Game 17: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 87, Coppin State 45-23
Dustin Johnston

Dan Dakich and Bob Wischusen are on the call tonight as Michigan looks to win its first game in Madison since 1999. The Wolverines have won six games in a row without Mitch McGary but will be playing one of their most difficult games of the season tonight. Tip-off is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on ESPN (or streaming at WatchESPN).

Join in the discussion below before, during and after the game.

Pre-Game Reading:

  • Mattski

    Folks, we’ve got ourselves a team.

  • Burke_Does_Work

    Michigan just doesn’t want to win in blowouts, they like to give the fans heart attacks

  • guestavo

    This team is young and still has a lot of untapped potential and wrinkles to add too!

  • $584645


  • guestavo

    Wonder if Payne will be healthy versus us?

  • Mattski

    First win over an AP top five team since Duke in 64, it is being reported. First road win over a #3 ever.

    • Tony DeMaria

      First road win over an AP top 5 team since 64

      • Mattski

        Yes, road win.

    • Z_Wolverista


    • mikey_mac

      These are the games that make NCAAB so much fun to follow

  • Tony DeMaria

    For all the great things UM Basketball did last year, their best road win was Minnesota or Illinois. This year we already have a much better one.

  • Dana

    I’m not a fan of the high volume play by Stauskas and LeVert today. It worked but I hope that isn’t what we see going forward. Mostly because for me Levert easily leads the team in “we didn’t need THAT shot” shots followed by Irvin. If we can sort those two out a bit we can consider ourselves competitors for a conference title. Great game by the boys, should be a fun ride.

    • eddieben

      Not sure you can argue when their usage includes a combined 8 assists.

      • eddieben

        Who would you rather take their usage?

        • guestavo

          Exactly. People aren’t satisfied with a top 5 offense LOL

          • Dana

            In all my posts on this site I’ve questioned one thing about the offense, one. And i’d give you 50/1 odds on any bet that Beilein would tell you the offense isn’t designed for 2 guys to take 60% of the shots. It happens but it isn’t the design. So saying you don’t want to see that going forward is reasonable “LOL”

    • Tim

      I am a fan of it through Stauskas. He makes excellent decisions and fits it better into the context of the offense. Totally agree on the ball-stopping with Levert–but give him respect for a great game tonight.

      Love the way the team is developing and improving and gaining confidence!

    • Richmond_Eric

      What are you talking about? Michigan won an away conference game at Wisconsin and you are complaining? I want to see LeVert, Stauskas, Walton, Irvin, Robinson, Horford, Morgan, Albrecht, etc scoring points and winning games! I saw very few “poor” shots taken by UM tonight and the two people (Nik, Caeis) that have been reported to work on their games over the summer come up huge for the team!
      Go Blue!!!!!

  • sshow

    Bigger surprise: Our win at Wiscy or NW at Indy?

    • guestavo

      NW by far. We were just being underrated because of the early season woes.

    • ed

      Wow I just saw that NW score. THAT is a shocker!

  • Dana

    Work on reading comprehension. You quote me with something I didn’t even say. And I wasn’t complaining. Suggesting that “going forward” you don’t want 2 players taking 32 shots while the rest of the team takes 21 isn’t complaining it’s commenting. In this game Wisconsin forced them to shoot so much, I simply don’t want it to be a trend. I don’t even mind high usage, volume shooting can irk me. Neither has shown high volume shooting tendencies but it’s something to watch for.

    Like I said before the guy fake quoted me, great win and it will be a fun ride.

    • MechE

      Disqus messes up the user names if you don’t refresh your page. That is probably why someone accidentally misquoted you.

  • Champswest

    Horford/Morgan combined for 12 points (6 for 6 shooting), 15 rebounds, 5 blocks and an assist. Sweet

  • mikey_mac

    Cannot understate this one from a confidence perspective! UM abused its mismatches offensively (LeVert, Stauskas) and played much better in half-court defense. UM matched up well and they played like it for most of the game, but had to close out a road game in a historically impossible environment, and finally did. Congrats to this team for staying tough and believing in themselves.

  • S.

    just wanna say, we can SO win this game.