Video: John Beilein Previews Tennessee


Video of John Beilein from today’s media availability is below. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • “We had a day yesterday of just getting everything together.” Said a lot goes into preapring a team to play in the NCAA Tournament.
  • The two days of practice today and tomorrow will be “a lot about us, but also a bit about or opponent, Tennessee.”
  • Haven’t found that the adage that you need great guard play and experience in order to succeed in the NCAA Tournament to be true. “Playing in the Big Ten I think prepared us for this.”
  • “Tennessee is a great opponent and they’re such a talented team, but our guys have been playing talented teams in high-pressure situations in what seems like every game (in the past month).”
  • Said they’ll put the “bubble” up on the rim so no shots can fall and just “box out, box out, box out,” to prepare for Tennessee’s rebounding. “They do have great length … And we do need our guards to secure rebounds.”
  • On the game time: “For me personally, the earlier the better because that’s a long day. Sometimes you just have to say, ‘you can’t do anymore.’ I always like playing the noon kind of games.”
  • “(Tennessee) gets a lot of run-out baskets, and they average about seven steals a game.” Said that part of their games reminds him of Purdue.
  • “I know our weaknesses … I knew where they were two years ago and I know where they are now.” Said his job is to shore those weaknesses up as much as possible before the Tournament.
  • Said one of the reasons Michigan hasn’t struggled against bigger teams as much as people thought was that there aren’t a lot of great post players who just get the ball down low and are expected to do something with it. “There aren’t a lot of Jared Sullingers out there.”
  • Double-teaming the post has been a strength late in the season, hopes to get better at it as the years go by. Takes a team that “feels the game really well.” Can lead to layups and open 3-pointers if done wrong.
  • Something tells me that Tobias Harris is really their only huge advantage offensively. If we can double him (which I think we can), we’ll contain Tennessee offensively.

  • Brian W

    Bradley senior guard Sam Maniscalco on Tuesday committed to the University of Illinois. Wonder if he got the last scholarship?

    Monte Morris had 19 points and 8 assists in a win last night…

    Javontae Hawkins had 20 points in win for Flint Powers last night…

    • Kainkitizen

      With Sam’s commitment to Illinios then Max would have to be a preferred walk-on there or he could be a scholarship player for us. Does anybody know how Max’s visit went on campus for his official?

      • Brian W

        Looks like the article was updated after I made my post. Yeah, Max would have to be a walk-on at Illinois if he chose to go there.

  • bryemye

    You can tell he’s very excited about Horford. It’s good to see the kid is filling out; I bet he comes back next year as a physical force.

  • Brian W

    Looks like Michigan’s women’s team will start on the road in the NIT. They’ll make the long trip to Ypsilanti and play EMU at the Convocation Center on Thursday, March 17 at 7 p.m.

  • gpsimms

    the madness has begun! unc-a and ualr in ot, baby.

    • Paul

      Will our game on truTV be shown in HD?

      • ForeverBlue23

        I checked out a game tonight to make sure I got the channel. I did and in HD.

  • BlimpyBlue

    The comment I found really interesting was when Beilein said that Horford is up to 242 lbs. now and is as big as Morgan. Horford has played so little in recent weeks due to injury and the effectiveness of the small lineup with Smotrycz at the 5 that I can’t remember the last time I saw him in the game.

  • AG2

    Wouldn’t it be awesome for Michigan to be the first and only team to beat Duke w/Kyrie Irving this year?

  • fresh

    horford is definitely going to be a beast at some point hope he really puts in a lot of work over the off season…………..his game could really take off with another 10 lbs and some more coaching

  • SubAlum_06

    Thank you for the great work on the videos, Joe.

  • gpsimms

    whelp. uab is terrible.

    • gpsimms

      also. dont know if this really counts as a tournament “win” as its kind of a play in game…but it’s kind of funny that clemson finally wins now that lowest-PASE-in-the-history-of-coaching Oliver Purnell is gone.

