Video: Michigan vs. Mantova Stings Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan wrapped up its Italian tour on Friday, beating the Mantova Stings by 20 points. The game was against stronger competition — the Stings play in the second division of Italian basketball — but the Wolverines pulled away by 20 points down the stretch. For the third consecutive game, Jeffery Kind was in attendance and provided video of Michigan’s win.

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  • Quick Darshan

    That pass from Chatman to Donnal was impressive. Having a four that can run the break like that will be a huge asset.

    • FL Wolve

      Kind of hard to believe that we haven’t really had a playmaker at the 4 under JB but Chatman changes all that. I think MAAR is going to be a very good player for us as a combo guard. I always worry about JB recruiting too many shooters and not enough playmakers but that shouldn’t be a concern for the next few years.

  • GregGoBlue

    MAAR running a little point, eh?

  • Mattski

    Wow does MAAR look good.

  • John

    Euro league ball.

  • More athletic Bigs in this game, but nowhere near the combination of size, speed and strength our big puppies are gonna be facing in the conference. I think it’s a real good thing that we have two bookend types with some differing skill sets because I also think that the conference is going to provide some real serious adventure for those two young men.

    I really like both our young Fives, but I’m looking forward to seeing D.J. Wilson running the floor.

    • sane1

      One of the things I liked best from the videos is seeing our bigs run the floor so well. Doyle in particular has improved a lot on that score.

      • Northern Blue

        Definitely seems like staff makes it well known that the bigs are required to run the floor hard. Those transition drills in practice you can see are always done with 100% effort and purpose. Seems like Belein is a master drill sargeant in terms of using his practice time to the fullest. Has the gift of doing it in such a calm manner but commanding respect and effort at the same time.