is a rare skill set….period.

    • Ben

      Stauskas has a sick cross over, Haney is the poor mans stauskas. But both of them can shoot lights out

      • MAS

        Ben unless you have watched both of them play multiple times how can you even make that claim.

    • georgeesq.

      I’m not that impressed with Haney at this point, but it’s early. I like that he was trying to take the ball to the hoop even though he didn’t finish well. The comparison to Stauskas is not very apt at this point. Stauskas has a great handle and some nifty finishes on his drives, plus being a very good passer.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I really don’t think that Haney struggled finishing. At Spiece he did a really good job at getting to the free throw line as well. I like Stauskas as well, quite a bit, but almost all of the footage we’ve seen of him is from highlight films.

        For example, if I would have filmed Haney’s game on Friday night, he scored 34 against a very good All Iowa Attack AAU team, rather than this game you might have a slightly different opinion.

        • georgeesq.

          Only know what I’ve seen. Thanks for the insight. I’ll try to see him in person here in the Lansing area.

          • Soooo

            How often have you seen Stauskas in person to claim that he is so much better than Haney? If you haven’t watched him in person that much either, it seems like you may have something against the Haney, no? To be more than willing to declare one player a lot better than another based on what you see on your computer is crazy.

          • Ben

            I guess will just see who becomes the better player…… Heaven forbid if I don’t like one player out of all the guys being recruited. I know enough about the game of basketball to credit my opinion. IF everyone loved every recruit on this site we would have nothing to discuss or debate. I wish the best for all kids trying to achieve there dream but as a fan I am able to say my piece.

  • Tweeter

    Andy Katz has Michigan at 23 in his early top 25.

    • ScottGoBlue

      Too high for us, in my opinion. We’ll play a brutal OOC schedule with a true frosh point guard (or a SG trying to play PG in Stu Douglass). So I don’t see us in the top 25 in the first half of the season. If Burke is an instant success, then I’m wrong. Otherwise Katz is wrong. Maybe by the end of the season, but that depends on Burke’s development (or someone else unforeseen).

      Remember what D-Mo’s frosh season was like?