      • Tweeter

        these games are such a waste. I was not anti-expansion when they started talking about it, but the way they did it created games that are simply meaningless in the big picture. For one, none of these teams are going to win a championship. Two, while a lot of teams in the real first round are do not have a shot either, part of the charm is watching a big underdog upset a favorite. There are no upsets in 16 v. 16 and 12 v. 12 games. There is absolutely no reason to watch these games unless you are a fan of one of the schools or just a gigantic basketball fan.

        • gpsimms

          yeah. i was just wondering to myself whether it was sad that i watched these games tonight. i guess it is, ha.

        • Mattski

          It’s also unfortunate that four bad teams are getting everyone’s attention each day for two days, then 32 other teams are getting lost in the shuffle for two days after. Goofy and disproportionate amount of attention for the inferior squads.

          Not working.

    • Beast1530

      Clemson is that much better team than UAB. They are ranked #24 in KenPom ranking. They have a pretty good shot of beating WVU in a classic 12-5 upset. WVU doesn’t take care of the ball well (19.4% TO) and Clemson is very good at forcing turnovers(23.0% TO). I expect a defensive slugfest since both are really good at forcing tough shots and I think Clemson prevail because of their ability to force turnovers.

      • Jeff

        Clemson is at a huge disadvantage having to play the first game on Thursday in Florida. Not a lot of prep time.

        • Beast1530

          I’d expect Clemson to stick with their gameplan with what they know best and their strengths/weaknesses.

          • Will be very tough for Clemson to beat WVU, they basically had to fly out of Dayton directly after their game last night down to Florida for the early Thursday game, which is about a 36hr turnaround from final whistle last night to tip off tomorrow afternoon.

  • Fred_Ex

    Lunardi has bad news for the baby blues I agree with him about the seeding but not the outcome of the game versus Tennessee

    • Jeff

      Analyzing basketball teams isn’t Lunardi’s strength. Emulating what the selection committee will do is, well, at least before this year it was ;-).

      • Fred_Ex

        To be honest I think Lunardi’s field was better than what the committee came up with. I hate how they try to avoid seeding teams that have already played each other once.

  • Dan

    Is Horford really up to 242?? Where in the video does he say that (not doubting it, just too lazy to look..)? That would be awesome if it’s true and do you think he will see any time in the tournament if he is healthy enough?

    • Kainkitizen

      Hey Dan, Coach Beilein starts answering a question about Horford at the 11:26 mark of the video and goes to about 12:10 mark. Horford sounds like Morgans back-up next year from reading between the lines of Coaches excitement of how Jon has progressed and improved with development of his body and skills.

      • ScottGoBlue

        Horford could pass Morgan, too. I’ve loved Jordan Morgan’s play this year. I’m just saying he’s not a lock next year. The competition between the two will be good for both, I think.

        • Fred_Ex

          I started this conversation about midway through the conference schedule regarding developing players to back up Morgan when he gets in foul trouble or needs a breath. This was before we started really playing Smot as a 4 or 5 who imo is moving along nicely in his development. All of Horford’s knuckle head mistakes and offensive deficiencies can be fixed. My original argument was that Horford or Mclimans need to be developed into a backup. I’m glad to see JB is taking my advice lol. McLimans has height and needs to learn how to use it, McLimans reminds me a lot of Vogrich in certain aspects and regards to last season. I would love to see all of the players who are potential 4’s and 5’s become interchangeable centered around Morgan and Novak.

          • ScottGoBlue

            I mostly agree, though I think the ideal situation would be for Novak not to play the 4 at all (except maybe as a brief change-of-pace small lineup) because McLimans/Horford/Smotrycz/Morgan are eating all the minutes at the 4 and 5. I’d like to see McLimans develop into a 4, though he would need to work on dribbling in particular (and knocking down shots … and rebounding … and defense). I think we could see starters playing 25 minutes with bench support of 15 minutes. But like I said, seems to me Horford could become even better than Jordan Morgan. Horford seems to have more athletic upside. Morgan is sufficiently athletic, has been bigger (though not anymore, apparently), and plays really smart (esp for a RS Frosh), which gives him an edge this season. We’ll see. Lot’s to be excited about.