2014-15 Big Ten single plays announced

Dylan Burkhardt
Michigan 77, Purdue 76-19

The Big Ten Conference announced its 2014-15 conference schedule this afternoon.

Michigan will play home and away games against Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Rutgers next season.

The Wolverines will host Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin for single plays and play road games at Indiana, Maryland, Penn State and Purdue.

Find the full 2014-15 Big Ten Basketball Schedule after the jump. Other announced and reported future scheduling dates can be found on our future schedules page. (Photo: Dustin Johnston)

  • Luke Lofgren

    This seems pretty favorable. Plus, we get to play both rivals twice.

    I’ll take it.

  • Adam

    Yeah can’t ask for a much better schedule than that

    • Andrew

      Could have gotten State’s, though I suppose their single play road games are fairly nasty.

  • a2sk

    A 14 team conference with only 5 home and away matchups makes the conference season championship a farce. I miss the days of a full home and away round robin when there was less question about which teams got a break and which got screwed by the schedule.

  • http://www.umhoops.com/ Dylan Burkhardt

    Thought this was an interesting observation:


  • mistersuits

    I do not like super-sized conferences one little bit.

  • guestavo

    Pretty easy schedule. Will need to make sure our OOC schedule is on point.

  • Adam

    In a year with a terrible home football schedule, I like the home basketball schedule!

  • Ben

    Our more difficult single plays are mostly all home, that’s good. WIisc wins but at least their osu and um single plays are away.

  • gobluemd16

    I hate the conference expansion so much. I know it’s all about money and expanding the Big Ten’s “footprint,” but Maryland and Rutgers bring almost nothing to the table. I live in DC and I can say pretty confidently that a very small amount of people care about Maryland (and Rutgers to an even greater extent), even in this area. MD’s football stadium is small and never comes close to selling out, and MD basketball is the same way; people go when they are good, and it’s hardly full when they are mediocre. Neither school has been great for long stretches at either sport, either.
    But, the worst part of this crap is that the schedules are so subjective year-to-year and there is always going to be an argument about who has the easiest schedule, etc. Single plays, home and aways, all that stuff shouldn’t be a conversation. Michigan’s schedule is fine for this upcoming year, but once again Wisconsin has the clear easiest, IMO.

    • gobluemd16

      I am glad we play UMD on the road selfishly so that I can go, but seeing Smotrycz go back to Michigan would have been awesome

  • Mattski

    Very favorable. Can we run the table? Maybe the fact that Wisconsin’s is ridiculous will take some of the heat off of us.

    • guestavo

      Wisconsin is the odds on favorite imo to win the league w/ Dekker coming back as a qualifier. I

  • Kenny

    disappointed that we are not going to see Smortrycz in Crisler again. But at least, we will welcome back to Big Ten.

  • jakelam2116

    As a DC resident, excited to see the Wolverines down here against Smot & company.

    • Tyrell

      I wonder if he regrets leaving Michigan for Maryland. The excuse he gave was total BS, if I remember correctly it was something along the lines of him looking for a school with a better offense? I think he just didn’t want to compete for playing time.

  • gobluemd16

    How did Wisconsin’s schedule even get approved? Not having double plays with ANY of the top 4 B1G teams in recent years is absolutely unfair and gives them a clear advantage.

    • Ben

      Because they are not “rivals” with any of the top teams. Makes perfect sense!

  • Chezaroo

    Hasn’t Wisconsin found a way to already lose 5 conference games this year? Didn’t the “experts” say similar things last year as well?

    • guestavo

      Not taking advantage of an advantage does not mean it doesn’t exist. They might not win the title this year but finishing 2nd this year after their slump would speak volumes to their schedule imo.

      • The Oracle

        Or 3rd.

      • Chezaroo

        Games are, and always will be, decided on the court.

        • guestavo

          You’re missing the point.

          • Chezaroo

            You made your point. Games are, and always will be decided on the court. A novel idea, since the invention of the scoreboard. No titles are won looking at statistical advantages, only ones contentions.

          • guestavo

            Which is why big data is one of the fastest growing fields. Once again, you missed the point.

          • Chezaroo

            You have no statistical data on who will be the best conference teams in14-15, only the scoreboard does. He will let you know who had the “easiest schedule” after the games are played. See you tomorrow, if you have a ticket.

          • guestavo

            Who said anything about being the best in the conference next year? Please tell me you don’t lack reading comprehension? There’s a reason preseason rankings exist and most normal human beings have opinions, you should try it someday. You need a GF or something, instead of this creepy stalker act you’ve found yourself doing.

          • Chezaroo

            Huh? See you at the game tomorrow if you’ve got a ticket. Preseason rankings mean nothing to Mr. Scoreboard.

          • Chezaroo

            Name calling? Personal inferences? No thanks. This site is better than that, and so are you Guestavo, IMO. Go Blue! No letdown today!

        • jemblue

          But it helps when you only have to decide one game on the court against another contender instead of two.

  • Tyrell

    Why don’t we do what the SEC does and divide the B1G into an east and west conference? By doing that you would play the other six schools in your division with a home and home game and the other seven schools in the other division once on alternating home courts every year.