Video: Michigan vs. Vicenza All-Stars Highlights


Here are highlights from Michigan’s second exhibition game in Italy against the Vicenza All-Stars. Special thanks to Jeffery Kind for passing along the footage from overseas.

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  • kam

    Wilson would be a really nice added piece. 6’8 or 6’9 extremely long.. Could add some shot blocking and rebounding

    • And that’s why I think he’ll contribute. There’s such an obvious niche for him, even though he’s still very skinny.

      • kam

        Do you know if hes put on some weight while being here?

        • DingoBlue

          Word is he put on 20 lbs since hitting campus. Not sure exactly what those endpoints for before and after were though.

  • The quality of competition has been disappointing. i’m thinking Beilein going on about us “getting beat up a little” was sandbagging in the extreme. in an admittedly small sample of video, I haven’t seen a big man on any of these three teams that can get out of his own way.

    Maybe this last game.

    • kam

      The last team is much better. Go click the forum link up top and they posted a video of the last team we play. 2 divisions higher than the last team and they have a massive 6’11 athletic Center

  • Nick

    Maybe his final stat line wasn’t that impressive but Spike looked pretty good to me

    • Northern Blue

      Agreed. Both he and Derrick didn’t seem to care about getting their own shots too often, but thought they both looked good. Spike looks quicker out there.

      Once conference play roles around and a lot of these guys can’t get all they want like in the recent games, the point guards will have to look for their shot a little more.

  • brucekennedy

    Why was the Italian team in wheel chairs?