NCAA Tournament 2011: Michigan vs. Tennessee Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Tip off is set for 12:40 p.m. on TruTV (or streaming at No more previews and hype, the lights are on and its time to play. Join our in-game discussion thread in the comments before, during, and after the game.

Pregame Content:

  • DB

    Come on, scrub time. Short turn around, get the starters out (although at least Morgan and Hardaway have already sat a lot this game).

    • Geb

      …way to be That guy

      Lighten up and enjoy our best half of the year

  • Mattski

    Oh my!

  • Casey, CO

    I haven’t been this excited in years

  • Eric

    They sure are showing how a TEAM should play!!!

  • Carcajous

    Clear the bench. Let everyone experience some time in the tourney!!

  • MaizeNBlueJ

    I don’t know how we’re going to come up with just 5 key plays. LOL.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Darius Morris has 10 assists compared to Tennessee’s 13 made baskets.

  • Giddings

    Shades of Stu’s dunk against Clemson in the tourney two years ago (although this had the nice behind-the-back from D-Mo to set it up).

  • DB

    Michigan playing great, but Tennessee has also completely given up. Of course, we had a lot to do with that, but this is just embarrassing.

  • Bighousemike84

    Well I dont want to get to complacent with a game like this but man, if this team can keep up the good play then I think Duke will be a really fun game.

    I want to see what kind of play Duke gets out of Kyrie Irving today. That will be more telling concerning the game Sunday more than anything else at this point.

  • Tweeter

    Horford sighting. Even got in the stat book with a rebound and foul

  • JB…

    FIRE BEILEIN!!! His “system” might work at canisius, but not here

  • SubAlum_06

    Club Trillion time!

  • Tweeter

    Really? Michigan did not make a free throw. wow. Has that ever happened? A team won a game by thirty without making a free throw?

  • Brian W

    Hats off to Vogrich, McLimans and Smotrycz for stepping up when foul trouble caused problems in the first half. Michigan played a great team game today.

    Let’s go Hampton!

  • DB

    I wonder if that is the record for the biggest win without hitting a Free Throw

  • eddie

    bring on hampton!

  • C weezy

    Simply aMAIZEing!!!

  • Sarah

    Record for winning a NCAA game without hitting a free throw.

    • Mike

      How is that possible??? : )

      Very proud of Beilein and the boys!

      Go blue!

  • Junderground

    Had we won by 3 or 4, I’d still be optimistic against Duke. It won’t be easy, but we’ve proven too many times that we can play the best in the country close. Finishing will be a big step but all it takes is the right thing happening and things going our way for that last 90 seconds if we get there.


    Great game. Too bad so many commentators will chalk this up as Tennessee losing because of the Pearl situation. It had an effect on the players’ mentality I’m sure, but Michigan played a fantastic game, especially in the second half. About half way through we were shooting 75% from the field, I assume that was bout the same by the end of the half. Great job, guys.