Video: Michigan vs. Petrarca Padova Highlights


Here are highlights from Michigan’s third exhibition win in Italy against Petrarca Padova. Special thanks to Jeffery Kind for passing along the footage from Italy.

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  • Chris De Sana

    Thanks for posting and I like what I see especially out of our young front court. I wish they would get more touches in these blow out games.

  • A2JD

    Thanks for the highlights!
    It’s against not very good competition (They look like the Washington Generals of the Italian League) but the Freshmen are looking pretty cohesive with the others.
    I look at this as the equivalent of whatever Game 1 or 2 will be in November and Michigan won by 40, like they should. As long as nobody gets hurt, this can only help. That seemed to be the case for Hardaway, Morgan and Morris in 2010.

    • countourzealous

      IIRC, we didn’t win all of those games either. This program has come so far since 2010, and we still won a tourney game that year (Tennessee I think?).

  • Champswest

    Thanks Jeffery. I am excited to watch this team grow and develop this year.

  • Brad S

    Another Beilein team loaded with shooters. I know the competition is lacking, but jump shooting is still jump shooting. I think the offense will be just fine you guys

  • MrLG

    With the two highlight videos, I am starting to form an opinion about Donnal vs. Doyle. Doyle seems to have the better hands and seems to be trusted by his teammates. Donnal, I dunno, he’s seems like a more mobile Max Bielfeldt. I don’t see a lot of passes being thrown to Donnal. So far, and it’s still early, it’s Doyle that looks like the second coming of Mitch McGary. He looks really good for a true freshman.

    • Mattski

      Very different player from McGary, and very different skill sets between Donnal and Doyle. Doyle proving to be a great player doesn’t mean we have to downgrade or denigrate Donnal. Is it possible that they could both play sometime, with Donnal at the four?

      • MrLG

        It’s still very, very early. And I don’t want to dump on Mark, I’m sure he’ll play plenty. I’m just really surprised at how many passes seem to find their way to Doyle, and how well he does with them. Also, Ricky has not played much high level AAU, so again, amazing at how smooth the transition has been. Still early, and I am still anxiously awaiting some footage of DJ Wilson. He could be awesome too!

        • James

          Doyle seems a little more active and aggressive between the two, but Mark’s shown some good things too on this trip. They’re both going to play a lot this year — both because Michigan has no other options, and they’re both good players.

  • GregGoBlue

    Zak Irvin had a couple more strong takes to the hoop in this highlight vid. Granted the competition isn’t great, but it’s a pretty encouraging sign that he will be more of a threat taking it to the rack this season.

  • jakelam2116

    I know it’s not much to go off of, but Kam really seems to have a good feel for the game and will contribute right away in so many areas.