Pick to Click: Michigan vs. Tennessee

Dylan Burkhardt

Pick to Click is sponsored by Moe Sport Shops.

If you don’t know the rules you can read them here. All players are eligible for this game.

Please remember to use the same name and e-mail address that you have used for previous games or your selection will not be counted toward your overall tally. You are welcome to join in at anytime but you might have some catching up to do if you missed earlier games. It’s also worth noting that the contest will continue into the post season and include any tournament play.

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  • JT

    Darius Morris

  • Alex

    Stu Douglass.

  • Mattski

    Too bad there isn’t somewhere on the left of the screen you can put the game poll, Dylan.

  • Lyn

    as always, JORDAN MORGAN!!!!!

  • Kool Breeze


  • MadisonWolverine


  • Tweeter

    Darius Morris

  • RyanT

    Darius Morris

  • Brandun Hughes

    Darius Morris

  • Charles

    Tim Hardaway

  • mac


  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Darius Morris

  • Dalberts


  • Alyzen

    Darius Morris

  • Adam VO


  • Giddings


  • Gibb

    Josh Bartelstein

  • Darius Morris

  • Mattski

    MSU is lucky they have Kalin Lucas to keep their routs respectable. Wow, what a drubbing thus far.

    • AG2

      Actually, Lucas caused it, he had a terrible first half.

      Then again, UCLA with 40 free throw attempts and Shaq II didn’t make it easy. Even if Oregon did find beating UCLA easy, lol.

      • Mattski

        I turned it on as the 2nd half began, and he was carrying the whole team on his shoulders. They made the game a contest, give them credit.

  • Harry

    d. morris

  • ZRL


  • Jeff


  • UMWest

    Zack Novak…FOR THREE!!

  • Dustin

    Darius Morris #4

  • Brandon

    Darius Morris

  • MGoYooper

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Tommy

    Hardaway Jr!

  • MikeSal

    Darius Morris

  • ScottGoBlue

    Hardaway until he fails me … GO BLUE!

  • mountain52

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • aMAIZEing


  • mgolax

    Darius Morris

  • gpsimms

    Darius Morris

  • ATLblue

    Darius morris

  • Stove

    Tim Hardaway Jr

  • Brick

    Darius Morris

  • Cadillac Rob