Michigan to host Syracuse in ACC-Big Ten Challenge

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 80, Penn State 67 - #21Michigan will host Syracuse in the 2014 Big Ten-ACC Challenge.

Michigan and Syracuse will play on Tuesday, December 2nd at the Crisler Center. Times and television information for the Big Ten-ACC Challenge will be released at a later date.

Michigan last played Syracuse in the 2013 Final Four in Atlanta, GA. The Wolverines beat the Orange 61-56 to advance to the National Championship game. John Beilein is 1-9 career against Syracuse Jim Boeheim.

Syracuse lost CJ Fair, Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant from last year’s roster, but returns sharpshooter Trevor Cooney and big man Rakee Christmas among others. Syracuse’s incoming class is headlined by five-star forward Chris McCullough and four-star guard Kaleb Joseph.

The Wolverines will also travel to Arizona and play in the 2014 Legends Classic featuring Villanova, VCU and Oregon at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. A full run down of future scheduled dates can be found here.

Full listing of Big Ten-ACC Challenge matchups after the jump. 

Mon, Dec 1

Nebraska at Florida State
Rutgers at Clemson

Tue, Dec 2

No. 21 Syracuse at No. 24 Michigan
Ohio State at No. 8 Louisville
Pittsburgh at Indiana
NC State at Purdue
Illinois at Miami (Fla.)
Minnesota at Wake Forest

Wed, Dec 3

No. 2 Duke at No. 4 Wisconsin
No. 18 Michigan State at Notre Dame
No. 25 Iowa at No. 6 North Carolina
No. 7 Virginia at Maryland
Georgia Tech at Northwestern
Virginia Tech at Penn State

  • Cory

    I really like this matchup for us. A couple of young teams going head to head early in the season!

  • ajerome33

    Love this matchup for us and will be a game I’ll want to be at Crisler for.

    Now I wonder who MSU draws……ND? NCSt? Or FSU?

  • Indiana_Matt


    Didn’t Boeheim recommend Beilein for some jobs early in his career?

  • ajerome33

    I wonder if Boeheim has ever coached a game at Crisler?

    • Indiana_Matt

      I am guessing no.

      • Indiana_Matt

        I am wrong. Looks like we beat them at Crisler in the 86-87 season.

        • ajerome33

          Cool -thanks for checking……I thought they played them in the 80’s but I somehow thought it was at the Carrier Dome

          • Indiana_Matt

            They played their also and the ‘Cuse and Derrick Coleman got their revenge.

  • BlueRev

    Tough home game–hopefully we start then finish this better than Arizona last year. Not expecting a win at Arizona though it could toughen us up for conference play. Optimistic 10-2 nonconference?

    Speaking of conference play, conversation has been about where UM falls in B1G and imo a favorable schedule won’t hurt…

    Home & Away: Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Rutgers = 7-3

    Home Only: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin = 3-1

    Away Only: Indiana, Maryland, Penn State and Purdue = 2-2

    That’s 12-6 (2nd place tie?) — glad to play Wisky and Nebraska home only while optimistic we win at PSU and PU.

    That’s 22-8 heading into B1G tourney with a bye. 5/6th seed NCAA on the line?

    • JVS

      agree on all the B1G games. Non-Conf a bit iffy, but hope you’re right. ISU and Cuse at home, Zona (most people’s #1 or 2) on the road, and 2 of Oregon/VCU/Nova neutral. 5 tough games for a young team

      • No Iowa State this year.

        • JVS

          My mistake and good news for the record. Thought the home-home started last year but didn’t realize the 2011 game was the front half.

    • Chezaroo

      Love the optimism! But it will be a real difficult challenge to provide any semblance of an interior defense this season, and second chance points will be an Achilles heel all year, IMO. The loss of Morgan will show up glaringly. It’s gonna take awhile for the Freshmen to be ready physically, and there is no depth to fall back on. It’s an ongoing production, and I won’t be surprised if we have great difficulty finding consistency.

      • A2MIKE

        lol… after 2009-10 people openly wondered where the program was heading after losing Manny and Deshawn, and Darius Morris emerged… after 2010-11 people said how are we going to replace Darius Morris, and in walked Trey Burke. After 2011-12 people openly worried about the lack of leadership after Douglass and Novak graduated, all we did was go to the final four. After 2012-13 people said, “you can’t just replace Hardaway and Burke” and all we did was win the B1G by 3 games and fall short of a return trip to the final four by a lucky shot. I predict after 2013-14 we will be worrying about how we replace Levert and Irvin after competing for a B1G championship and making the second weekend of the tournament. Results man, results, haven’t the last 4 years taught you anything? This team has had more roster turnover than any other B1G team, and yet they keep winning. We will be the youngest team in the B1G for the 4th consecutive year and all we have done is win 2 B1G Championships, gone 9-3 in the NCAA tournament, made the NCG, have the best record in the B1G over the last 3 years and win more games than any other 3 year stretch in the history of the program. Results, man, results! I trust Beilein to have this team ready, maybe not in November, but by March we will be the team everyone doesn’t want to play.

        • Chezaroo

          Results are the defining measuring stick, but we all know how bad our D was this year. Is it not logical to think that with four players who have never played a minute in a regular season game ( Donnal, Chatman, Wilson, and Doyle ) comprising our interior D, that we will struggle even more this year? We won a lot of close games last year that could easily not happen this year. Morgan leaving will leave a HUGE void that will take time and patience to rebuild. I think this will be readily apparent as we watch the Freshmen develop.

      • BlueRev

        I would be more worried if the other good teams we play early returned most of their starting line-ups but everyone has turnover.
        We are really not replacing McGary, so the drop-off may not as bad as it seems. If we gave players +/- ratios I’d guess we might see a breakdown something like this:
        Frosh Walton v Soph Walton: +2
        Soph Levert v Junior Levert: +2.5
        Stauskas v Soph Irvin: -3.5 (Irvin better on D)
        Robinson v Chatman: -3
        Morgan v Donnal: -1 (Donnal’s offense will nullify JMo’s defense)
        Bench–break even?

        So, we lose 3 points a game. Last year we won lots of close games so we’ll drop a few more this year; but still a good team capable of lots of trouble come tourney time. Admittedly I haven’t seen our whole nonconference schedule so 10-2 could be a 9-3 or worse (8-4 this year!), but I’ll guess the trip to Italy equals one win in nonconference play. By B1G we should be good, relying on “veteran” back-court. By year-end our youth will be seasoned and poised for a tourney run. At least this is what I’m hoping for.

  • Champswest

    I have always wondered what determines the match ups. Is it last years league standings, this years expected standings, blind draw or other?

    • ESPN picks them… Mostly based on preseason rankings, avoiding rematches and intrigue IMO.

  • Chazer

    I like this game and the draw. Johnny B coached at Lemoyne just outside of Syracuse for 10 plus years. Should be a great game!

  • W3

    Wait, how are thier rankings next to teams? And how the hell is MSU #18?! Omg

    • DingoBlue

      ESPN “Way Too Early” Top 25, the post-draft edition! Yeah, I agree it’s silly.

  • Slim33

    Can’t wait to watch Boeheim whine and throw a fit when UM is splashing 3s. Great matchup, Crisler will be rockin.